You Need to Ask These 5 Questions Today

You Need to Ask These 5 Questions Today

A biggest fallacy is we all feel that we are impeccable and make no mistakes, but the reality is something else, we do blunder of mistakes and that is because again we have misbelief that we are doing all perfect all decisions and all acts.

You need to get a reality check now

I will ask you these 5 questions and seriously you have to answer and make sure that you say it all right because this might deliver you your real situation. 

1. Am I giving my best to my work?

No matter what work you are doing, but the question that arises how you doing it? and are you really giving best to your job? Because all of us are doing something or something, but the catch that enters here is how much perfection we are giving to it.

 That great saying if you will love your work you will love your job, so whatever you do no matter whether it is teaching, art, team leader and so and so you should always deliver your 100 per cent in it. 

You talk about freedom, so do you think you are giving your best to perform because even if you are dancing you need to throw out everything to win.

So if you really want best thing to happened while you are playing your job, then you need to really examine yourself and an answer on how you using your knowledge and talent to perform the best and stand out apart from the best
Like I know my friend who had a fear of writing and today her Quora account has shown that yes if you have complete faith on your work, then nothing can keep you behind.

She gives me a crazy force that if you really wish to do anything, then surely there is nothing to take you back from anything, so give your best and enjoy its result.

2. Am I learning every day?

Learning is a ceaseless process and there is no doubt about, so in a nutshell you should always learn and if you are a person who is a keen learner, then definitely you are on a growing stage. 

You have a same lifestyle to get up in morning, brush your teeth and more, but the point that accentuates here is what are you leaning every day? 

If you are learning something it is a good habit and if not then you really need to think about it because learning makes you an innovative person and a person who is flooded with extravagant quality.

One quote I want to add here that says “Live as if you were to die next day, learn as if you were to live forever.”  So your leaning zeal should never die and keep up the charm up so that you can say that yes I have learnt something today.

I think my words are just so weak if you do not deem about this idea of learning every day. If you are skeptical and have no idea about what to learn, then need not to fret because whatever you like or have passion about learn something new in it.

Learning even can be if you learn a new word with a meaning.

3. Am I true to my profession?

Again no matter what is your profession- Content strategist, Teacher, IT Manager, HR, Director and so and so.

But are you leading your job impeccably? And are you using your brain utmost? And lot more questions can be added to this, but the bottom line is how you are justifying your work?

Believe me; no one can guide you because you are your best guide why because you know your weaknesses and strengths, so you can kick to the right part and be a perfect person in the next morning.

So today you can to figure it out that are you a true professional or you are just passing the time because remember one thing you are not harming the company what you are hampering is your life, skills, knowledge and more. So you want to use your time or you just want to waste it? Ask and answer.

4. Am I making the same mistakes every day? 

Mistakes it is not at all bad, but the catch is if you are repeating it, then it is a stupidity, so it is your responsibility to really improve and fillip your behavior.

No one likes to make mistakes, but yes if we are doing it ceaselessly, then it is your fault undoubtedly.

It is unequivocally universal that humans and mistakes can never be apart because from mistakes only one get to know about what things not to try.  A person who never made a mistake has never performed anything new, so you need to do experiments.

Sometimes making mistake regularly can irk your partner, so it is better you tap on your list of mistakes and try not to make it on a regular basis.

So are you making mistakes? Watch out from now.

5. Am I using my money in a lucrative way?

We all are earning and a penny saved is a penny earned, but earning is of no use because if you are not using it rightly, then you are a flop, have lucrative decisions in your life, so that you can use your capital in a smart way.

How can I invest my money?

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Now you have to ask these questions today and improve because expansion & upgradation is important in life if you want to grow swiftly. Questions are ceaseless and along with them more questions can be asked, but first you need to crack them.