Health Hacks To Keep Your Home Monsoon-Ready

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Health Hacks To Keep Your Home Monsoon-Ready

Monsoon comes with much-required relief to the roasting summer and that’s why it is the much-awaited time of year for everyone. The aroma of soil and vibrant greenery after the rain give a new kind of joy. On the other hand, monsoon is a season that harms our homes from water seepages and mosses and many challenges that homeowners face during monsoon. 

This season can also cause different health problems like skin infection, allergy, and asthma, etc. So, it is better to talk about possible challenges and how to deal with them before the monsoon starts.

Whether you are living in a rented apartment or own a home, there are few things you can do to curtail the damage caused by this season. Given below are the important tips to make your apartment ready for the monsoon.

  • Check your drainage system and fix every leakage immediately before turning in the mess. 
  • Check that all the doors & windows are working properly, find the gaps in windows & doors and fix them to stop the water come inside.
  • If you detect wetness somewhere on the ceiling or walls, seek help from professionals to find the source and fix it ASAP. 
  • High humidity in the air can spoil your furniture, for this you can apply a fresh coating of varnish & waterproof paint just before the monsoon. 
  • Generally wooden doors & windows get puffed up in monsoon because of excess wetness soaked by wood and this matter can be determined by seeking service from a skilled carpenter.
  • Expensive & heavy carpets look attractive on the floors but we suggest you take out the carpets from floors as they soak up lots of water and dust. 
  • Check the electrical instruments & devices of your home beforehand and take care that the wires and sockets are appropriately insulated. If you stumble upon any power leakages, get help from a skilled electrician.
  • Protect your winter clothes from wet weather by keeping phenyl balls & moisture absorbing sachets in the cupboards. 
  • Clean out the black mold growth from walls and storerooms regularly with cotton fabric.
  • If you are going to white-wash and paint your home, we recommend you to choose water-proof material that can prevent water leakage. 
  • Check the bottom of your terrace and if there is any crack then get it fixed without a wait.
  • Check the drainage holes in the terrace and make them clear to let water flow properly. Water stoppage in this part can badly harm the beauty & functionality of your home. 
  • In the specific areas of your home like the balcony & verandah you can install shades to keep away rainwater from the home. 
  • You can take the help of professionals to do waterproofing for your home, this can help you very much to avoid repairs & maintenance costs. Precaution is better than cure and pays a big amount for repairs. 

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