Know More about Top Indian Real Estate Builders

Know More about Top Indian Real Estate Builders

Who is a builder? The one who can replace dream into reality and above that, the one who has a hankering for serving better future to the modern generation in order to make better India. Qualities like reliable, never work for expectations but for betterment, passion to create something new, contribute 100 per cent for far better result, built for customers and lot more qualities complete profile of any builder and help them in gleaning the appreciation, name, reputation and trust.

Moving onto the Top Indian real estate builders who have created delectable and indelible mark in the Indian realty and other than this, their leadership qualities have formed a complete inspiration for the other new builders.  So let’s know the top builders and their incredible projection to ‘change India & make India’.

1) DLF, founded in 1946

Since it is founded it has given a new light to the real estate and offered new range of properties to the gazillions of home buyers captivating lifestyle with secured boundaries.

Journey of their work:-

1950-64 - Developed almost 22 colonies in Delhi.
1985 - Formed beautiful and matchless DLF City, Gurgaon to make it feasible for the property lookers to get humdinger home near their work place
1996 - Conceptualized better housing projects in different areas to serve valuable properties
1999 - Outlined modern generation office space for lucrative investment and better work place
2002 - Indulge into more retail complexes to offer better selling place
2003 - Planned DLF Cybercity Gurgaon to make a top working realm in Gurgaon where top companies come all together
2004 - Mission to outspread luxurious housing projects in Gurgaon to curtail the yearning for new home
2005 - Formed entertainment malls for the upcoming generation
2006 - Multiplying hotels and capacious townships all over to extend the better lifestyle
2007 - Step in Capital Market
2008 - Emporio, India’s first luxury mall originated
2009 - Launched the top and wide private residential space in the heart of New Delhi
2010 - Launched plots in Gurgaon to form own dream home in Gurgaon
2011 - First ever automated multilevel car parking at Sarojini Nagar and launched Gardencity, Gurgaon Township
2012 - Conceptualized 8.3 km expressway project with Huda after the partnership, with this second multilevel parking facility at Baba Kharak Singh Marg and also this is the first builder to set up 3 fire stations
2013 - Planned first breathtaking DLF cyber hub crammed with food corner, entertainment and whole lot fun
2014 - It becomes India’s first development company to get ISO certificate
2015 - Heeding to more prominent projects in different cities to increase the footprints and offer exclusive options to use

DLF has an indelible and smart management team whose thought process have changed the way of real estate realm and presented the cream of the crop to the customers.

Factors involved

  • Work according to the growth and buyers
  • Excessive use of technology
  • Customer oriented
  • Time delivery
  • Deliver quality
  • Imbibed opportunities and method to put forward the best of all projects
  • Protecting environment to give nature full space to live with
  • Optimum use of raw material, ideal, planning and concept to deliver terrific and bravura options

Both mission and vision to stand up the feasible properties which are comfortable in use and which are also co-equal to the existing prime developments.  This global real estate company copper-bottomed feature has showcased every quality in every project to stand throughout in the society.

Exceptional property option- DLF The Camellias Gurgaon, this is the world’s most reputed and well crafted housing project and is only for the super elite-class who are ready to share more than Rs 25 crore for that nonpareil home address which is matchless throughout the life.

2) Tata Housing, founded in 1984

Tata housing one of the fastest growing real estate firms whose hankering for serving better to Indian has pulled their level of work and let them fly to create “modern India”. It’s diversified business in housing, retail, complexes, malls, business hub, etc. have escalate the innovation power to execute the projects which are contend in delivering the quality and happiness and at the same time spread profitable investment options to make ‘confident India’.

As they take all together, so they are planning to raise low cost housing options in different cities and for which they have got the approval. So soon affordable options will scattered all over to make it easy for the buyers to invest.

Parameters to emphasis on:-

  • Customer’s value
  • Invest every quality to deliver pure and authentic project
  • Imbibed everything in one project to make it easy to live with the surroundings
  • Always reflect customer’s aspirations and perception
  • Reflects customer success through their projects
  • Focus on everlasting developments that too on time
  • Wise selection of location to make it easy for the end-users
  • Be a dreamer builder for all age group
  • Excessive use of capacity and imagination

Even the support to make ‘green India’ has made it compulsory for them to make green developments with scattered greenery all over to the area. In fact, they have served many environmentally friendly buildings in the entire country to eradicate ghastly ambience.
Also well planned planning for projects ensures day lighting, quality air throughout the time. Also such kind of magnificent planning curtails the electricity bill which is in favor of any resident.

The range of products ranging from Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 14 crore, opens the door of investment for all where each one can lead a luxurious and modern living lifestyle and work lifestyle. With giant footprints all over India and they have moved outside as well to capture every need of every individual and give them benefits to the brim. Up till now, they have been able to delivered projects on time to let the investors enjoy their exceptional product.

With approx 450 employees it has been able to form an indelible mark for them in the society, and whenever it comes to the top builders who are copper-bottomed throughout, Tata Housing able to stay in the list because they have embraced the mammoth of appreciations and regards.

Some of its incomparable achievements like green development in India, low cost projects with authentic perception for LIG and is also developing one of the Bengaluru’s tallest residential projects with out of the blue concept denoting high class living.

Exceptional property option- Tata Primanti, Gurgaon, smart layout presenting villas and residences in the most promising way to lead a life of joy and perfection, also where 24*7 security system let the residents built their own happy world within the boundaries of fresh greenery to impress and imbibe quality air to increase the sustainability.

Godrej Properties, founded in 1990

Adi Godrej founder of the company have formed the new level of work in real estate firm and also they stalk the best technology, methods, ideas, and details to acquire the deets before heading to the project.  What are the bases on which they have formed strong mark in their respected areas?

  • High quality work to offer long lasting structures
  • Throughout incorporate nonpareil designs with best innovations to discover cream of the crop
  • Gleaned every possible situation to ensure worth and profitable property to its customers
  • Uncompromised approach while deliver projects
  • Weed out the platform to transform it into the landmark
  • Go-green is essential and top concern
  • Believe in indelible developments
  • Promised safety and comfort
  • Offers amenities and features to perk-up the level of the place and make it an all in one destination for all
  • Organized team  to outline projects beautifully to turn them into promising

The trust and worth creating factor of Godrej Properties keep them above all and let them grow according to the customers to meet quality, excellence, brand and most important trust. Godrej home appliances, Godrej beverages & foods already a notable supplier and its overstretched wings in property sector have now given trusted properties that can help in multiplying future.

After serving signature properties in over 12 cities they are in the process to hit many other cities in order to make in India young and bright. Godrej Properties managed to remain in the news when they sold 300 units of 365 launched units. Also hankering for staying on the top and be different from rest of the builders get them the real zeal to work and present futuristic properties.

Exceptional property option- Godrej 101, world’s best residential project offering capacious living space in the form of apartments and also its 101 activity options inspire the real lifestyle. Project enjoys the prime premises of Gurgaon with feasible distance to all social infrastructures.

Sobha Developer, founded in 1994

Sobha Developer with the trail development of luxurious housing projects and commercial has shown a new world where living and working both are complete pleasures to experience. Homes with high quality range and work place with modern equipments put forward the world’s best properties to change the shape of India and promote it in a better way.

They are the hope of young India because copper-bottomed builder like this will provide them secured and well planned properties which have power to present the lucrative returns and make it beneficial for the whole country and escalate the level of buying & selling.

Sobha developer the one who is the prime establisher of Indian real estate firm, who has scaled up the appearance of best real estate development in order to improve the lifestyle and make it appropriate for all the one who holds desire to make some lifestyle time achievements.

While the process of development is going they bring expertise to deep check every single step to forward the right project, this also allows to control on quality, design, planning and idea. Very latest they were awarded for the “Villa project of the year” and “innovative marketing concept of the year” for Sobha Arena, so all in all with their work and commitment they have created some unforgettable divisions.

Since inception, they have added real values in each of their distribution with extra efforts to turn each one into humdinger landmarks. Whatever they head in? They bring perfection and newness in it. Attractive layouts, possession on time, best construction quality all brings exclusivity and uniqueness.

Exceptional property option- Sobha International City, 150 acres township with presidential, duplex villas and row houses to form an International lifestyle for the people who are looking for exceptional lifestyle in the city of Gurgaon which imbibes umpteen of job opportunities.

EMAAR, founded in 2005

It is another leading building creator in India with the developed tag of approx 89 million sqft mishmash of residential, commercial and other business segment outspread over 14 countries. With hard work, pure perception, fervid imagination and high skills the builder has reached to its utmost level in order to present the useful buildings to the world where they can ensure they have safe lifestyle and enjoy all prominent amenities to is crest.

With many rewards and recognition they have fetched “Respect and Trust” which is a Herculean Task but they succeed in it. The company has formed a platform for work, growth, system, business world, become the most promising and hard working company whose dictum is to perform on the right grounds. So with the motivation and yearning the builder outspread its wings all over to form a new path of development where tireless approach the key to success.

Three major elements- Trust, transparent and reliable service holds them long not just to stay in the race but form a benchmark that grabs more attention and appreciation.

Exceptional property option- EMAAR , The Palm springs is a realm of villas and apartments which itself is a matchless development because of its inspiring layout, authentic construction and smart planning to dig out the ‘real living’ space in the city of Gurgaon where opportunities and modern culture both blends like water in sugar and forms genuine lifestyle where trouble never meets to its civilians.

This is not same as an existing once, but it has brand, trust, class, status and position to re-create an International lifestyle which has high degree of value.

All these prominent builders are not there to remember in History but also in the future because of their precious approach and MO to change the viewpoint of the world.