5 Properties Marked as the Best Properties of 2017

5 Properties Marked as the Best Properties of 2017

Exactly 2 days are left for 2018 and 2017 year has passed and was it exciting or boring? If it was exciting it is good and if it was not, then you have to make your 2018 worth and lucrative.

You always meet things that are evergreen no matter whether they are old or new and it is simply because it is outstanding for many reasons that in toto, remain in the limelight.

So as you know this review is about the top 5 properties in India that is marked as the top properties of 2017 because it is conceptualized by the top notch Indian builders whose assimilation and nonpareil planning has made these top exclusive projects a cherry pick for those who are looking for all in one property that holds international standards, high security system, diversified modern amenities, grand use of space, full green area for eco friendly ambience & healthy stay and lot more factors actually makes these properties truly the first choice.

Though it is an end of 2017, but still in the upcoming time of 2018 you can consider these properties and here will talk about them deeply one by one, so that if you make your mind for any property you know it in a better way.

Before we start one important thing to talk about “tips to know before investment in property,” so when you know them rightly, then you have no fear because investment many a time is a fiasco because of the poor planning and bad execution.

  • Give full attention to the builder because you need to know the builder rightly as if you will not know them, then they can fool you and then later it will make you feel blue and you don’t want that to happen with you right? So check their past projects in advance and compare them, so that you know what they can offer and how unique they are in delivering the projects.
  • Location- what is a good location? So a good location is the one that gives right proximity to all the important destinations and most importantly it is crammed with the local market, school, hospital, best residential colonies, and comfortable connectivity through bus/ cab/auto, so that you can travel to the places in the vicinity easily. So whenever you select any location it is important to check all the factors because otherwise, it will trouble you later on.
  • Property is important and if you will grill is completely, then you will know it in a better way and once you know the things deep down you can analyze it in a much better way, now if the builder has promised you certain amenities, then at the time of purchase it is importance to check things meticulously, so that they never charge extra from you, in simple words you pay only for those things which you get in return of it.

With these three aspects you can study more so that whenever you pick a property you pick the best one because in the past many were trapped in real estate and you never want to face that same thing, then it is better to pay attention before it gets too late.

Best Properties of 2017 Below

Getting a dream home is always a dream and once you achieve it you feel over the top, so change is important in life and if the change is good, then definitely you will enjoy an optimistic growth.

Tata Gurgaon Gateway

Options to cherish- 2 BHK + S, 3 BHK Small and 3 BHK Large apartments

Reputed Builder- Tata Housing

Remarkably situated in sector 112 & 113, Gurgaon

If you have heard about the builder Tata Housing its good and if not, then know it today, they have given diversified projects in different areas and every time they bring secure projects for the residents, so that they can enjoy their stay and most important have secure investment.

Again their latest project “Tata Gurgaon Gateway” is holding all attention because its configurations are best for Indian families, its green area for eco friendly ambience and high level security to secure all the residents.

Moreover, Tata Gurgaon Gateway is situated in a right location from where Delhi and IGI Airport are the two main proximities.

Tata Primanti Gurgaon

Configuration to choose- 3 BKH, 4 BHK, 5 BHK and Penthouse

Reputed Builder- Tata Housing

Intelligently planned in sector72 on Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon

Well scattered in 36 acres of area

Again the builder is same Tata Housing, but in this residential project if you want to feel extravagant greenery and golf view, then this is the right fit for you and your family where it inspires you all to live a healthy life.

Tata Primanti Gurgaon is a giant realm with sedate surroundings that promotes grand lifestyle and a comfortable stay, if you are here always feel so proud because it has all the happy factors to boost your standard of living.

Trump Tower Gurgaon

Configuration to enjoy- 3 BHK and 4 BHK Golf property apartments

Reputed Builder- Tribeca Developers

Placed in the well connected sector 60 of Gurgaon

This is something new and latest why because it has a brand name of Trump, the builder Tribeca Developers based in Mumbai has a recent tie up with the Trump name and this project comes with all neoteric features where the residents can have an international feel and a proud address in Gurgaon that is already known as the best hub for job and if you will have your home there, then it will curtail the travelling time well.

World’s exclusive facilities in Trump Tower Gurgaon make it the lucrative property

Adani Samsara

Choose best out of- 3BHK and 4 BHK Villas floors

Reputed Builder- Adani Group

Positioned in the secure sector 65 of Gurgaon

A sober, a comfortable, an ideal, a secure home at Adani Samsara welcomes all the residents to come and celebrate life in a different way.

Enjoy green space and modern amenities all together here and cherish life in a right way.

Vipul Aarohan

Pick and choose- 3BHK Apartment and 5 BHK Duplex Apartments

Reputed Builder- Vipul Group

Located in smart location of Gurgaon 53, Gurgaon

Positioned in 19 acres of area

If you looking for a perfect design and a nice place to live in, then Vipul Aarohan Gurgaon is really a good option and also here you will get an inaugural discount and that means you will secure your capital and avail dream lifestyle with your family because when you shift yourself to a dream home, then the way of living is different intact.

So out of these 5 best 2017 properties, you can pick yours and enjoy future cemented with quality.  

Suggestion: Do not take too much of time to decide, be quick but attentive.