Important Factors That Will Affect Property Value

Important Factors That Will Affect Property Value

Real estate investment and its advantages are correlated and derived from a range of factors. Investment in the best real estate market can give you maximum return if the factors that boost the value of the property are in your support.

Now a question that possibly comes to your mind easily – What are the factors that cause real estate investment value appreciation? In real estate investment, appreciation is a term that defines the increase in the value of the property (residential or commercial), because of the factors that control the rate. 

Generally, Real Estate appreciation depends on a range of factors like economic condition, locality & neighborhood of the property, property features & amenities, infrastructures, and reputation of the builder.

When it comes to the residential property, everybody loves the luxury amenities like eye-catching interior, green & open exterior, facilities, location, and architecture of the property.   Home-seekers are seen buying a residential property in the prime location of Delhi NCR as these properties are offering the mentioned advantages.

So, here we are describing some factors that are responsible for property value appreciation.

The area and neighborhood


We all know that one of the first things we want to know about the residential property is its location. But, how can a location influence the property value? Many real estate investment experts define a location as hedonistic pricing and for many homes, this is related to a number of key factors that impact the living standard of the owner:

You need to search for the targeted property which is positioned on a developed, developing, or location which will develop in the near future. As well as, you need to notice that this residential property is on an expressway or is bounded by peaceful greenery. If your targeted property is close to the road or expressway, you need to take advantage of it and market it accordingly. Proximity to your office, hospitals, markets, and schools should be convincing reasons for young families while they are looking for a home. Property in close proximity of local amenities and excellent transport facilities would absolutely boost the value of your investment.

Features of the property

The feature of the residential property is one of the most convincing factors when it comes to appreciation. The term “features” here indicate – the floor on which the apartment is built, interiors like walls, floors, windows, doors, lighting, construction quality, interior, and overall appeal of the property.

The social infrastructure in the region

The term “Social Infrastructure” stands for architecture and its maintenance near homes. Actually, residents love to take an easy stroll in beautiful parks, well-maintained footpaths that are covered with an abundance of greenery. Buy your dream home in a location where there is a well-developed social infrastructure, your home in the neighborhood of schools, markets, hospitals, well-maintained road, adequate & modern public & private transport will definitely give you a good return in the future.

The builder reputation

The last but most important point is the reputation of the builder that matters a lot from an investment appreciation point of view. A smart investor always buys property from a reputed real estate developer because selling property becomes very easy and fruitful.