Green Homes in India

Green Homes in India

The concept is changing in the real estate sector as change is ceaseless and if the Real Estate Builders will not bring change in the housing sector, then home buyers will not have anything new to experience.

Along with the other services, modern amenities and more, the green property is gleaning immense attention because it holds a positive impact on the environment and elevates the quality of indoor and outdoor ambience.


Kudos to the builders for conceptualizing green homes and they taking this job seriously for economic benefits, good environmental impact and health benefits so all it can serve advantage widely.

What does green home mean?

A green home is designed in a perfect way to focus on the indoor and outdoor ambience and makes the area more livable. The green home may vary as the concepts are different and in India builder are adding open space, bounteous greenery, water bodies and theme gardens along with the air purification system and more to control the air quality index.

What are the benefits of green homes?

The major benefit of living in a green home is that it curtails the pollution and offers fresh air throughout time. These are areas whose air quality index (AQI) is at its severe stage so it is 100 per cent essential for the builders to come up with the green base project that retrenches the pollution and filters the air completely.

What are green homes built with?

Green building uses less water, conserves natural resources, improves energy efficiency and more to provide healthy spaces

Which is the best green option?

Actually there are many projects available in the market and that too because of the increase in the pollution (many factors to be blamed for this) so home buyers are conscious and they want to live in a healthy ambience to give their family long life and fresh air.

Green home Joyville Gurgaon by the known builder Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate who is having extensive years of experience in the market and now they are adding green home in the heart of Gurgaon to deliver ‘Healthy Living Option’ to families who are actually looking for an active home for their families.

So ‘Joville Gurgaon’ comes with 70 air purification system to control the ambience and provide a pollutant free zone.

With this, the water bodies cool downs the level of the heat, lush greenery with different gardens adds more and more green ambience to have the major contribution in Gurgaon and to the families who are eagerly looking for a healthy lifestyle.

So this project is located in sector 102, Gurgaon, Dwarka Expressway which is close enough to Delhi capital city, IGI Airport and more.

What about the demand for the green home?

According to the survey, more than 14 lakh houses in India have chosen to go for a ‘green buildings’ in order to add quality spaces that will surely improve the health of every individual, so such properties are high in demand where it will promise high return over investment.

In addition to this, 55% of India’s commercial and residential projects will go green by 2021.

So collectivity the demand for the green home is escalating at its good speed to ensure good lifestyle and with this, it will ensure you a high return over investment.