40 Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

40 Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

We won't hide the fact that buying a house is a difficult process. Not paying attention can lead to you getting so far over your head that you end up broke, or stuck in a home that isn't a good match for your needs. Asking a few smart questions can help you avoid this. But the question list mentioned below is just not for yourself but also that you can ask from the seller and real estate agent as well.

  1. Why do I need a home?

This should be the first question hitting your mind and you should be clear with the needs. Is it for investment or a new place to live or clarity of exact purpose?

  1. Can I afford to buy a home?

Needless to say about the sky-rocketing price of homes these days, so better clear yourself with your pocket whether you can afford it or not.

  1. Which property will be better for me ready to move in or under construction?

Well, that’s completely your choice because each one has its benefits, depending on how urgently you want to move in.

  1. How much budget should I set for housing?

Budget is the first question that comes to mind whenever we look for a property. There are ample things that come to mind when we search for a home and in that case, budget is the priority.

  1. Will I cross my budget?

House hunting is a big deal for first-time buyers, but it gets scary when it comes to crossing the budget. Crossing budget scares us initially that in anyways, we are not making a hole in our pocket.

  1. If, I have to give a down payment, how much should I save?

You need to save a good amount for a down payment, approximately 20-25% down payment you have to make and for that, you need to save for it.

  1. How will I find an affordable yet luxurious property for myself?

Well, only a reliable real estate agent can do this for you that can take you to a good property option where you can fetch lucrative returns.

  1. How much will closing cost me?

Buying a home does not only include the down payment, instead, but you also need to calculate the whole closing cost as well, Like the total cost, you need to pay at the end.

  1. What about moving expenses?

You also need to move the household stuff that will make an extra cost impact on you. You need packers and movers and this will charge extra.

  1. Are the furniture and decor included in closing costs?

When you are shifting to a new home then you want new furniture and decor items, so did you include all this in the closing cost?

  1. Do amenities cost extra in housing communities?

Housing communities are planned in a grand way these days and amenities are prepared in the community to give extra pleasure in living and the charges are included in the maintenance charges mostly that can be given yearly or quarterly.

  1. Is checking the neighborhood important?

Yes, checking the neighborhood is very important because that is going to decide what kind of atmosphere you will get and how will you grow.

  1. In what kind of neighborhood is it?

Neighborhood determines the comfort and living you will be having. Surroundings determine the peace that you are living in a green, serene or posh society or in the one that is full of rush, noise, and pollution.

  1. Is location so much important?

Yes, of course, it is. Location is the key decider of how many benefits a particular property can avail and location determines them all.

  1. What all to be checked for a perfect location?

A perfect and combined location means robust social infrastructure, civic amenities, unhindered connectivity, and all regular supplies.

  1. Which school is in the vicinity?

If you have children then their education will be your priority and in that case, checking the nearby educational institutes, schools and colleges is a must. Why they should go so far?

  1. Is there any medical facility around?

God forbid, you never know when you need medical help and for that having a prominent medical facility around the home is important to get instant assistance.

  1. How many traveling options are there around the home?

Commuting is the main problem that one observes whenever they shift to a new place, so it is better to check all the traveling options before only that are available there.

  1. Is the connectivity smooth there?

Connectivity is one of the most important things to consider because that determines how can you travel to other prominent locations and which road will connect to others.

  1. Are there good job facilities available in the vicinity?

Well, an MNC job is one of the most common aspirations that every one of us wants, and checking the availability of extraordinary job facilities around is important.

  1. Can natural disasters occur there?

Safety matters the most and in that case, checking the spot in terms of natural disasters is important.

Questions you can ask from the seller.

  1. Why are you selling?

Know the main purpose of the seller of selling the home. Become an ice-breaker and do some interrogations.

  1. How long have you lived here?

If someone has lived there longer then it is more likely that this area will be a pleasant area to live. Asking this question will give you clarity and you can observe more things.

  1. How flexible price are on selling a property?

Buying a home come with a series of questions but one to ask the seller is how flexible it is on price if he is serious about selling property.

  1. Does the house have any problems?

If you are moving into a ready-to-move-in home then there are countless problems that you can counter, so you should check them all before.

  1. What is the age of the roof?

Be completely aware of how old a house you are moving in. Knowing the age of the roof is important, don’t go for a weaker one.

  1. Which appliances are old?

If you are getting a modular kitchen in homes, though these days modern homes are offered with several appliances, so keep a check whether these are old or new.

  1. When I buy, what is included?

Check everything in detail when you buy a home. Don’t forget to check and compare what you are getting and what you want.

  1. At what price are similar homes sold?

You can compare the property with similar properties to know the price variation and what you are being offered in similar properties like amenities, location, and builders.

  1. Is the home being sold for a specific reason?

Knowing the main purpose behind the sale of that home is important because there shouldn’t be any drawback or mishappening related to it.

  1. What is the house's market time?

Know for how long the property has been on market, means from how long it has been put on sale.

  1. Why has the house been on sale for so long?

Knowing this is very important because if the property has been put on sale and it is not yet sold in so many years then what is the reason behind it?

  1. Why is the house available?

Though the house is one sale, still it is important to know the reason why it is on sale, your agent can give you full info.

  1. How often does a home like this come in the market?

Right now, finding a good residential property is a challenge, and if you are going to buy a property, you must be aware of how urgent it is to close.

  1. Ask the agent how long has he been working with the developer?

Knowing the background of your real estate agent is vital if you are buying a home. Be sure to ask him about his background.

  1. What's your legal ownership?

Buying property involves so many legal aspects and it is important to ask for all legal documents and then get the ownership done.

  1. What about the future developments there?

Being aware of future developments is important near the property you are planning. Though a good developer will give you a good location but a reliable agent will also provide you with the best housing in an optimistic environment.

  1. How much greenery is around the community?

Greenery is one of the imperative things every one of us needs. So, when you are purchasing a new home than checking the greenery is also important.

  1. Do you need insurance for your home?

Accidents happen and it's a very uncertain thing. You never know when your home gets caught by fire, flood, or any natural disaster, so it is better if you ask for insurance.

  1. The Last question should be! When can I fix it?

In the end, you should be clear in your head that you are going for this property without any confusion and delays.

Questions Make a Buyer's Life Easier

It can be intimidating to ask lots of questions of the seller or your real estate agent if you haven't purchased a house before. In spite of this, you really cannot be too careful with your largest financial commitment. You can avoid a lot of discomforts and save a lot of money by asking the right questions before making an offer on a home.