100% Content, 100% Conversion

100% Content, 100% Conversion

This unbeatable topic 100% Content, 100% Conversion is like a latest fad among all who are into any business because they know so well that good content, evergreen content, quality content, informative content and a successful content is part and parcel today and there is no match of it.

100% Content, 100% Conversion

Here both the C’s are undoubtedly important because this has a direct simple link, if your content is following all the parameters and it gives 100 per cent comfort to your readers while they are reading it and apart from that if they are sharing it, then surely you will get conversion out of it.

What is a good content?

Probably defining it is really a daunting task why? You might like some content and others might not, so the bottom line is you have to understand readers need and assimilate information first, what all parts are important to fit in content? And then, you can form it.

Some amazing contents are available which are strongly following SEO concern and are unique, so that readers can read them all time.

Must things to try

Quora to boost your business

New homes to live inside

These will surely help you in getting a glimpse of how?  What? Your content should be and if you will just come out of your comfort and follow new tips to boost your content you will feel mega difference and change.

“A ship in harbor is safe that is not what ship is built for”

This is not just a phrase that you read and avoid because it has deep meaning inside it and that says you should not be in for your comfort all the time, you need to kick out and see what things are going because living under a rock is a bad idea. So if you were writing good contents and still not getting good result out of it, then follow valuable steps and make your own content lucrative and more compelling.

Don’t have fear

You might have a little fear back of your mind, that if I will change my writing style will it give me that benefit which I m expecting? So for that if you don’t try how can you expect result, so try and test that is the best rule to lead.

Important Rules Accentuating Your Content Successfully Below:

  • Your title is a gateway of what you are writing inside, so make sure title is enough appealing
  • Basically contents that are short in length are not as good as your contents that are lengthy because then you will not get a good bounce rate and people will skip it quickly and you don’t want that right? So have good paragraphs into it so that it has strength to read and create good interest.
  • Have right placing of your links because they play major role into it as you have added because you want people to land to those links so that you can create good benefit out of it.
  • Make sure links that you add in it, it has good information because if you will provide false information, then possibility is there you won’t get lucrative benefit out of it. Even if you will check the links that are above you can understand content as well as links all of them should be impeccable, so that there is match and information is unique and best to read.
  •  Don’t make content just for sake because then that content won’t stand forever and rule number one says that you should have topics that are evergreen, so that anyone can read it anytime.
  • Don’t make long long paragraphs because it might be boring then.
  • You should know how to make it compelling because then you may lose reader’s interest and that is a setback.
  • Bold your important points and words which you want your reader should not skip it.
  • Very important, content has to be unique so that your readers feel like reading it at least once and if they are doing it, then definitely you are on the right track.
  • Give additional information always, so that your reader finds something interesting to hold because additional information is always a plus.
  • Freshness is not just a term that you can ignore thinking that your content will be fresh all the time because there is always a life and if it old enough, then you need to update it and bring freshness to it.
  • Google crawls at your page often and it doesn’t get anything new, then it might not give you that rank which you are expecting out of it, so remember you feed good amount of freshness to each page.
  • Content is a king and king has to be perfect, so make sure you make your king perfect and ideal for others.

Now about the conversion part, how can you get 100 per cent conversion with the help of content? Basically, content holds major responsibility and that is the real solider whose importance is must, so if your content is real and it holds reader, then surely they will believe in what you are saying and this way you will get good conversion.

Google’s mission

Google always look for friendly content so that it offers best result to its readers and they have faith in what they are reading and that is contents that are formed with newness and have informative traits are much popular.

Think for your readers and they will think about you.

So have strong contents, so that you can create great link of that for your next content and this is the way to provide benefit to your content.

Just think like this, will you ever open a link that is useless for you? Where you won’t get any information out of it, I guess you won’t, so whenever you provide content make sure it is different and it has umpteen of new information educating people.

Like this one

100% Content, 100% Conversion

So until and unless I don’t provide quality information in it you won’t read it because it takes time and if you are devoting your time into it, then you expect some quality result.

Content = Conversion

Content is not only blogs, but even from other platforms you can fetch great result, like now a days, Quora is hitting a lot and people are working hardly over there because this is not only a best platform to get huge traffic, but along with this you can get conversion and if you will ask for some example, then these is one profile of Ekta Verma whose base was strong enough and that is the reason now from its profile company is enjoy good traffic  and as well as conversion.

It is also a good platform to link your contents there because if you have strong profile, then whatever links your provide it gives good benefit because your fixed readers will also cross check your given links and this way you will take heap of benefits.

Must have heard this a lot, don’t put all your eggs in one basket

So if you write something good it is important to viral it otherwise there is no use of it, so don’t depend on a single source- Facebook, Quora, Twitter, etc.

Write More - Write Valuable - Write Perfect - Write Large - Write Something New

# All writers note please

  • Note one thing and that is important all writers focus on writing contents that are evergreen and that can shared by the young readers and you know they will only share it when they find really something lucrative and beneficial.
  • Share your content with more than 1500 words, so that the conversion rate is really alluring and long with this, bounce rate is perfect, don’t you think that only because the content is lengthy, so you will get bounce rate quality is what speaks here.
  • In content images also plats major role, so if you will add best and meaningful images into it, it will boost the content value and with this, it will make it beautiful where readers will hold to see it.
  • Provide valuable links, so that if your reader click to any link he/she finds good another idea to read that as well.
  • If you make good and strong content you will go long in the market because you should not forget the fact that there are heap of writers available, but the catch is only few of them are worth because they put every effort to bring extravagant content that is beneficial for all and at any point of time it helps 100 per cent.
  • Writers should learn new content strategy because following that old one is not a good idea as it may bring occludes and you won’t get real benefit for which you were writing it.
  • Longer posts perform 100% better result forever.
  • Understand your audience always because you are writing for them always remember this, the better information you give you them, the better result they will showcase.
  • Generally, the range of words in blogs and articles is 500 words or less, so you can stand out in the market, but providing at least 1500 words, so that your audience whether they are new or old, they always find something exciting to read because else on that same topic they can find large amount of information.
  • Don’t just change, be a changer so that everyone follows you, if you really have to set yourself to that level, then seriously you need to come out of that bed of roses and find really something lucrative and new. 
  • If you will be different only then people will follow you and fetching good among of audience is really a great thing to consider and if you succeed in it, then it is like having a cake and eat it too.
  • Getting a direct traffic itself is a unbeatable thing, but this takes lot of time because for this you need to provide diversified topics to your readers, so that from one platform only they find all information and they don’t have to go anywhere else. So if you want to really reach to that level, then you have to work on it completely.
  • Long contents doesn’t mean you are providing irrelevant and repetitive words, it means you are providing value and maintain goal on which you are actually focusing.


So, if you will follow all these rules and really understand the importance of content in this digital world, then surely you will get perfect conversion you will be like playing as a king, no matter what your business (Real Estate, E-commerce, Service Provider, etc.)  is but for sure you will get excellent result and you will succeed in your business.

Creating that ideal content is not a daunting task, but all you need is perfect and smartly to execute everything intact and bring out something new to your readers where they love what you have offered and they share it too.