Gurgaon Is Facing A Phenomenal Hike In Demand Of Independent Floors

Gurgaon Is Facing A Phenomenal Hike In Demand Of Independent Floors

Demand for independent floors in Gurgaon is increasing because of the interest of investors and builders. Location benefits and independent floor living are together responsible for growth.

More than 5000 independent floors were launched in 2021, with the majority occurring in Gurgaon. Compared to high-rise apartments, Gurgaon's low-rise market is gaining huge popularity.

As a result of independent floors, residents have more living space and privacy. Large balconies, high-end quality materials, and high-quality plumbing and electrical fixtures make independent floors superior to apartments. The shift from high-rise to low-rise independent living represents a complete reversal of the current trend and buyer preference. Pandemics, privacy concerns, shorter possessions, spacious apartments, etc. are the main reasons behind this change.

Independent floors are fetching eye-balls, know from them as well

  1. Santosh Kumar, the vice-chairman of Anarock, said that Gurgaon and Faridabad are likely to add more than 20,000 independent floor units over next year amid high demand.
  2. Harsh Trehan, the chairman of Trehan Group, said big developers are entering the market with independent floors because of its increasing demand. Shorter construction time, faster monetization, in comparison to larger projects. The demand is expected to accelerate.
  3. Navdeep Sardana, the chairman of Elite Land Base, said the increasing sales of plots during the pandemic show that the people have begun hunting for properties that can lead to healthy and secure life.
  4. Pradeep Aggarwal, the chairman of Signature Global, said the independent floors are experiencing a boom in demand with the speedy and quality construction. With 4 floors per plot and with premium amenities, residents can access world-class living.  Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana (DDJAY) has helped in boosting the supply and demand of independent floors, he added.

It is a quite beneficial time for builders as the development turn time for independent floors is faster than a high-rise, providing an opportunity for faster monetization, because high-rises take at least 4-5 years to pay off. The low rise living command a premium is also evidence of this proclivity.

However, there was a certain shortage of land in Old Gurugram and this is the reason why New Gurugram is fetching so much attention and Gurugram has become one of the most demanding and the best location for independent living. The availability of land in New Gurugram, with the robust infrastructure in the developing areas, is one of the reasons why people want to invest in these places.  Further, the unhindered connectivity, civic amenities, and serene natural surroundings are also responsible for enhancing the demand.

Buyers nowadays are looking forward to gated communities and are seeking developments where they can get separate dwellings and several reasons are leading to its growth. Homebuyers are now hooked to the homes for quick possession and the current situation has brought it more in demand. Hence it has propelled a preference for independent floors endowed with the best amenities and proper space allowing families to live without compromising on their privacy and living. One more reason for independent floors growth, it gives the twin benefits of living in traditional apartments and villas. Also, customers are aware of holistic living.

Gurugram is known for larger spaces & an extravagant lifestyle and independent floors are adding charm to it. A new dimension to the real estate market will be seen with the ever-increasing demand for housing here. Every project launched here is proffering Independent Floors that are gaining attention and quickly getting booked. DLF Signature Residences Gurgaon is the finest example depicting how people are craving for independent and luxurious living.

I am sure many of you must be aware of this recently launched phenomenal residential property that is premium and will deliver the lifestyle i.e. high-end. DLF Ltd. is well aware of the existing and future needs of home buyers and has planned the housing in that way only. Here you can enjoy eco-friendly living with capacious floors providing peaceful living.

Project at glance…

  • 4 BHK Independent Floors- capacious and luxurious
  • Home Automation- added for smart living
  • Possession time- expected in two years
  • Development type- Low-Rise Independent living
  • Unwind outdoors with own terrace garden
  • The pool of modern amenities and features
  • Excellent and unhindered connectivity to prominent locations

Way Forward…

The independent floor market in Gurgaon is experiencing large demand and will continue to grow in the future and with the benefits attached to the housing, it is clear that one can make a lot of money.

What are independent floors?

An independent floor is for low-rise living where you can enjoy utmost privacy and freedom of security. It is enclosed with gates making it a gated community having more than one housing unit on a single piece of land.

Which floor is the best builder floor?

Looking from the investment point of view, the ground floor is considered to be the best. But if you are fond of more views and nature then you can choose the top floors.

Should you buy a builder's floor?

An apartment with builder floors is a great way to own an independent house without paying a large amount for a real estates property like a villa or bungalow. A builder floor apartment is characterized by luxury and privacy, as well as freedom from maintenance fees.