Noida Authority Sharp Twist in Rule to Deliver Property on Time

Noida Authority Sharp Twist in Rule to Deliver Property on Time

Getting a home is completely no brainer game, but getting a home on time is really fuss
As you know there is a simple tenet that builder takes your money and then they work on their fingers to bone to deliver you project, but the story is not same. They take your capital and try to construct another project in a meanwhile. 

It is bad, really bad.

But there is also a positive side too, now because of the valiant rules and some tweaks now all the builders have to fasten the pace of deliver of project that means there will be no fallacy and dishonesty. 

Investment is important and a crucial step, so there should be no arbitrary effects

Now Real Estate Projects in Noida are gleaning attention and lot of involvement of buying and selling taking place, but things need to be done meticulously, so that no one ever have that fiasco experience.

The current meeting with about 36 builders here now 39 projects got certificates for completion and there will be no fuss and jam packed way between you and your home. Furthermore, 16 are rejected other 23 are being examined from all the angles because if any flaw will be detected the project will be eradicated.

So this accentuates that now buying home in Noida is no more a risk based thing.

You can buy your dream home that too without much risk.

Even for the upcoming builders it is a complete lesson that if the projects are not in its appropriate stage and with plans that makes possession on time.

Likewise, we request Greater Noida authority to only come with such well planned projects where there is no possession delay, added by Credai national president Getamber Anand.

Deep Explanation

Suppose there is an A builder who has paid 10 per cent of the land cost applies for completion certificates for about 10 towers, but the completion will be given for half and that is 5 towers and a builder owes Noida Authority Rs 100 crore, it will pay about 10 per cent only for 5 towers.

Furthermore, at the time of registry of flats the builder will pay other 65 per cent of the land cost. This 65 per cent that is Rs 65 crore will be divided into the number of flats for example there are 400 flats when the cost of every flat will come out Rs 16.25 lakh per flat.

So now things will be transparent so that whosoever have investment plan, they can definitely move to this secured location Noida.

Noida very smartly garnering all the attentions and that is the reason why Top Notch Indian Builders who are showing their 100 per cent interest in this location to bring awesomesauce projects in a row that gives carte blanche to home buyers to invest in a dream property that too without having any fear of getting mugged off.

Some of the amazing projects that have shown real alibi to all the families such as Godrej Properties Noida Sector 150, Tata Eureka Park Noida, Tata Value Homes Noida and more to have wide range of options and have secured investment.