Top 10 City View Apartments in Noida

Top 10 City View Apartments in Noida

When it comes to buying a dream home, high-rise city view apartments are the most sought-after thanks to the outstanding views they provide. As per the definition, a high-rise apartment is a tower that has a minimum of 10 floors and can go as high as permissible. To meet the growing demand, many property developers are developing projects with high-rise apartments with eye-catching city views in Noida.

Top 10 City View Apartments in Noida:-

  • Tata Eureka Park Noida Sector 150 – 2 & 3 BHK Apartments in 20 high-rise towers. 
  • Godrej Palm Retreat Sector 150 Noida – 2, 3, and 4 BHK Apartments in 20 high-rise tower
  • Godrej Nurture Sector 150 Noida – 2 & 3 BHK Apartments
  • Yoo Noida Sector 150 Noida – 3 BHK Apartments 
  • Godrej Woods Noida Sector 150 – 2, 3, and 4 BHK Apartments in 3 high-rise towers
  • Kalpataru Vista Noida Sector 128 – 3 & 4 BHK Apartments
  • Godrej Solitaire Nest Sector 150 Noida – 3 & 4 BHK apartments in 6 + 19 storeys towers
  • Godrej Nest Sector 150 Noida – 2, 3, and 4 BHK Apartments 
  • ATS Pious Hideaways Sector 150 Noida – 3 BHK Apartments in multi-story towers.
  • Antara Senior Living Noida Sector 150 – 2 & 3 BHK Apartments 3 towers in phase 1 (B + G + 30 & B + S + 28) and 2 towers in phase 2

There are lots of reasons why city view apartments in Noida living is so great. These comprise:

The View

Without any doubt, one of the biggest benefits of living in high-rise apartments in Noida is the city view & green view. This is especially true in locations that have a picturesque landscape of lush greenery. Here you need to keep one thing in mind – the higher the apartment, the better the view. Not only view, but high-rise apartments also get more natural light & fresh air. 


Living in a city view apartment also means that you are more away from the hustle & bustle of the metropolitan. If you are sensitive to the traffic noise and pollution that living in Delhi NCR brings with it, then a high-rise apartment gives you a respite. Even if many people prefer to live in the middle of the metropolis where you are always on the move, a city-view apartment provided a haven where you can enjoy best of the both worlds. 


In a city like Noida, security is one of the biggest concerns that many people consider before they make the home buying decision. Gated communities are known to offer the best possible security with the installation of high-tech security features. While security cameras & other security gadgets are on every floor of the tower, but still families who are living on the lower floors are very much vulnerable to burglary. However, the security management measures that are taken by the building also play a huge role in safety. 

Socialize with Neighbors

Living in a high-rise gated community comes with the opportunity to meet new like-minded people. As an inhabitant of a gated community, you can enjoy lots of fun activities every day with your neighbors and foster relationships. Getting more involved in social & recreational activities will give you a feeling of self-importance and confident. 


City view apartments are known for their eye-catching view and in a city like Noida, a high-rise apartment can give you more stunning views if it is positioned in posh areas. As well as, apartments on the higher floors are look grand & more lavish. This is why the top floors in many residential towers are converted into the penthouse to meet the needs of the affluent class. A multi-story apartment can provide luxury and peacefulness as well as some eye-catching views. 


The biggest advantage of living in a gated high-rise community is the best amenities it presents. Amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, library, games, kids’ play area, and other best options are available and services like maintenance, trash collection, power backup, and water supply are all provided within the complex. This is a luxury that high-rise apartment’s community provides over ordinary living options.  

Without any doubt the benefits of living in a city-view apartment outshine the disadvantages. From eye-catching view to luxury amenities and comparatively less utility costs, high-rise residential communities are high in demand amid prospective home buyers. As well as, apartments in high-rise towers are also said to be more lavish, a sanctuary ahead of the busy metropolis life. On the other hand, deciding heights of the floor for your home is depends on your personal condition. 

So, if you desire instant access to the ground floor then a low-rise apartment is a perfect choice. But if you want to enjoy great city views and a peaceful atmosphere, then a high-rise apartment is the best for you. If you are looking to invest in Noida real estate then Tata Housing & Godrej Properties offers a wide range of options in city-view apartments to meet your unique needs.