Changes in Homebuyers' Behavior After the New Normal

Changes in Homebuyers' Behavior After the New Normal

The home buying process during the new normal has considerably changed. Now, people are trying to spend more & more time in their home, with work from home & online class of students becoming the standard. Extra attention on the health become more significant and this reason affecting all decisions counting home buying process. 

Buyers Are Looking Online

Before Covid19, home seekers were more eager to attend the site visits to help guide their decisions. But due to the fear of exposure to the Covid19, people are now seeking safer options. One of the most opportune intermediates nowadays is the internet.

Apart from posting photos and videos of units on the property website, developers like Godrej Properties & Tata Housing are providing Digitour for prospective buyers. Apart from showcasing just a simple picture, they allow visitors to navigate the rooms of a home with a 360° view. 

Increasing Need for More Space

A few months back, the size of an apartment didn’t matter much to most of the home seekers. Most of the home-seekers are satisfied with the standard size of a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. With the beginning of the new normal, extra spaces are required for work from home and online classes for the kids. But due to the continuance of both activities at the same time, people are now demanding homes with flexible or larger space. And why not, as this is very important to maintain adequate work-life balance, with dedicated & extra space. 

Green Spaces For Social Distancing

As people are confining within the walls of their homes, they are looking for a scope to chill out nearby. The current situation has also made individuals appreciate morning & alfresco evenings. That’s why home seekers also looking for a home in a residential community with green & open spaces to relax. This will allow clear air, green surroundings, and adequate space to maintaining social distancing.

Fortunately, Tata Housing residential projects in Delhi NCR amazingly provide this opportunity. Their residential developments are abundant with greenery, with trees and flowers planted all around the community. There is sufficient outdoor space to walk & run while breathing in the fresh air – all while social distancing. 

Demand For Health and Wellness Amenities

Due to the current situation, people have become very careful about their health. In any case, a strong immune system is very important in fighting different types of diseases. Because of this, the demand for home workouts surged, especially with most persons staying in their homes. But 24 hours of the day within the home can make you feel stuffy, and there are lots of outdoor activities you can do in a gated complex. 

Fortunately, the best-gated developments have their own most excellent health & wellness amenities. All locations have a multifunction clubhouse, indoor & outdoor games, and parks and play areas for the kids. Godrej Woods Noida Sector 43 is the best example, this is a forest-themed residential community presenting luxury apartments and the best amenities & features. 

Combination of Privacy and Accessibility

These are the two important factors that do not often team-up. Privacy means a state of living that is free from outside intrusion, while accessibility means exposure to reach daily needs. During the new normal, these two factors facilitated people to live satisfactorily within their homes.

In addition, privacy—through social distancing protocols—kept people afar crowded places. To enjoy these two features, people choosing gated communities as the best & only option. Because of the round-the-clock security, interloper won’t be easily allowed inside, while its locality is accessible to hospitals, retail stores, and hotels & restaurants.

More Are Investing In The Suburbs

One of the biggest changes have seen in the home buying trend is the rising demand for residential properties in the suburbs. Due to remote work and online classes, proximity to workspace and schools is out of the priority list. Even most of the people from big cities are going back to their hometowns or investing their money in properties in the state. 

Apart from this, a big reason is a budget. Residential properties in the big cities are more expensive, and you can acquire more space for the same amount in the suburbs. 

Key Takeaway

Home buying during the new normal has completely changed in comparison to the previous year. Now factors like Work from home, online class of the children, social distancing, and health& fitness features have influenced the decisions of potential buyers.

Secure gated communities are the first choice for home seekers. As here they get green & open spaces, frequent sanitization, and the best amenities at a very attractive price. 

If you are also looking for such kind of residential communities in Delhi NCR, then you can visit the sites of Godrej properties residential projects in Noida, Delhi & Gurgaon.