Best Way To Look For A Home - Online Or In-person?

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Best Way To Look For A Home - Online Or In-person?

When it comes to the buying of a dream home, undoubtedly we can say that it is going to be one of the biggest financial & emotional commitments in your life.

And one of the most complicated, too.

So, in this case we suggest you to take as much time you can and increase your knowledge first, before taking this decision on someone else advice.
With this point keep in mind consideration, here are the few points you need to know before you start your dream home hunting. 

Consider, what you can afford

If you are on the field and start looking for property without knows - how much you can afford then believe me you are wasting your time. Here I am not talking about the limit you can borrow, but the limit you can pay each month as EMIs.

You must be aware that home loan EMIs + other associated cost of home buying will hugely impact your fixed monthly budget. So keeps this point in mind, while setting your budget of home buying. Always take into account, when you buy a home there are many other additional costs comes and most of the home buyers forget to determine.

Investigate the locality as much you can

If you are on dream home hunting then there is no such thing like completely investigate the locality. This is the points which you should investigate till the last day of signing the paper. 

For this you can take the assistance of experienced real estate agents to get the knowledge of what’s happening in the particular locality. You must be aware of how residential properties are estimated and what type of property you can afford in that particular area.

Give maximum time to inspect the property 

In this step there is high chance that now you have shortlisted few properties, now you need to find out the horrible hidden surprises (especially for the resale properties). In this type of property you need to check in details like walls, ceilings and floors etc. Open the cupboard and check it is pest free or not. Check taps in the washrooms, washbasin, flush, water leakage issues, and water pressures etc. There are lots of small things you need to check, for this you can create a checklist. 

Rely on only experienced professionals

For this biggest financial & emotional commitment, it is very important to only rely on experienced professionals. Take the assistance of most experienced and RERA registered property consultant, because only they can find every issues that could possibly give you expensive repairs in the future.

Take the help of financial adviser

To complete the final step you need to work with financial adviser to make sure you finance is structured is perfectly matched with your needs & budgets, and you can discuss with the advisers if you have any issue. 

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