20 Plus Factors for Investment in Real Estate Property

20 Plus Factors for Investment in Real Estate Property

See with many important things in life one thing is essential and that is investment in property, it is always a question mark for me, what all things to consider before investing in real estate? So to get that I posted on Quora regarding the same and got many good and fruitful points which are really vital to deem in order to make lucrative & worth step.

If you are thinking to buy a property like I’m then this is the right platform where you can get the points to consider and have stable platform to weed out the best property.

1) Location is prime so check it deep down- There are buyers who purchase properties without even understanding the value of location which is not appropriate because it’s important to have a grip on what kind of location it is and how beneficial it is from the investment point of view. So before only clear the complete benefit of location and analyze how effective it is going to be in the future.

2) Be clear about what kind of investment you want to make? As there are two options residential or commercial so before hand as per your budget and purpose choose your option.

3) Sit with someone and get the right direction of investment so that whatever you invest in you have surety that you will reach your goal. Selecting property is still not a child’s play but with right way you can fetch your dream property.

4) Don’t fall for attractive properties- it’s not appropriate to fall for those properties which are only attractive and which can offer better lifestyle because along with this there are many other things which are important to mull over so that there are chances of obtaining better benefits from all the angles.

5) Know all the best real estate players in the market- it’s important to know the Builder and understand how better they are in delivering the properties and above everything, how customer oriented they are and what kind of properties they offer to there customers in order to make better society and wide range of options to enjoy. What’s the catch? There are several of builders in the market such as DLF, Vatika, EMAAR, Godrej Properties, Tata Housing, etc. and all of them are reputed and they have created their true niche in the market so it’s you who has to decide which is the right one and whose property is going to benefit them throughout.

6) Try to take highest discount from the broker or builder- It’s important to be a canny investor who knows how to get benefits from the property. So don’t forget to get heavy discount because it’s your first right.

7) Verbal doesn’t work in real estate- Everything should be in black & white don’t go with the verbal words check-out things deep-down and then take your decision where the words are as similar as the reality.

8) Price is everything- Price is very important so make sure you buy right property in against of your price, do not pay more if your property doesn’t deserve it. You can check everything and see what builder is charging you.

9) Network is essential- Things may appear in a wrong direction while you are investing in real estate- so it’s a good thing to have contacts to avoid trouble and to come out from the situation where you don’t know what to do?

10) Real estate investments is all about system- With perfect system and planning you can grab the best property which is in short appropriate for an investment. A good system must be simply where you have steps to follow to reach the property. This not only will save your time but also give you best output.

11) If things are perfect do stick to your decision and don’t change the plan until and unless you don’t find a better option in between. Act like a professional who stick to there decision and words.

12) Talk to as many investors as you can- it’s important to take a guide or a help from the investors who have already invest in the properties and have knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. So get the right use because you can’t take a risk.

13) Talk to unsuccessful investors- Collect all the mistakes so that you don’t repeat them and creates a perfect shell of investment where you know you have ways to invest.

14) Weed out the best portals - where you can get your favorite properties option and a right broker who can help in meeting the right property which is at the appropriate location to delivers its best connectivity and more than that, where you are free to ask for discounts, don’t forget it ever because its your ideal right.

15) If you can do, do it for yourself because you are the better decider who can decide what is right and what can benefit to its fullest.  

16) Change your path if it is not working for you- Give one or two tries if it doesn’t work just leave to behind and give a new start to it and make sure you are moving perfectly towards your goal.

17) Give everything to it- Don’t be timid because you really have to be open and put questions while you are buying property- ask about the space, builder’s reputation, benefits of the surrounding, amenities, security system, etc. grill the property completely and know all its benefits so that you know that the decision that you took is right and lucrative.

18) Be prepared if things failed- It’s not always mandatory that you will have perfect investment journey so have backups and be prepared if things are not in the way you wanted to be.

19) Real estate investments is not a way to get rich- be clear that investment is not a quick  to get rich you really need to have patience and understanding that only after a certain time periods you can expect better or lucrative result. This is not the process where you invest and second day you start fetching golden returns, in fact, this the process where you have to show your patience till it gets in its right position to deliver maximum.

20) Feasible to all social infrastructures- It’s important for any commercial property or residential property to have right proximity to all social infrastructures so that it becomes easy for the investors or buyers to get better connectivity.

21) Personally visit the site- it’s vital to get the clear picture of the property and don’t fall for any false picture just get the real picture through your eyes and then decide what is right to hold.

22) Every kind of investment is important- so respect your investment and make the most of it because investment generally happens once in a life-time so be sure, smart, alter and practical while you are investing.

These points can actually help you in getting the lucrative property which is just ideal for the better investment. These points are ever green which can be taken into consideration throughout the life to get appropriate deal.