Office Space Still on The Top of the Race of Real Estate Investment

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Office Space Still on The Top of the Race of Real Estate Investment

The residential properties might be somewhere lost but office spaces are in its right speed and tempting lot of investors and interested buyers. In fact, 2015 was the year when highest absorption of office space was seen and residential properties was laid back.

Approx 38 millions square feet of corporate real estate space was occupied in India’s top seven cities in 2015. Also 32 % share was absorption in Bengaluru, followed by NCR with 23%. Other than this, other suburban and peripheral office districts have also absorbed enough office space.

Also the heavy absorption of retail and office space will now increase the demand of residential market. So this positive demand will improve the real estate market every soon where investors and builder will fillip the process of buying and selling.

More office space means more jobs and more jobs means more stability in buying and this will overall, give a right push to the real estate industry which was sluggish in its back years.

Office spaces are picked up at first because they are the right and lucrative source to multiply the capital and have a property of benefits, after all, real estate has had been the favourite investment platform for all the investors and properties buyer who look for fine investment and no matter what’s the status of market the one who is having hankering for money-spinning investors will invest and their such kind of vehement approach give them enough profits for the better future.