Expected Luxury Home - Fall by 25-30%, Demonetisation Impact

Expected Luxury Home - Fall by 25-30%, Demonetisation Impact

This unbeatable step by the Modi government for Eliminating Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 has not only kicked out the black money but also tightened the black holders who have created this bad society in India and to improve that this bold step was taken, and in respect of that there are different sectors which have changed and now things are approachable and even buying home that too luxury segment is highly trustable.

Speculations around, real estate dipped by 25-30 per cent because of the Demonetisation according to the real estate consultant JLL. In this condition, re sale segment is a big hit and people are more focusing on re sale segment so that they can get property in a price which is compelling and interesting.

Starting with the luxury segment, it is one of the important segments that appeal a lot to the home buyers but unfortunately, the prices are too high where investment dream becomes far-fetched journey. So the struggle is going to be over now, as the doors for investment opportunities increase and this way everyone takes the opportunity up.

With 25-30 per cent drop there are various numbers of options are availability where all respected builders who have indelible work presence in real estate realm comes with a project to trust and other than this, all the projects are fitted with modern amenities and high security to feel secured and make a comfortable stay.

Suddenly, the elimination of money has created trouble for the investors and now when there is less capital in the market, with no reasons, builders has to drop the price of the properties so that every property is available to the investors or home buyers and the buying & selling process never comes to an end.



There are different cities where Luxury End Properties and investing in them is a dream, see the drop in the project might not be the exact, it is going to vary from place to place and project to project, so hopefully investment in property (luxury) is going to be a strong commitment to go for.

Demonetisation True Impact on Real Estate expected to boost buying platform with opportunities for home buyers who never thought of buying property in this journey as all are touching sky as everything involved in it is boosting price wise.