Everything You want to know about Mivan Shuttering in Details

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Everything You want to know about Mivan Shuttering in Details
Mivan shuttering is a rising construction technology that leaving behind the conventional ways of construction. At this time only a few real estate developers in India are utilizing this technology and most developers still rely on traditional methods. But if you want to tackle the major concerns of the construction industry like construction quality, availability of expert workers, and timely possession then you have to adopt Mivan construction technology.
Under this technology walls & slabs are mold all together on the construction site by using easy to maintain & lightweight aluminum shuttering framework. This technology work very fast in comparison to the usual beam, brick & mortar assimilation. So, in the contest between Mivan and the usual construction, Mivan comes out as a winner. 
Important points about Mivan you know here:
Mivan shuttering in India
Real estate & construction is one of the major economic development sectors of every country. There are ranges of technological advancements happening in the real estate sector which help to boost effectiveness and build the best quality residential, commercial & infrastructural developments. As we mentioned in the upper paragraph, Mivan is an emerging trend these days but it has been one of the least adopted technological advancements in the Indian construction sector. 
Mivan shuttering rate in India
Mivan shuttering rate is generally calculated in square meters. For example, the area of 1 Meter X 1 Meter = 1 square meter, and the area are calculated only for the concrete surface area. For a single square meter, the cost may depend upon few aspects of your design, type of structure & elevation, etc.
Approximately, the cost of Mivan Shuttering is ranging between Rs. 8000 – Rs. 9000 per sq. meter. 
Mivan shuttering material list
As we know that Mivan shuttering is an advanced construction technology made of strong and well-built aluminum pieces that have great strength, stability, are easy to install, adjustable, and are used in the construction of big residential projects. Some of the important components & materials of Mivan are:- 
Wall components
1. Wall panel 
An important component of Mivan outlines the structure of the wall made out of an aluminum sheet precisely cut to fit the accurate size of the wall. 
  • Rocker
This is an L-shaped sheet with allotment holes for stub pin to hold the wall panels. 
  • Kickers
It works as a ridge to hold the wall panel by outlining the wall face at the top of the panel. 
  • Stub pin
An important component, that fixes every wall component from each other. 
2. Beam component 
  • Beam side panel
A rectangular structure cut into the required size of the beam shapes the edges of the beams.
  • Prop head and panel for soffit beam
Generally, most of the beams hang without support from the bottom and prop heads are used to provide support from the bottom. It has a V-shaped top for trouble-free removing the formwork.
3. Deck component 
  • Deck panels
A flat surface upon which the slab is cast.
  • Deck prop and prop length
Deck prop works the same as deck prop, here it is used to hold the slab and take the weight coming from the deck panel. On the other hand, prop lengths provide vertical support to the deck prop, which you can adjust according to the height of the slab. 
  • Soffit length
This component provides support to the edge of the deck panels at the edge of the room.
4. Other Component 
  • External corner
  • Internal corner
  • Internal soffit corner
  • External soffit corner
Mivan technology Advantages
  • Requires less but skilled Labor
  • Less number of joints eliminates the risk of leakage 
  • Smooth finishing of the slabs & walls
  • Construction speed is faster
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No need to plaster
Mivan shuttering manufacturers in India
There are lots of Mivan shuttering manufacturers in India and it is very difficult to mention here. But few real estate developers in India are utilizing Mivan construction technology in their residential projects, Godrej Properties, Tata Housing, Shapoorji Pallonji, and DLF are a few of them. You can visit the construction site of Tata Eureka Park at Sector 150 Noida and view personally how Mivan shuttering works.