Top 10 Luxury Apartments In Delhi: Delivering Lavishness To You

Top 10 Luxury Apartments In Delhi: Delivering Lavishness To You

Needless to say that the need for luxury is ever increasing- it is much more today than ever. Luxury apartments in Delhi have seen a significant increase over the past few years, which are changing the lifestyle of people. The main driving forces behind this change are modernization, population growth, and the demand for better living standards. These are just a few mentioned, but the fact is people have completely changed the idea of living and the change of this idea of living is emerging from homes only.

As the economic situation in the world rapidly changes, investment is one of the imperative aspects that will bring tangible benefits. But the comfortable theme of home is important and for that apartments are in the high range of demand, especially in the metropolitan cities. There is a continuous increase in the demand for luxury apartments in Delhi where people are looking for more than brick and mortar structures.

Luxury Homes: Let’s know some of the features

Convenient Location:

When it comes to luxury apartments, location is one of the most important aspects to consider. People are fonder of posh locations that have robust infrastructure and high-end civic amenities. People are looking forward to the locations that are full of benefits connectivity, transportation facilities, infrastructural facilities, an abundance of greenery, relishing housing communities, and more.


It is the next big thing that comes to mind that decides the in and out of the house. Luxury apartments allow you to enjoy high-quality living with umpteen levels of services such as gym, yoga room, big-sized swimming pool, lavish interiors, comfort, and convenience all the time. Amenities increase the value of the community ensuring the residents lead a beautiful living.

Eye-catching views:

Delhi is already famous for its iconic monuments and the abundance of greenery. It is a proud location delivering so much to the residents. The apartments over here will have a capacious balcony and terrace with a mesmerizing view whole around the building making human life utterly pleasurable. Have you ever noticed the surroundings of most luxurious houses in India? They are not just luxurious homes but present the view that makes you day and sight pleasing.

Safety and security:

Every one of us is yearning a secure environment for living because of the increasing crime. We all are looking forward to the homes that come with different security options like CCTV, gated communities, security forces, guards, and more, there should be a rule for every person entering here who needs permission apart from the residents. Well, when you need this level of security then you have to pay for it.

Attractive interior styles:

Your home interior speaks a lot about your living and choices and this is where your choice comes up. Nowadays luxury apartments in Delhi are being stuffed with elegant floors, modern lighting, smart options, comfortable living, stylish and modern equipment giving you beautiful living space.

Communal Living:

Privacy is one of the most basic demands of living but having an amazing bunch of people around is also important. Communal living includes close friendships and connections. It is becoming more common to have nuclear families, which in turn is a result of the high-end amenities that automatically open up new social opportunities.

This will let you enjoy the most beautiful experience of living ensuring that when you come home you are surrounded by peace away from all the stress of living and that is considered a real luxury.

Why luxury housing is achieving high demand in India?

Luxurious housing and gated communities in India have become a very important part of a country that is experiencing an impeccable demand for housing. Local as well as foreign investors are showing a great deal of interest in the properties in Delhi. People are becoming more aware of international design and aesthetics, increasing demand. All the factors described above are responsible for robust growth.

Kudos to the builders who are providing the luxury segments with great diversity offering an abundance of features and specifications. The following are 3 prime reasons why luxury housing is becoming increasingly popular in India.

A. Problem of abundance

Indeed the Indian real estate market is flooded with countless properties being luxury apartments a popular segment. Developers and investors both the parties are more attracted to luxury filling the homes with elegant facilities like home automation, smart interiors, temperature control pools, concierge services, sporting facilities, and many more are added for the aspiring homeowners.

B. Index of Cost

Price has always been the largest front that can hold or move the property from owning. It is the one factor that completely forces the investor to change their decision. But pricing depends on numerous factors like location, amenities, brand, etc. The cost of luxury housing in Delhi remains a major factor even though the trend is gaining popularity.

C. A Matter of Class

Every one of us is striving to catch the attention of society by owning everything prominent in terms of standard of living. Having a luxurious residence doesn't just mean that you live in the lap of luxury, but also that you live in the lap of class. Customers' expectations continue to grow incredibly well, so developers are striving to add the most world-class and international features possible.

India's rise in luxury living has been influenced by these three factors in various combinations. Consumers' ability and willingness to demand luxury living standards is the defining factor for Indian luxury living standards. As a result, when supply meets demand, everyone benefits.

Luxury Housing NOW & THEN - Always Important

Real estate is an industry that has no boundaries for growth and it is something that will keep on increasing forever. It is the safest and most trustworthy investment present in the market today and it will always remain the safest. The importance of residential is hardly comparable to that of any other type of real estate. Covid-19 has completely changed the perspective of investment as people are looking for a capacious and open living being one reason behind the growing demand for luxury housing. A majority of the audience in this segment are high-end corporate executives, chief executives, and business family members.

Let us now know the reason behind the exceptional demand for luxury housing and why it will continue in the future as well

  1. You have to dream big in your life if you want to achieve big in life. This is one of the most common aspirations of the young population these days that believe in everything big every time. They do not even take a single step without planning and owning a luxury living is one of the biggest and commonest dreams with a lavish car, big-sized home, huge amount of money, and peaceful living. This aspiration is something that kept the motivation alive in the youth of dreaming and achieving big.
  2. A completely new perspective towards living is rising in the current population. Earlier joint family living was in trend but now we are more focused on nuclear living in the home where every individual has their own space of living. But Covid now somewhere dismissed the concept of nuclear families as it made us realize the importance of counting on supportive people and the continuation of the league of ensuring the safety of the loved ones.
  3. There is no doubt that luxury and premium housing communities come with more and better amenities and complete security. Here, it is all about convenience, comfort, and security. You can sleep a peaceful night with better security options around the community and this is one driving reason that will keep its demand increasing in the future as well.
  4. Demand from the top-level people is opening the doors for developers to present some more luxury apartments as all the top-level executives, business class people, NRIs are more focused on luxury living. Be it is from an investment point of view or the living purpose; luxury housing is getting phenomenal attraction.
  5. Well, the returns over-investment in real estate is eye candy for the investors. I don’t think there is any need to explain how important returns over investment are and price escalation in properties is always lucrative. One of the biggest reasons behind the investment is the future earnings that will constantly rise with demand and supply.

Everyone in India aspires to own a beautiful home, especially one in the capital region. As the ever-increasing demand for housing is getting stronger every day, consumers who are still delaying the decision of purchase would be wise to act now imagining the overall rise in housing demand in the future.

What makes luxury apartments in Delhi so popular?

The clear-sighted millennial who was earlier looking for the properties on rent have now shifted their focus towards acquisition. Also, they are looking forward to settling in Delhi and this is the reason why there is a surge in the demand for luxury properties resulting in 40% growth in revenue and the demand for homes priced over 4Cr.

Let’s take a quick recap of the trends boosting the growth of luxury apartments in Delhi.

1. Location: Well, as explained above location has always been and will always be the most important factor considered for the perfect investment. An important rise has been observed in the buyer's list that is seeking the elite neighborhood with picturesque surroundings garnering the market attention. In terms of location, Delhi has some of the most prestigious locations in the city such as Defence Colony, Janak Puri, Jor Bagh, Shanti Niketan, Vasant Vihar, Panchsheel Park, and many more. They are among the most successful neighborhoods of Delhi that witness a great deal of demand. Over here, the price of a square yard of property ranges between 6 and 12 lakh.

2. Delhi is of course a prime location for the first home as numerous families are already settled here but it is also witnessing interest in second homes. Buyers are more interested in the space outside their permanent living options as they get a change in living and this is the reason why hill stations and the holiday destinations garner so much attraction, similarly people from the outer cities and countries look forward to settling in Delhi that is paving their ways for luxurious investment. With exceptional connectivity, seamless traveling comfort, inside-outside architecture, wide job opportunities, different attractions, etc. leading to the sharp uptick in Delhi real estate.

3. Decreased circle rates of Delhi’s residential, commercial and industrial properties by 20% that was announced last year has been extended till 30 June 2022. The prolific announcement by the Delhi government of decreasing the circle rates has helped increase the demand for property sales in Delhi even in a pandemic as well. Looking at the increased sales after reduced circle rates, this has been getting extended for every six months; let’s see what will be the next move.     

The properties in Delhi have been divided into categories from A to H where the “A” category counts in the posh areas in Delhi whereas the “H” category includes the least developed areas. After the scheme, the areas covered in the A category have seen a fall in price from Rs 7.74 lakh per square meter to Rs 6.19 lakh per square meter and the H category has seen a fall in price from Rs 23,280 to Rs 18,624 per square meter.

Well, do you know what exactly the Circle rate in Delhi is?

Circle rate is the minimum price that you have to pay when buying land, flats, or apartments in the area. It varies from one area to another.

Knowing some of the factors impacting circle rate in Delhi

  • Delhi circle rates are higher when more facilities are available.
  • In Delhi, the circle rate is higher the higher the market value.
  • Posh area circle rates are always higher than others.
  • Commercial properties circle rates are higher than residential.

Circle rates for residential plots in New Delhi 2022(without reduction according to scheme)


Land cost (per sq metre)

Construction cost: Residential (per sq metre)


Rs 7.74 lakhs

Rs 21,960


Rs 2.46 lakhs

Rs 17,400


Rs 1.6 lakhs

Rs 13,920


Rs 1.28 lakhs

Rs 11,160


Rs 70,080

Rs 9,360


Rs 56,640

Rs 8,220


Rs 46,200

Rs 6,960


Rs 23,280

Rs 3,480

Circle rates of land in Delhi colonies- mentioned only few


Land cost

Construction cost


Lodi Road Industrial Area

Rs 7.74 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 21,960 per sq metre

Maharani Bagh

Rs 7.74 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 21,960 per sq metre

New Friends Colony

Rs 7.74 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 21,960 per sq metre

Golf Links

Rs 7.74 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 21,960 per sq metre

Defence Colony

Rs 2.46 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 17,400 per sq metre

Green Park         

Rs 2.46 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 17,400 per sq metre


Rs 1.28 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 11,160 per sq metre

Karol Bagh

Rs 1.28 lakhs per sq metre

Rs 11,160 per sq metre


Rs 70,080 per sq metre  

Rs 9,360 per sq metre

Uttam Nagar     

Rs 56,640 per sq metre  

Rs 8,220 per sq metre


When I have mentioned the circle rates in Delhi, the demand & surge in luxury housing then how can I forget mentioning the luxury apartments in Delhi? Heed to know some more.

  • Unity the Amaryllis - An outstanding housing property presenting the luxuries at its best is this only. Here you can choose the best suitable option for yourself from 2 BHK, 3 BHK + Servant, and 4 BHK + Study. Each unit is amazing to book and own with the comfort of traveling from Karol Bagh. It is ready to move in property replete with countless benefits. Own it ASAP.
  • DLF Kings Court - If you are looking for a life that is beautiful beyond dreams and can be your cozy den then this is the perfect housing community for you to own. DLF Developer has prepared an amazing amalgam of lavishness and class representing the mix of 3 BHK, 4 BHK, and 5 BHK apartments radiated over 2.46 acres of land. You will be leading the most amazing life here with jam-packed amenities imbibed in the community like a swimming pool, café, multipurpose hall, well-equipped gym, etc. with a vast green cover of 435 acres of Jahanpanah Garden around the complex.
  • DLF Queen’s Court - If you are looking forward to luxury apartments in Delhi that give you class and grand experience of living with the new age of luxuries under one then this is the perfect option for you where you can own the blend of 3 & 4 BHK Apartments and Penthouses. The whole community is piped up with several features like a fully furnished modular kitchen and wardrobe, centralized AC, gas pipeline, round-the-clock security, and many more comfortable options making the community worth owning for everyone. It is located in Greater Kailash 2 is one of the posh areas of Delhi.
  • DLF One Midtown - One of the most awaited residential projects of Moti Nagar, New Delhi presents the perfect combination of modern design and luxury amenities with the fully-loaded 2, 3, and 4 BHK Apartments. The community is radiated over 5.5 acres of land with the high-end 45,000 Sq. Ft. clubhouse. The location is chosen very smartly keeping the proximities to the residential and commercial hub in the market. It is a perfect spot for home seekers offering a myriad of comforts in the vicinity. Come and experience the most sparkling living with the outstanding community.
  • Godrej South Estate - Godrej is one of the leading real estate developers that have come way far in this industry with tremendous housing projects; a renowned name that is needless of any description has presented this property with the outstanding concept. Now the builder has presented this property in Okhla, Delhi presenting the blend of 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments. The property is radiated over 5.15 acres of land with lavish amenities imbibed.
  • Risland Sky Mansion Delhi - A prominent landmark that represents the class of India’s wealth witnessing the height of brilliant living. Owning this community will be the best decision of your life that will give you a lifetime of happiness and comfort. Explore the 3 and 4 BHK apartments with the finest designs. These units are imbibed in 4 towers holding 160 units in total with world-class amenities like a friendly running track, indoor sports zone, dedicated sitting spaces, double-height balconies, fully fitted modular kitchen, 3 level parking, and outstanding features in bedrooms. It is strategically located in Chattarpur, South Delhi.
  • The Leela Sky Villas - If you are looking for high-rise living then this is the perfect housing option for you. These are not apartments; these are bungalows with 13 feel ceiling height that will give you the feel of pure luxuries. It is the first 5 stars branded residence managed by Leela Lace Holdings. The community gives you the clubhouse with a music & dance studio, well-equipped gymnasium, badminton, and more. Here 3 BHK, 4 BHK & 5 BHK Apartments, and 5 BHK & 8 BHK Penthouse are offered. It is located in Navin Minar, New Patel Nagar, Central Delhi having a prominent location in the vicinity.

Future reasons why luxury homes will always remain in demand

Any investment is ultimately determined by the choice and way of living one's life. In every aspect of life, we see development, and the basic requirement of life has changed from food, clothing, and shelter to leisure, status, and lifestyle. Any big investment begins with lifestyle. Rather than leading a mediocre life, people today lead a life of significance. As lifestyles and ambitions change, Investment Potential has risen. As a result, luxury has been redefined. The result is a surge in demand for luxury homes in Delhi.


Q. Why invest in luxury apartments?

Ans. Not just one, investment in luxury apartments comes with multiple benefits. Investing in luxury apartments gives you a great location, eye-catching view, rich and modern amenities, round-the-clock security, and many more reasons.

Q. Why investing in Delhi’s real estate is beneficial?

Ans. Though Delhi has countless reasons to live appreciation in investment is a major reason to invest in Delhi’s real estate.

Q. Is Delhi NCR a hub for Skyscrapers?

Ans. Well whether it is a hub or not, I am not sure but there are more than 5,500 high-rise buildings in the Delhi NCR region.

Q. Which is the tallest building in Delhi?

Ans. MCD Civic Centre is the tallest building in Delhi with also 28 floors and 102 meters high.

Q. Which city is the heart of India?

Ans. Delhi: is called the heart of India- because “Yeh Sheher nahin mehfil hai”. Delhi belongs to everyone who lives in it.