Domain Name Not Available Follow New Tips

Domain Name Not Available Follow New Tips

Starting your own business can be the most beautiful thing to ever plan.

And that wonderful feeling of telling everyone that you are about to start some business is something I can’t express in words you can understand in a better way.

So to start your business you kick start your paper work, design your business card and decide what post you will print there, but before all these things you need to have a website that is part and parcel in today’s digital world as it is the window of what you will be serving to your audience, so it is must that you decide your website and theme too.

But what is the catch here?

The main problem that you face is when you don’t get your ideal domain name (exact match) whenever you go for any name for your website, then there is a situation where you stuck up completely and you look for ideal solution for it.

You sometimes change the whole name and try to find out different domain, so all in all, it is sometimes a daunting task.

Do you know this? Purchasing domain name is also a very responsible business because if you are holding its authority, then you can set price for it and a person who needs it will definitely buy from you, so chance to earn at the same point for time.

Back to our concern again

Your name accentuates your business, so you make sure your brand name is there in the URL after all, that will be the keyword for your audience as they will make direct search  which is called as navigational search and if you have good search on your brand, then it will help you in your SEO in the upcoming years.

So from start if you work hard on promoting your brand name, then it will be easy peasy for you to work on it and easily you will getting lucrative result.

You must have heard this, when there is a will, there is always a way, so likewise, you don’t have to be really upset about it because there are ways that you can deem and finally fetch your domain name that you hankered before.

You should not be sad about it because it happens a lot that you don’t get your choice domain, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase it.

As, I have struggled a lot and in this journey, so I have learned tricks that you too can use for lucrative result.

New and Effective Ways to Get Your Domain Forever Below

  1. Simply buy it

It is okay if you don’t get your dream domain because there is an option and that is to buy it, I know it is not always a situation that you have capital with you and you can buy it.

When there is a will, there is always a way, you must have heard this, so simply buy it if you can’t get it.

Whois is an international registry of all domain names and from there you can get all details in detail.

So if you know that you can’t compromise on that name and you are firm about it, then go and buy it, even you can negotiate and get it into the best price where you won’t repent if you buy it.

Some of the best domains that I know is,,, and more, so the name that you choose holds lot of importance.

  1. Make some change into it

As we are talking about how smartly you can still consider your favorite domain name, so the second option that you have on the list is that you can make little changes and add verb to the name.

This way you will get two big benefits- you get your domain and you don’t have to change TLDs (Top Level Domains) also.

So little changes can really give you chance to have your domain, isn’t it perfect?

Furthermore, Domain hacks are even popular nowadays, for example there is (Delicious), but for few names it is not successful, so you have to decide on your domain rightly, so that finally you have a secured, ease to pronounce and attractive domain name.

  1. If not .com, get something else

Needless to say, that there are diversified TLDs like .com, .me, .io, etc. and yes .com is like 100 per cent popular and it is the first preference of everyone who wants to run business. So, no need to be sad if you don’t get your .com because many other are there in a row that you can use easily.]

Still if you are not swayed by other TLDs, then you can buy .com and if don’t have capital you can track that domain to expire because only then you can buy it.

  1. It is okay use captivating words

As you know that captivating words are always better and interesting, so if you don’t get your name, then you can use some attractive words together, so that whosoever reads it always remember it.


Hope these given ideas give you whole idea about how you can fetch your dream domain and even if you are not able to buy it, then you have different solutions to bring into your knowledge and have its best use.

The best strategy is either to buy it if you get in good deal or else you can make some changes into it, so that you get your domain name.

As you know, domain name is the window of your business and it accentuates you and your business.

Selecting name is also a big task and it is not a cup of tea for all, if you will ask me in past when I wanted to purchase one domain and it took like whole day because maximum of them were registered already and then I tried these tricks that really helped me a lot to get what I want.

You can follow my more post and grab useful information where you will get 100 per cent secured information.