Best Flooring For House: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Flooring For House: A Comprehensive Guide

How amazing it feels when someone gives you a compliment on having a perfect and beautiful home?

It is totally out of the box, right?

Well, to get compliments in abundance it is important to design the home in a proper way and for that each corner has to be amazing.

When it comes to deciding the aesthetic tone of your house, the floor is as important as the walls or furnishings. Many factors affect the choice of the floor in a house, such as temperature and humidity.  Would you like to know which flooring options would be best for a house you are looking to purchase, or are you tired of the flooring in your house? Among the market's best flooring options, you can find them here.

Types of Flooring – Which is the Best Option for you?

Marble Flooring:

The many uses of marble as a flooring material in Indian homes come as no surprise, and with good reason. Indian marble is one of the most sought-after flooring materials because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. The variety of colors and patterns available makes it highly pleasing. These floors have a high luster and a fragile appearance, so they can give your floor a fanciful touch.

Marble requires little maintenance, but spills must be cleaned right away to prevent stains. Due to their limited availability, marbles are quite expensive. The long-lasting nature of these floors makes their investment worthwhile. Their lushness is also enhanced by this factor.

Vinyl Flooring:

If you want a wooden floor look, but with an easier maintenance cost, vinyl flooring is a good option. Besides being soft under the foot, vinyl is pet-friendly as well as good for joints. There are many colors and styles of vinyl. Flooring made from vinyl will last for many years, unlike wooden or marble floors, so you can rest assured that you will not lose your investment, it is hence durable.

Depending on the style, vinyl can closely resemble wood or stones. They are also stain-resistance and easy to clean. There are many advantages to these floors, but they are inflammable and react with strong chemicals. As a result, vinyl floors should not be used outdoors or in kitchens.

Graphic Porcelain Tiles Flooring: 

These are perfect for those who love bold and bright colors. Using these eclectic, shiny tiles as a statement piece of a room is a great way to draw attention to them. Whether you arrange the tiles in a pattern or use just one bright color, these tiles are sure to brighten your room instantly. Due to their ability to resist water and other harsh stains, they are mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms as flooring ideas and as walls.

Wooden Flooring:

There's a good reason why wood flooring ideas are popular throughout India. Wood flooring in a sombre shade exudes elegance and grace. Furthermore, it gives a sense of warmth and openness, as well as grounding the room, creating a more welcoming atmosphere. With the right kind of care, wooden floors are extremely durable and they also go well with any decor, which makes them an outstanding choice.

There is no denying hardwood's popularity. Floorings like these give homes an opulent but natural feel. The types of hardwood floors include engineered, solid, and finished or unfinished. The type of wood used in these floorings will also vary. Hence, you can pick hardwood flooring based on the decor you wish to have. Furthermore, hardwood flooring is very durable.

Vitrified Tiles Flooring:

This silica and clay tile is a great alternative to marble and granite since it is durable, making it an ideal choice for outdoor flooring. In places with heavy foot traffic, like the kitchen, vitrified tiles are popular since they are scratch and stain-resistant. It is available in a glossy finish and matte finish, depending on your preference, and there are many shapes, designs, and patterns to choose from, so finding the perfect one for your home will be simple.

Laminate Flooring:

With laminate you can enjoy the look of wood floors without having to deal with exorbitant installation and maintenance expenses. Laminating is a synthetic process that combines layers of heavily pressurized material with a cellulose resin coat for protection. This is excellent flooring for houses.

Alternatives to hardwood flooring include laminate flooring. A variety of textures and colors are available and they are also more affordable than hardwood. Installing them is simple and they are resistant to damage. It is very functional to have these floorings in your house if you live with an elderly person, children, or pets. Swelling makes them unsuitable for bathrooms or other damp areas.

Granite Flooring:

A granite slab can last a lifetime due to its natural properties. The colours and patterns of these stones are mesmerizing. Whether you desire a polished appearance or a rustic, matte finish, granite can meet your needs. It can be a tedious and time-consuming process to install granite countertops. However, they are strong and scratch-resistant.

In addition, they require very little maintenance, and if sealed, they also become moisture resistant. Although Granite flooring tends to be more expensive, the advantages far outweigh this. In addition, it makes homes more valuable when they are sold.

Brick Flooring:

It is not very common to find brick flooring in modern homes but it is an attractive flooring option. Brick floors are made of clay and are installed over concrete. They contribute to the cottage or farm-like feel of the house. They look and feel warm.

Their durability and ease of maintenance make them an excellent choice. Since the bricks must be laid before the cement is laid down, this flooring material is quite challenging to install. Such flooring is commonly found on wood stoves due to their fire resistance. Installation is also inexpensive.

Brick flooring is not appropriate for every room or house due to its hardness and coldness. As well as stains, proper sealing is required to prevent them.

Red Oxide Flooring:

An eco-friendly flooring option is red oxide flooring. The coloring is achieved by mixing oxides with cement or lime to make red oxide floors. You can install red oxide flooring if you want an earthy look. Additionally, they're inexpensive and easier to maintain than marble or granite.

The only disadvantage of red oxide flooring is that it is difficult to lay, which means it can only be done by a few experts who are hard to locate. The shine and smoothness of red oxide flooring get better with age, so they're timeless. They're most suitable for tropical and warm environments.

Stone Inlay Flooring:

India's palaces and old mansions have stone inlay floors as a traditional flooring treatment. Luxury homes can use this chandelier to add a touch of glamour to their living rooms. In essence, terrazzo and marble inlay are traditional arts that begin with careful design planning. Color schemes and tonalities of the design are set after a design is selected.

Then, raw materials (such as semiprecious stones and marble) are carefully selected. In order to achieve the right gradation and shading in the motifs, special emphasis is placed on choosing different colors of stone.

Mix and Match Flooring:

Mixing and matching tiles adds a unique design element to a home instead of limiting it to a single type and material. In addition to keeping the budget within reach, it is advisable to reserve the more expensive natural stone for the living area and install maintenance-free tiling or laminate in the rest of the house. It can also be used to create visual divisions, like in this house, which separates the living area from the dining area with different flooring.

You should choose the type of flooring based on the overall design of the home. Take the ideas above as inspiration and make a start today!

Terrazzo Flooring:

In a budget home, it is one of the lesser discussed flooring materials that come in a great choice due to its excellent performance and durability. Glass chips are embedded in granite, marble, quartz, and epoxy resin to form this mosaic. By doing so, you can combine their aesthetic qualities in any patterns or designs you like and create a masterpiece using terrazzo.

In addition to its impressive durability, if properly sealed, this flooring can act as an impervious material. It is not easily scratched or dented. Choosing it is a great idea for commercial spaces and can bring great results. In addition, this method of manufacturing is environmentally friendly since it uses recycled materials without making use of toxins.

Natural Stone Flooring:

Adding natural stone to a home design features a lovely look and is an excellent way to introduce a cooling element to beat the hot Indian summer. It is possible to match different color schemes with almost unlimited options of colors and grains. Stone floor tiles provide quality at a premium price if you're looking for a touch of luxury. Granite, marble, limestone, slate, and travertine are some of the most popular ones.

Hardness is a factor that determines how well stone resists moisture and staining. Stone sealants are required every few years on softer stones such as sandstone and limestone. The sealer should be applied every four to five years to harder stones like granite and marble.

Floor Pattern Design: Look at The Pattern-wise Flooring In India

1. Hexagon Flooring

  • Looks delicate but is very durable!
  • Vintage interior design is highlighted by hexagonal tiles. It is therefore a versatile tile option that can be used for renovating old homes or constructing a brand new one. Hexagonal tiles, which are typically made from ceramic, natural stone, or porcelain, have six edges. A delicate appearance does not detract from its durability and durability.

2. Moroccan Flooring

  • The prettiest flooring option out there!
  • Moroccan floor tile design has a certain allure to it and adds style to your home. I think that explains why the popularity of these tiles has soared over time, with a color palette going beyond blue and white, and recently even reaching Indian homes.

Best Flooring for House in India: Let’s see the imperative comparison

Engineered Hardwood Flooring vs Laminate Flooring

  • Both options are economical, versatile, and long-lasting
  • Engineered wood and laminate are the most popular types of wood flooring available on the market today. In addition to their versatility, affordability, and durability, they are also long-lasting. Most homeowners do not understand how engineered wood differs from laminate. 

Granite Flooring vs Vitrified Flooring

  • Both have their set of pros and cons
  • By properly selecting the best floor covering for your house in India, you can achieve the style you desire and increase its value. The popularity of Vitrified tiles and Granite creates rivalry between them. Here's a look at how the two flooring choices compare in terms of cost, style, and durability.

Eco Friendly Flooring Solutions Promoting Nature More

Until recently, eco-friendly was associated with bland, boring, and blah materials. Thankfully, that's no longer the case.  Manufacturers have stepped up to provide the design world with many beautiful eco-friendly options to choose from as more and more designers are trying to cater to environmental awareness clients.  We have compiled a list of some of the most popular eco-flooring options, including some that are new and others that might make you think.

Cork Flooring:

The cork flooring industry is relatively new. Usually found on walls or in bottles of wine, this material is also great for floors.  Forests of the Mediterranean are home to the cork oak tree, which harvests its bark for cork. Besides having anti-microbial properties, it is a natural insect repellent, fire retardant, and easy to maintain.

Bamboo Flooring:

The popularity of bamboo flooring is also on the rise.  A grass, bamboo has similar properties to hardwood.  In addition to its durability and ease of maintenance, bamboo flooring is also easy to install.  Bamboo grows to maturity in just three to five years, which is far less time than a tree can take to mature.

Linoleum Flooring:

Though vinyl flooring is often associated with linoleum flooring, the two are not at all similar.  This flooring is made from ground limestone, tree resin, wood flour, linseed oil, cork dust, and tree resins. In addition, it is water-resistant and fires retardant. It is durable and has a long shelf life.

Glass Tiles Flooring:

Have you ever wondered what happens to your wine bottles and beer bottles after being sent to a recycler?  Well, they are transformed into beautiful tiles. A great option for floors, bathroom walls, and kitchen walls is this renewable source.  Glass has similar benefits to other eco-friendly materials. The non-absorbent material will not mold or mildew in moist environments.   Moreover, it cannot be stained.

Concrete Flooring:

Despite its unlikely sustainability, polished concrete has gained popularity in recent years.  It is typically used as a subfloor in residential settings and as a slab on grade. The material is extremely durable as well as easy to clean.

Wool Carpet Flooring:

Homeowners have long favored carpet as a preferred flooring choice. You can walk on this carpet and sit on it comfortably, and it is available in various colors and patterns. Natural resources such as wool can be woven into a carpet by spinning them into threads that can then be dyed in any color. The original flooring material is very durable and can last for a long time.

Rubber Flooring:

The local gym or playground usually has rubber flooring made from recycled tires.  The versatility, beauty, and durability of wood have made it a popular option for kitchens, sunrooms, and bathrooms. In addition, it is water-resistant.  Moreover, it is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring:

If you are set on hardwood flooring, despite deforestation concerns, it is still an option even if it isn't usually thought of as eco-friendly.   Hardwood comes in two varieties. It is ideal to use reclaimed wood since it is made of wood that has been previously chopped down.  Older homes or beach houses can benefit from salvaged wood flooring.


A huge part of your home's aesthetics and perception is the floor because it occupies so much space. An opulent floor or a rustic floor can make a house appear smaller or bigger. The article explores the qualities and maintenance of a variety of flooring options. So, whatever your taste is, you can pick wood floors for a rustic atmosphere or marble for a more elegant aesthetic. Examine these flooring options depending on their maintenance, textures, appearance, and durability and choose the perfect for your home giving it a fantastic look.


Q.1 An Indian house should have which type of flooring?

Ans. A wooden floor, a yellow-textured floor, an equally spaced pattern of chequered tiles or cement tiles are the best designs.

Q.2 Is there a more durable type of flooring?

Ans. Among the flooring designs in India, classic wooden floors are the most durable. Textured marble floors can also be a good choice.

Q.3 Are ceramic texture tiles a good idea for flooring in India?

Ans. Ceramic flooring has been used in India for years because it is the safest option. It has a different look, but it nonetheless looks stylish.

Q.4 Can different floors be installed in different rooms?

Ans. From room to room, you can use multiple types of flooring. Carpet is usually found from wall to wall in living rooms and bedrooms. Despite this, you can enjoy bedrooms with different floors than other rooms and common areas.

Q.5 What is the ideal number of floors in a house?

Ans. Three is the magic number, Flooring "Rule of Three," says that a person should be able to see no more than three types of flooring from any point in the home.

Q.6 Is it possible to have a different kitchen floor from the rest of the house?

Ans. When laying different flooring in the kitchen, you can create a unique environment with better durability than matching your kitchen floor to the rest of your house.

Q.7 Which type of floor is best for home?

Ans. Marble flooring is considered as best for houses and it is commonly seen as well. Almost every Indian home has marble flooring in common because of its easy maintenance, low cost, highly durable, and also giving fanciful touch to the home.

Q.8 Which type of flooring is most durable?

Ans. Vinyl Flooring is considered as most durable flooring as it last longer in comparison to marble and wooden. It is not just durable but good for pets and joints.

Q.9 Which is the healthiest flooring for homes?

Ans. When it comes to the healthiest flooring for homes then real hardwood is considered the best. It is the most preferred choice for the health-conscious homeowner because of its safest and least toxic property.

Q.10 What is the easiest flooring to maintain?

Ans. Vinyl Flooring is considered as easiest to maintain. It feels soft under the foot and it last longer than any other flooring. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean; a single mop can clear all the dirt.