Tips to Find the Best location to Live Your Lifestyle

Tips to Find the Best location to Live Your Lifestyle

Once you have finally decided that you are buying a home, the first and important step is to choose the location. Choosing the right location is a pretty big deal, for many reasons.

It’s a very common aspect, but real estate agents are very right when they say the three most important features of a residential property are:

  • Location
  • Location, and
  • Location

There are usually a few very good reasons that make a piece of land in one region worth more than a piece of land in another - but obviously, everyone’s needs and preferences are completely different.

What to look for?

Basically, there are two main reasons behind purchasing of any residential property 1st Investment, and 2nd for your family. For investment point of view, only you have to think about “Top Cities for Investment in Real Estate in India?” But if you are going to buy a home for your family, in that case, resale value should not be your first concern.

You should set your focus tightly on finding a location that’s:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Convenient
  3. Safe, and
  4. Within your budget

These are the points that most home seekers instinctively want when they select a location for their dream home in any case. Providing that you’re selecting a location within your budget that objectively goes with the first three of these features, you shouldn’t have much trouble to find a good value of the property when you want to sell.  

What is a ‘comfortable’ location?

How is a location comfortable for you? It is not easy to describe, but there are many contributing factors like convenience & safety and your preferred lifestyle that makes any location comfortable for you. We all have some different choices & tastes – some people want to live in the middle of the city, some want to live in the middle of nature, some want to live in high rises and some want to live in an independent home. Comfort is a factor that depends on your lifestyle preferences. Almost everybody knows roughly where they want to buy property. If you do not then try and get your head around the kinds of things you definitely need (or need to avoid) to be actually comfortable in any given location.

How to measure 'convenience'?

Convenience is the factor that matters most when you’re choosing a location for your dream home. Consider your own life and your family members. The types of things that make any location ‘convenient’ are those that are commutable all over the day & night, and make sure that all the things you want are in close proximity. So always keep in mind when you’re choosing a location:

  1. Where the main breadwinners of your family work, and how long it’ll take them get there via public transport / own vehicle / bicycle etc.
  2. Which direction traffic usually flows – it’s very easier to go on the opposite direction of the traffic in peak hour if you’re able!
  3. What schools & College you want your kids to go to
  4. Where the other members of your family and friends live
  5. The sorts of facilities and services that are nearby (e.g. retail stores, malls, parks, gyms, restaurants, hospitals, petrol & police stations etc.)

One fast and easy way to judge the common ‘convenience’ of a location is to find out how many things are the walk-able distance in that area. HcoRealEstates.Com is a great website which can help you to find great neighborhoods with best residential options in that neighborhoods within you preferred price.

How to measure ‘safety’?

Noticeably it’s very hard to objectively measure how secure location is (especially if you are new in that location) – but there are many ways to get complete idea about the neighborhood like:-

  • Talk to people already in the area
  • Tour the neighborhood and look at the conditions
  • Check out the number of homes for sale in the area
  • You can read the newspaper to check out the social issues in the region


Based on the above features, you should be able to decide on a location that’ll contain your family’s existing commitments and tastes – and now you have to choose sub-location which is available on your budget.

In short, in spite of the living arrangements you and your family choose, it is essential that your family feel safe and comfortable in the new neighborhood and that you, as the caregiver, are able to provide support for your family without becoming overwhelmed yourself.