4 Real Factors Throwing Direct Impact on Your Website and Business

4 Real Factors Throwing Direct Impact on Your Website and Business

You will concur with my opinion that friendly website has a real and direct impact on your website and business, so the point that accentuates here is, what the real factors are that has important impact?

Without making a situation complex for you, let us grab the points to mull over ,if you really want to enter into a business and obviously, WEBSITE is part and parcel for it and if you make your website compelling and friendly, then it gives carte blanche to you to enjoy your business growing.

Any website is a showcase to your business and it is only conceptualized for your customers, so in that case it is important to make it according to them, so that you get quality conversion out of it.

Make your impression forever and your website bona fide with these simple steps:-

1.     Visual speaks intact

Visual part of any website is not just confined to an image part, but it talks about overall look of your site were the placing of every icon, imagine, text and structure collectivity makes the visual part appealing, so you make sure that every part you add in your website has some meaning and stability so that it gives long benefit in future. Picture speaks thousand words together and along with this, it is also important that you keep on updating what you add in it as everything has a life and once it is tedious you need to switch it with other valuable things.

Whenever you choose image, text or structure you can sure it is according to the user’s point of view, so that they can have 100% use of it.

If the feel of your website is perfect and it has traits to impel your users, then surely there is a possibility that you can convert it into your business, and needless to say, only for this you have created the website and until and unless you don’t get a sense into it, then it is useless.

So be aware of the new web designs to implement it, so that you often get new look- note; it is important to change the overall website design after every two years, so that Google can find something new whenever it crawls.

There are different factors that you can be used to boost the frequency of crawling:

  • New theme of the site, as I mentioned it is important to change often
  • Fresh and long contents in the site, that will boost the frequency of crawling and you will get good bounce rate  and from viewers point of view they will get new content
  • Meta title & Heading is important, Meta denotes your website for example

                              Title: Hcorealestates- Your Real Estate Guide, Property in India

                               H1:    Hcorealestates- Your Real Estate Guide

                               H2:     HCO Real Estate India      

2.     Content is a king

Needless to say, content is on the top, when it comes to a website because better and lucrative content not only sway its readers, but from Google’s point of view it will find quality content where in return one will get good bounce rate for which the content has been written. Content has different forms such as Article, Overview, Blog, Reviews, Description and more, this way you justify your product.

So make sure you create duplicate free content that is not matched anywhere on Google, so for this you can hire some quality content strategists such as Ekta Verma, Amit Kumar, Zarun Mehta and Manish Kumar whose content structure are nonpareil and where the way they work out on content is something new and useful for readers, the main point is shaping your content into a new way with compelling title that holds readers attention where they form some interest and ultimately, the goal of writing content is to provide good information and related links that help to grab more information on the related topics.

You probably can compromise on other things, but content is something you can never escape from, every single word that it has has some core meaning and use and always remember that the length of the content matters a lot and if you will focus on it you will find appropriate bounce rate and to make it extra compelling you can add right images into it that blends with what you have talked about.

For example if a content is of 1000 words then you can add 3 to 4 images that intact makes it perfect to read, some good samples to follow below:-

So by watching them you can get some lucrative idea about how you can make your content appealing and appropriate.

Some rules/tips while you are forming any content below:

  • Justify your title and content completely
  • If you are making it lengthy you make sure it has charm and perfection to impress readers
  • You should never stuff your keywords and have appropriate keyword
  • Make your content user friendly and it has something new
  • You should always bold your important words and links
  • Ideal para for placing link is in the middle
  • Content should not be copied it should hold uniqueness
  • You should not have long long paras because this will make it boring
  • You should always pick right topics that create good interest and it should friendly and novel.
  • Direct appeal, for example if someone is searching “Best properties in India” and they click to your content it should be crammed with enough information which is actually focusing on Best properties in India where you can give quality options to the readers, so that they are satisfied with what you have given and if you go out of the topic, then the readers will exit and leave that page.

So these are some tips to make your content lucrative and flimsy free and if you will follow those 100 per cent you will get a fiasco free result.

3.     Response rate appropriate

Make sure the loading time should be within 3 seconds because if it exceeds, then definitely it is a turn off for any user, and here are the factors that affect the load time.

  • Imagine optimization- Sometimes websites use large images and that takes enough time to load it, so in this case make sure the image that you use is in proper size and it is optimized.
  • Server Problem- this takes place only in servers where shared resources are used.
  • Number of redirections- Basically, redirection is requesting any file  which in a result rerouted to other path rather than the requested location, so sometimes redirections play negative role in load time, so be careful about it, you can check all and its purpose and if you find anyone flimsy you can trash it.
  • Web Hosting- This is also one of the important parameters in your loading time because initially people go with cheap shared hosting plan thinking it will work rightly, but the point it you need to check the traffic and if it is increasing gradually, then you need to move it to a better server and don’t forget to check the bandwidth limit also. Cheap hosting can badly shake your loading time, so do not ignore it.
  • Size of the files matter- Files are part and parcel in website and it has a real impact on the loading time, so do not upload heavy files, so compress the images size to improve the loading time.

Point to note now, if you ever thinking to insert videos on your website, then upload it  first to sites  like YouTube, Daily Motion, Photo Bucket, etc.

4.     Website structure better to be impeccable

Website is like a window for your business and it has to be perfect where look wise it should be appealing and most importantly, it should be friendly where if anyone is search anything they find it smooth to search it and land to their desired space.

You should have a proper color theme that blends well with your logo and if you website is boring and it has nothing to appeal about, then you might not get the real benefit out of it.

There are many good samples available for best websites where you can accentuate your real target of  your website, for example if the site is about real estate then it should have proper search bar and options available for the best properties of the month and along with this always provide quality and lucrative information on your website where any reader can have reasons to hold there for example, if we talking about real estate, then it should have news related to it, reviews of the projects, blogs indicating new trends about strategizes and relevant videos and many more compelling stuff into it that solve your purpose of website.

 So if you want to start any business, then these are the steps you can attack on and see how well and rapidly you can create your own niche, needless to say, you can open any business all you need is to be firm and practical about what and how you doing it because if you will do it with 100% perfection there is no one to beat you.

I hope, these 4 points are the real parameters to understand and realize how these things are important before you start any website and that too which can convert & boost your business.