Facebook AD Makes it Perfect with 7 New Tips

Facebook AD Makes it Perfect with 7 New Tips

Kudos to Mark Zuckerberg who launched “Facebook” in the year 2004 and till now it is running in an impeccable way. This crazy platform and cynosure of all ages not only improved the level of communication, but it made everything so come-at-table.

No matter where you are residing you can connect to the world with just a simple logic in on facebook.

Today facebook has piqued its level and now it is not just about chatting, sharing experiences, stay connected with friends, but now you can even boost your business and make it viral.

Speaking about your business to 10 people don’t help you much, you need to showcase it to the world.

Now you need a platform that gives you carte blanche to express about your business to a world, so that you can get the right customers and increase the zone of your business.

Facebook can boost your business every month, how?

This above line can perplexed you and even can bring that zeal inside you, how can I reach to my customers and increase my business.

As mentioned in the first para, it is not just about making friends, but more than that.

So here will talk about how you can get your facebook ad in a right position targeting right audience.

If you are running ads on facebook and not getting right audience and facing low conversion rate then here you can learn some tricks to make your ad perfect, so that you can meet your desired result.

And if you are a novice and planning to run ads on facebook to promote your business, then here you will earn a lot.

Let us go step by step.

1. Understand what you want

It is really important to first understand why you want to create an ad? If your goal is not clear you will make a big mistake and then your ad is a complete fiasco.

For example- If your ad is related to real estate property

Then you need to choose right audience, country in which you want target, budget is flexible and you are free to set it and also, the higher your budget is the better you can reach to your audience, right age is important for example if you are selling a property and targeting audience under 20-40, then it is completely wrong, so choose the right age and landing page should be related to the ad you are providing.

If you are talking about 1 and then your landing page is about 2, then it is completely wrong.

You clear vision will make your ad appropriate and if you will have any sort of confusion, then it will reflect on your add.

It is always better to make your ad easy and come-at-table. If any viewer check your ad and find it complex, then they will leave your ad.

Like this mentioned ad onKPDK Best Western Hotel Suiteshere you will see that perfect CTA (Call to action), right image and clear image, perfect text on image, right explanation below, right targeted audience and all together makes this ad successful and reach to its right audience.

You see this ad perfectly, study it rightly and can even comment if you find anything that is not appropriate or can simply suggest below.

Lot more details are there to talk about, in below point will talk about it.

2. You can try carousel ads

If you are bored of that common ad display, then you can go for carousel ad it is a good idea to beat.

But one important point to keep in mind.

This type of ad style is successful only when you have diversified range to display and if you think you can sum up your ad in single image, then better to follow this only.

For example- if you want to show different products like shoes, bags, cloths, mobile and more, then this carousel ad is the best.

3. Important highlights to talk about

Recommended image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
Image ratio: 1.9:1
Text: 90 characters
Headline: 25 characters
Link description: 30 characters
Your image should include minimal text.

So keep these mentioned points in your mind and then form your ad.

The text we use has to be perfect and precise, so that it conveys right meaning and value to your ad.

Image speaks a lot, so hire a right person to form a best picture for your ad and offering some meaning to your ad.

Remember one thing; whatever you are using in your ad it should hold clear meaning and target.

4. Try different images

It is always important to try new and different images, after all someone has to start why not you then, tell me?

Image speaks thousands of word all together and that shows your entire product so well and it sways its viewers at first, so you can’t take a risk.

I probably won’t mention you which color you need to follow, at instant you just need to see how appealing your picture is and what color blends in it.

5. Bring free punch

See until and unless you are not providing something appealing viewers will not connect with you, so it is really important to add that free punch in your ad.

For example- “Click here to get your first meal free,” so this free word will attractive your targeted customers a lot.

You can say, this way you will just play smartly and you know playing smart means playing for profit.

Make sure this is not just used to get customers; you really need to deliver that free things genuinely.

6. Keep it simple

Needless to say, it is always better to keep things sober and perfect because the moment you complex, it starts a deep perplexity in the viewer’s mind and this way they leave it.

For example- this mentioned ad on Tata Goa Paradise accentuates simple image with a meaning- a perfect apartment space to book for investment and also there is an ease of just 20 per cent payment at the first phase.

Even its CTA is clear, no false promises. So you can consider this ad for your next ad if you are planning.

7. Keep it both emotional and rational

The best way is to give emotional touch that mean something that hits viewers directly and embrace their attention.

You can also state benefits where the viewers feel that yes this product can give me high usage.

If I ask you one thing, will you ever buy a product that is not offering you benefits? It is a big NO, then would any other person will buy it.

So give them benefit in your ad and that emotional touch where they feel that yes this product is important for me and I need to get it to make my life easy peasy. And as mentioned above, do not lie because once you create that false image it is difficult to get out from it.


So, I completely believe that from this “Facebook ad makes it perfect with 7 new tips” you will take 100 per cent benefit.

After this, if still you believe or have a fear that it will not help you much, then I will suggest you to try all the mentioned points with extravagant smartness and then see how it gives feather to your ad.

You can try to create your own ad, but if you want to make it top notch with best result, then you need a Social Media Expert who keeps all these mentioned points in mind and then form a dedicated ad for your product.

Even other platform like Quora gives jump to your business, so you can try this too and in the given link you can understand how Quora can give a smart push to your business part from other mediums.

If you are running any sort of business you need to keep this thing in mind that one medium is not enough to take your business to that expected level. So it is always better to diversified your mediums and enjoy perks at the later stage.

If you find this valuable, then you can share it to those who are facing difficulty in running a facebook ad.