Honest Conversation With Happy Customer of DLF Crest

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Honest Conversation With Happy Customer of DLF Crest

“DLF The Crest is a vibrant community of over 30,000 residents with proximity from MNCs, world-class dining & shopping avenues.”

Buying a home is an opportunity but a luxury home in Gurgaon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an investment that you can pass on to your next generation. So, you must make a well-researched and well-versed decision. For that, DLF Developer's rigor is to look at the home-buying experience from the customer’s point of view. Your point of view…

You are after all making life’s biggest investment with DLF. We take great pride in talking to DLF customers and understanding how their vision for the project has translated into value for them as end-users. Customers & investors, after all, DLF’s biggest well-wishers.

Snippers from our talk with Mrs. Malhotra of DLF The Crest…

Q. Hello, Madam. What was your requirement for a dream home and how did DLF The Crest in Gurgaon fit the requirement for you?

Mrs. Malhotra: Hello... We were looking for a gated community in Gurgaon from a reputed real estate developer. We have a daughter so we wanted her to grow up in such a best atmosphere. When we are looking for different residential projects, one of the biggest considerations in our mind was the distance between schools and home. These days children spend a lot of time traveling... so my daughter now studies in Shiv Nadar School… which is exactly 5 minutes away from the community.

Q. How has the living experience been so far?

Mrs. Malhotra: We moved in 3 years back but before that, we have frequently visited the site. So, we saw how every tower, clubhouse, amenities were developed and small details that the team was giving thought into... It’s one of the best experiences to see the finished community. We just love our apartment. And the best thing is that - service and maintenance team are doing a great job of the upkeep of the property. All our relatives and friends who come home, share appreciation with us for having bought such a best property in Gurgaon. We are so content and proud to be a part of DLF Crest!

Q. Why did you choose only this community to live in?

Mrs. Malhotra: Hi. Every member of our family is apartments lovers. And when we decided to buy a home, the first name that came to mind was DLF Developer, for the brand value and recall that it has. We saw quite a few communities of DLF, all are the best but Crest was within our budget limit. If you are also looking for a residential community adequately away from the city hustle & bustle, best amenities, and best price, then this is the best community.

Q. What about the project makes you feel that this was a wise investment?

One best thing is security & safety measures. There is the best security arrangement here, this community is best for senior citizens & kids because everyone feels safe here. So, for anyone who is looking to stay in a peaceful locality, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Crest is the best answer!

Q. How has life been especially after the pandemic hit?

This pandemic brought out the best in the community. We are really happy living here for various reasons - the community has so much open space, the towers are not located too close to each other. The common areas and amenities have helped us a lot in keeping our mind and body occupied. Just going around the community has been a big relief for all of us. This community is the best place to live in!

We thank Mrs. Malhotra for her time and for welcoming us into her beautiful apartment in DLF the Crest Community.

So, this residential community has checked all the boxes for us.