Akshay Kumar House In Mumbai: Address, Price & Inside Images

Akshay Kumar House In Mumbai: Address, Price & Inside Images

An individual such as Akshay Kumar doesn't need an introduction. He is not only an accomplished actor, but also a producer, martial artist, stunt performer, and television personality. He has worked in the Indian film industry for more than 25 years. He has always impressed audiences with his acting abilities. His professional and personal lives have always been in harmony. He has wonderful chemistry with his wife, Twinkle Khanna, and his children.

Do you know where Akshay Kumar lives?

Home to Bollywood's 'Khiladi', Akshay Kumar's house, is an ultra-luxury condo in the uber-luxury Prime Beach building overlooking the Arabian Sea. A landmark in itself, Akshay Kumar's house in Juhu attracts not only fans visiting Mumbai but also tens of thousands of netizens who keep tabs on the everyday updates shared by his wife Twinkle Khanna, a thriving designer, author, and columnist in her own right.

The Juhu House at Glance

There are several notable features in Akshay Kumar's Juhu house, including:

  1. Decorative pendant lights by Klove Studio adorn the living room's living area.The center table was created by Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani.
  2. A glass wall allows guests to see the orchard through the dining area.Italianesque sofas and silver sculptures from south India and Europe decorate the first floor. Women artists like Shipra Bhattacharya and Rekha Rodwittiya exhibit here.
  3. The family enjoys playing indoor games such as backgammon and ludo while sitting on the balcony's daybed and admiring the view.
  4. Bookworm Twinkle Khanna keeps a cozy reading nook in her house complete with an empty gin bottle, a child's painting, a multi-purpose shawl, and her favorite coffee bean and vanilla candle.
  5. There is a vegetation patch around the Akshay Kumar house that appears to be half forest and half farm. The family grows its tomatoes, brinjal, mango, and sapotas here, among other produce. A lovely Buddha head rises from the water in the garden's pond.
  6. There are contemporary pieces of art on nearly every wall of Akshay Kumar's house, both by emerging and renowned artists.
  7. MK Gandhi's friend and freedom fighter Sumati Morarjee owned the Akshay Kumar house in Juhu. During his visits to the lawns here, the father of the nation would meditate. Today, a stone statue stands in the exact spot where he meditated.
  8. It is ideal for family picnics and hosting parties thanks to the extensive outdoor furniture in Akshay Kumar's Maharashtra house, including swings and sofas.
  9. The house is a dream house for everyone, but it is the home of Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi, Bollywood's strongest couple. Traditional, cultural, arts & calm are a perfect combination. There is an element of modernity as well as a touch of tradition.
  10. Mrs. Kumar herself designed it with love. Every corner of her home, every blueprint, every architectural element, and every interior detail is tweaked.

The prime beach of Juhu is located alongside the coastlines. Every window in the house looks out onto the mighty Arabian sea. Akshay Kumar says the date nights are a stroll away.According to Vogue India, their house is "a lush sanctuary amid the chaos of the city". Brinjals, mangoes, chikoos, bananas, and many more fruits are plentiful in the sanctuary. A variety of birds come every day to chill at their adobe."

House and other properties owned by Akshay Kumar

Mumbai's Khar has become Akshay Kumar's latest home. The apartment is worth Rs 7.8 crores. A spacious apartment spread over 1,878 square feet, the Joy Legend building is located in Khar (West). In addition to four parking spaces, the property was registered on January 7, 2022.

Akshay Kumar sold Sunshine Pictures Private Ltd. an office property in Andheri (West) on the 1st floor of Bharat Ark in December 2021 for Rs 9 crores. On December 21, 2021, a sale transaction was recorded.

The portfolio of Akshay Kumar's real estate investments can be as impressive as the portfolios of several mid-sized developers. His portfolio includes everything from a Goa holiday home to a hill bungalow in Canada to an apartment in Mauritius to several Mumbai residences. When the couple returns from their busy day, they come home to this beautiful duplex in Juhu that is a stunning reflection of their taste.

The price of Akshay Kumar's Juhu residence

80 Cr.- Although it's not surprising, considering Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's staggering net worth, the duplex is situated in one of the most expensive locations in Mumbai. Aarav and Nitara Kumar and their pet dogs live in the Akshay Kumar apartment in Mumbai.

Home decor and interior design for Akshay Kumar

Twinkle Khanna has designed the mesmerizing Akshay Kumar house Juhu. The living room is centered around a beautiful pond, which lends an organic feel to the entire house with nature-friendly designs and plenty of greenery. The orchard/garden accompanying the apartment has a mango tree planted in memory of Twinkle's father, Rajesh Khanna, one of India's most renowned film stars. A walk-in wardrobe, a kitchen with an expansive countertop area, and a home theater can be found on the ground floor, while grey dominates the upper level.

Juhu Beach is a clear and expansive view from the family's home. It should come as no surprise to see the couple strolling along the sands, eventually reaching the Marriott, for a romantic date night. Marriott's proximity to the beach explains this.

There are innumerable photographs, mementos, and artwork dotted throughout the apartment. It faces a lawn and orchard. As far as the rest of the duplex apartment is concerned, it is draped in brown and beige hues, from the couch and walls to the floor patterns.

A key theme for this Juhu apartment is the earthy, organic, and nature-friendly décor, while prints have been strategically incorporated, ranging from wall pineapple prints to even vibrant Ikat bedspreads.

Here's a look at the house from every angle! Details are mentioned below.

Front & backyard go-to's

Occasionally, their backyard is fully edible with homegrown fruits and vegetables, as well as a place to recreate soap slides and have a pool party. It truly is nature's adobe.

A garden of edibles

Have you noticed that Mrs. Khiladi has a mango tree in every house she owns? Her father & childhood home are remembered in this composition. Her backyard is home to her organic garden and organic kitchen as well.

As well as the study

On her Instagram, we can see that this is one of Mrs.Funnybone's favorite spots. Reading, writing, and making sure her daughter also picks up reading are some of her favorite things to do here. Now we know where her inspiration comes from.

Beautiful Pond

This concept is a much talked about one throughout the entire house and the pictures speak for themselves. It's a perfect spot for the family to enjoy the pond at the entrance.

Memories and walls

Beautiful memories about one's childhood and family, as well as the things one loves, can be found in a home. Pictures, mementos, souvenirs from friends and family are said to decorate the bungalow, as are fusion paintings and mementos. The Durga Maa on a scooter has been much discussed.

Significance in history

The Akshay Kumar house is not just pretty to look at, but the plot is also historically significant. Sumati Banerjee, a close friend, and associate of Mahatma Gandhi was the original owner of the plot. As a result, Akshay Kumar's property seems more authentic.

Thoughtful Concept

According to the concept of the residence, the interior and exterior themes have been kept together to bring the essence of the residence into the interior. Colors such as eclectic blues, earth tones, and wallpaper from artists such as Shipra Bhattacharya and Rekha Ridwittiya, among others, can be observed alongside the dynamic playing of patterns.

A key idea of the Akshay Kumar house is to bring nature and outer spaces into the interiors. Therefore, hues and moods can be observed being derived from the surrounding area and applied to the interior spaces.

Extravagant Planning

Regarding the duplex's basic layout, the ground floor is dominated by the expansive living room and the lavish dining room, which are complemented by the uninterrupted Arabian Gulf view. In addition to the kitchen, home theater, and closet, the ground floor houses the home office and the home theater. Further enhancing the aesthetics of the house is a small water feature in the front garden, as well as extensive outdoor furniture. Twinkle Khanna's home office, the bedrooms, and a balcony with an expansive view are on the first floor.

Living room with heterogeneity

Klove studio installed 13 pendant lights in the living room to create a luxurious and coordinating aesthetic. It would be impossible to overlook the indoor pond and the center table made of brass and glass by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla in this room.

There are white windows along with grey being the predominant color on the ground floor, with muted and classic interiors. In addition to the earthy hues of mustard, blue, and green painted on the textured walls of the room, playful pops of color appear throughout the interiors of the space.

A prominent component of the house is the floor-to-ceiling windows, which are meant to let in the outdoors.The mood and color scheme of the living room has a strong touch of modernism. With the metallic shades combined with the wall art and the warm pendant lighting, it seems as if the qualitative elements would be able to settle in these spaces.

With a metallic coffee table, the seating area contradicts the muted tones and speaks of class. I like how the sculptures and candles in the room add the right amount of decor to the space. In addition to highlighting the wall, the frames above the sofa add just the right touch of color. Overall, the room appears decluttered and well-organized.

Appealing Bedroom

In the master bedroom, minimalist interiors accompany statement furniture, such as a low bed with a wood rim, a charcoal suede headboard, and understated white origami art on the wall. The view of the palm trees within the space further enhances the ambiance.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows by the bed were cited by the couple as the favorite part of the house. Window not only faces the greens, which are soothing to the eyes, but also lets in ample amounts of natural light, and seeing the beautiful sunsets among the greenery is always a breath of fresh air. They love that spot. It's no wonder Twinkle loves it so much.

Couples like to end their days on the first-floor balcony. The furniture and tone of the room are mostly modern, but the sofa set adds a classic feel to the room with its italic textures. Their son, Aarav, made those paintings that break up the base tone of the room. With their novice strokes and touches of color, these paintings contrast with the whole mood of the room.

Vast Dining area

An example of a modern dining area is the dining room overlooking the lush greenery from the outside. It complements the rustic-meets-modern design of the dining table set as well. The centerpiece has been sourced from Good Earth and is a beautiful piece for the dining table. It's embellished with flowers between the centrepiece and the table.

Beauty that is remarkable

The Khiladi house is a perfect party spot for most Bollywood stars. Be it a ravishing night party, high-tea, or a brunch get-together, this house is a perfect adobe for friends and family to get together and create memories. This is certainly a dream home, close to family & friends with a breath-taking view. Serenity amidst the chaos. You can take some references from the glimpse and design your adobe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where is Akshay Kumar's hometown?
Ans. Originally from Punjab, Akshay Kumar hails from Amritsar. His family hails from Punjab. Akshay's father was an army officer named Hari Om Bhatia.

Q. What is the address of Akshay Kumar House?
Ans. Kumar resides in a building known as "Prime Beach", which is located along the sea in Juhu, Mumbai, thus providing him with panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

Q. Akshay Kumar owns how many properties?

  • Bungalow facing the sea in Juhu Beach
  • House in Portuguese style in Goa
  • Apartments in Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Mauritius flat
  • A hill in Toronto, Canada

Q. How many people live in the Akshay Kumar building?
Ans. Akshay Kumar lives in the building referred to as Prime Beach, a part of which he shares with Hritik Roshan. The Bhatia family occupies the first and sixth floors of the building.

Q. Where is Akshay Kumar house located?

Ans. Akshay Kumar's house is located at Juhu Beach. It is a home facing the waves of the Arabian Sea, near Juhu Beach It is an uber-luxurious home.

Q. How many properties does Akshay Kumar have?

Ans. Akshay Kumar is the owner of a sea-facing house in Juhu, Mumbai, a beachfront property in Mauritius, a high-end bungalow in Toronto, a hill in Canada, and 4 luxurious flats in Andheri- each priced 4.5Cr. These are all the properties owned by Akshay Kumar.

Q. What is the value of Akshay Kumar house?

Ans. Akshay Kumar owns a very luxurious home in Juhu, Mumbai. The property cost around 80Cr – quite a luxurious home it is.