Construction Technologies Are Shaping The Future of Real Estate

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Construction Technologies Are Shaping The Future of Real Estate

We live in a technology-driven world; every aspect of our day-to-day living has more or less involvement of technology. The real estate sector of India is not an exception; construction technology (ConTech) in India came along with new techniques.

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But first of all, you need to know more about Con-Tech

We can say, this is one of the best terms in the construction industry because it comprises all the modern innovation in this sector. Innovations that do not only reduce the time of completion of any development but also reduce the mortality rate and carbon footprint. Herewith the use of modern equipment & gadgets like Drone, AI, and artificial mapping, etc. you can easily explore the limits of construction. Some of the traditional constructions techniques that are followed in India are:- 

  • Wooden FormworkMIVAN Construction Technology
  • Precast Technology
  • RCC Frame Construction

Modern Construction Technologies in India

Building Information Modelling (BIM):

This technology is a 3-dimensional model generated by a computer. This technique helps the developers or builders to estimate the time & cost. This technology helps the developers to plan the construction given that. With the help of exact data and smart programming, developers can perfectly plan the construction with no space for error. 

Virtual Reality 

Everyone these days are interested & wonder about Virtual Reality, it means something that only exists virtually but not in reality. VR is generally used in gaming, fun & adventure but now is the best way to look at a complete construction that has not even begun. But now this technology helps the architects to imagine beyond their ability and plan the best design by assessing the strength & flaws of construction. 

One of the biggest advantages of the use of Virtual Reality in the construction field is that one can see the construction before its completion and ask for changes in design & planning if required. This helps in avoiding the unnecessary cost of alteration and material wastage after completion. 

Artificial Intelligence 

In the middle of the range of modern construction technology, Artificial Intelligence is considered the best. The term “Artificial Intelligence” does not signify SIRI, Cortana, or Google Assitant in our smart devices but more than that. AI can be anything created artificially by humans to work intelligently or just like a human brain. 

So when it comes to the construction field then AI plays a very important role from choosing types of construction material to the quantity of material to get the perfect mixture to achieve strong construction quality. But this is not the limitation of AI in the construction field. AI not only in the construction field but everywhere works great and works more than limited thinking of human brains. 

Under the supervision of the best minds and efforts of these upper mentioned technologies, the construction sector is constantly undergoing positive changes. Builders have been able to save lots of money & effort in a very efficient way.