POP Design For Bedroom: Give A Modern Pocket Friendly Look

POP Design For Bedroom: Give A Modern Pocket Friendly Look

A home is a place of eternal peace that we look forward to after the mundane day, making it important to be maintained beautifully.

We all look forward to beautifying our home, no matter the efforts and the money we need to put in. We just want it to be perfect and awe-inspiring for the rest of the crowd. Getting that jaw-dropped reaction when someone sees your home is worth obtaining.

There are countless features, accessories, paint, furniture, and décor items we add to a home to make it look flawless. When we are talking about decoration then POP- Plaster of Paris is one of the most important items. It enhances the décor to the next level with some extraordinary designs in ceilings and walls ranging from modern to traditional.

With Pop, you can do a lot and make the place eye-catching. This is why home decoration is so much exciting as you get lots of areas to decorate and especially your bedroom. You spend maximum time over there and it is important to make that area look beautiful with the best décor possible.

With that note, let’s come to the main part of the blog, i.e. Pop design for bedroom. It is one of the most important spaces for every home and making it outstanding is important. But before that let’s know everything about POP!

Knowing in detail what exactly is the pop ceiling

The dry form of gypsum comes in white powder is pop. It is mixed with water to make a paste that is applied to give shapes and make designs depending on an individual requirement.

Why Choose a Bedroom POP Ceiling Design?

Extremely plain and flat bedrooms are now out of trend, no matter if you are choosing minimalistic but still, something has to be there. At the minimal cost and trendiest designs adding pop can really work wonders for you. Let’s now know the benefits of it.

  1. Seamless design that can be made on the wiring around the ceiling.
  2. Adds a luxury element to the ceiling with low-cost expenditure.
  3. It can come in a variety of being fireproof and waterproof- commonly preferred.

Pop ceiling design for bedroom - What Are the Advantages of Pop Ceilings?

Making a beautiful home is everyone's dream but HOW is the main question. When we plan for a beautiful home we need to consider countless things and areas but the bedroom is the most important one as we spend maximum time there. Pop ceilings are the foremost point that strikes every head when it comes to decorating a room whether it is about ceilings or walls. The grace it adds makes the room look mesmerizing.

Moving ahead with Pop and its benefits - enjoy them

If you are looking for something solid for the ceiling and cornices of your bedroom then pop is the best option. It is the dry form of gypsum that gets hard when you mix water in it and can be shaped accordingly. It can last for years without getting destroyed and can give an exquisite touch to the room.

You must be thinking why pop when there are so many more materials. There are some ultimate benefits of pop that you should know.

  • Easy installation as it is a lightweight material
  • Create artistic or unique structures with it easily
  • Very graceful and smooth finishing with paints
  • Gives auditory protection and augments energy savings
  • Increase aesthetics and adds value to the property

Simple POP design for bedroom: There are many let's catch some

Railings, wall niches, window frames, and many more things apart from bedroom ceilings can be designed from pop. One can bring several designs from it and trust me your room will get an awe-inspiring look.

Coffered pop false ceiling design for room

Why just have waffles in your dessert? Design it in your room ceiling as well. This type of ceiling can be called by different names like coffered, caisson, cross-beamed, etc, and can be into different shapes like rectangular, hexagonal, and more. If you want to make the room classy then this pattern is yours. Adding lights over there can illuminate the whole room bright.

Bedroom POP design tray-type

This is an outstanding option to add a completely rejuvenated look to your room. It gives a kind of border to the ceiling where the edges are lower than the rest of the part. If you want you can paint the border differently from the rest part or can add lighting to give a stunning look giving a dramatic touch.

Simple POP design for bedroom

 Simplicity is the best design and décor. The more you keep simple, the calmer the surroundings turn out to be. In modern themed bedrooms, simplicity is more preferred and when it comes to the simple POP design above the bed then the subtle design is chosen. If you want you can choose the lights at the edges, or you can go for the circle shapes with lights in each of them, this will make the ceiling look amazing. White color should be your priority.

Geometric shape POP roof design for bedroom

Geometric shapes always add a sense of creativity to the rooms. If you are choosing the pop into elegant geometric shapes then it will complement your bedroom décor amazingly. You can choose any shape rectangle, square, circle, and more that will add the touch of elegancy with a modern look. Slanting lines, criss-cross patterns, etc. can also be chosen to enhance the bedroom walls.

Bedroom POP design for ceiling with flowers

Flowers usually represent love and romance. They keep you energized and your vibes fresh. With the floral pop design, you can add vintage touch; you can also decorate your walls for some interrelated look to the room. Floral designs if painted well and if lighted properly gives a beautiful blend to the room. Abstract floral patterns add a modern impact to the room, even the petals can be adorned with lights.

POP design for bedroom

 Pop can cover walls and ceilings providing some exquisite designs. You can make the whole wall look stunning with the designs. Adding different colors, lights, shapes, and patterns can make an eye-relieving appearance. A personal touch can be added if there is anything in your mind. False ceilings can add an astounding look to the home; these just not improve the aesthetics but also add a modern and chic touch to the room. It is a wonderful element to add a tweak to the room.

Plus minus POP design for room

Intersection plus minus

Choosing a plus-minus design gives you a way to open yourself into multiple layers. You can thicken the pop ceilings more using multiple layers. Plus-minus means one part of the ceiling is extruded while the other is recessed and the intersection of these creates a beautiful design.

Layered plus minus

This looks stunning but is prepared by using two levels of recesses. This is enhanced with the extra lighting and fixtures on the ceiling. This is prepared in a way of one ceiling above it.

Wooden beams plus minus

Well, if you are looking for something classy then this is the perfect option to choose for a false ceiling. Through this, you can add a touch of modernism with extra-attractive design. Wooden beams running with the contrast of the ceiling give a rustic look.

Lighting centerpiece enhancing POP plus minus design for bedroom

In this case, you treat walls and ceiling equally. The structural elements or lights give a royal touch to the home. Adding a massive and exclusive lighting piece makes it look eye-candy. With one smart piece like a chandelier, you can do wonders to the room.

POP design for children’s bedroom

I am sure your kids will never say a NO to staying and sleeping in their rooms if you make them attractive and what can be better than adding phenomenal colors and designs? POP can help you out with this. I know it is very difficult to design and decorate a kid’s room because you need to work on different themes, colors, interiors, and more. A blend of the right imagination and realism is needed where you can choose colorful themes, butterflies, galaxies, and more.

Amalgam of colors

For pop design for bedroom, Colors are one of the most attractive things in one's life. It changes the complete atmosphere and makes your child feel more relaxed and engaged. You can add the pop of different colors and designs to the kid’s room.

Your child's favorite character

Needless to say how much a kid is fond of cartoons and games, so to amaze them you can add your child's favorite character to the ceiling? This is a quite different yet interesting idea that will be surely loved by them. The whole theme of the room can be chosen according to the character or movie.

Lighting effects can do wonders

Lights are always an enhancer in decor, this is very clear from the Diwali festival when lights all around cheer up the mood and add a feeling of warmth. Similarly, if you add lighting to the ceiling of a child's room then the glow in the dark pattern will look mesmerizing. This is simple yet very attractive.

POP false ceiling design for bedroom with fan

Arranging everything perfectly is very important in a big bedroom else it will look pale. There are lots of features that you can add to the room but a ceiling fan with a pop design can play well. Pop ceilings are in trend now as it is affordable and can give exquisite look to the room. One of the most beautiful and alluring POP ceiling designs is a circular theme with two carved circles for fans.

2 fans can work well

If you're looking for something grand then choose to go for 2 fans in the room, with a wooden area in middle, pop around and this will give an outstanding appearance. You can make it look more beautiful with colors and chandeliers.

Recessed fan pop design with accent lights

It is one of the easiest and most beautiful designs to keep your pop fans looking trendy. I didn't have any idea that the electrical appliances can look so amazing with extra lighting that lifts up the mood of the room.

POP design for bedroom 2022: Exclusive yet suitable

Looking for the trendy false ceiling ideas? You have landed at the right place. Make sure that you are not making a hole in your pocket, with the right budget and expertise; make the best ceiling for a bedroom. Pop is a total yes to give an economical, stylish and elegant look to the room. When we are talking about the pop designs for bedrooms that will rule in 2022 then some of the latest pop designs for bedrooms are mentioned below, I am sure you will love them all.

  1. Needless to say that how close we have got to nature especially after the pandemic when we have majorly realized the importance of healthy living! Well, plants lovers can go for floral and leaf patterns in pop style and make the room look nature-inspired.
  2. Wood and glass have always been the center of attraction when it comes to home décor. You can play with this blend of pop, wood, and glass. It gives an absolutely elegant look and this style is gaining popularity.
  3. POP design for the rooms can also hold some intricate carvings and if you are pairing it with lighting then the glow and charm it will add to the bedroom is indispensable. Extra lightings add a good appearance.
  4. As mentioned above glass is one of the most admirable materials to add a glamorous touch to the room. The bedroom ceiling with frosted glass panes adds a different level of sophistication to the interior.

Things to consider while choosing the POP ceiling design for the bedroom

A bedroom is a place for maximum comfort and relaxation, so it is important to make it with utmost care. Pop ceiling design in the bedroom can be made in several designs that give serenity, comfort, an eye-catching look, etc. You can easily choose the design you want in your room, in your child's room but it is important to consider some of the things that later do not create any problem.

There are so many things to keep in mind when planning for a false ceiling like checking the height of the room, furniture placement, how much and what is required, the shape of the room, the design of the floor, décor items, and styles.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are planning for a false ceiling. You can add an abundance of lighting according to the color and design of the ceiling; you can add white or colorful lights whatever suits your taste. Then you need to keep in mind that the ceiling design, color, pattern, and overall theme should be well coordinated. It shouldn’t look like a mismatch when you are experimenting with different shades.

Best Pop Ceiling Design for Bedroom In India

Well, when it comes to the best designs then it is mandatory to mention some of the best pop ceiling designs that we have accumulated for you.

Haven’t got good sleep for long? Looking for some peaceful sleep in your bedroom? Go for the luxury pop ceiling i.e. in stylish T-bar, shielding from direct sunlight, highlighting the bed, etc. the LED bulbs will add a soft touch to the room giving you quick bedtime feels.

Adding some colors can give a different touch to the room. Well, white is the most commonly chosen color but you can also go for colorful interiors that lighten up the environment. You can also choose the pop color white and let the other interior colorful making the whole aura beautiful.

Bright colors have always been in trend and can be chosen in contrast with the white ceiling. You can choose several colors like green, orange, dark blue, yellow, etc. with the contrast of white or metallic.

People are going crazy about pastel colors- everywhere presence of the colors speaks of how much these are the trend. They are not just eye-pleasing but also interior soothing, so yes why not go for pastels and add a modern touch.

4 Modern POP design for bedroom- try for a Fun

Staying updated and following the trends is very important to stay in touch with what’s going on in the world. Currently, with the pandemic, people are developing new ideas for their home décor. Home decoration is gaining so much importance with the cracking and creative ideas popping up daily. There isn’t a blank space seen now, every corner is having something adorable and admirable.

  • Wall decor with phenomenal designs

If you are confused about the design or artwork to imbibe for your wall then there is no need for confusion as with POP you can add permanent designs to the wall that is, in short, a rescue option for you. Without spending extra money your home can look eye-catching. You can then play with different colors in the designs.

  • False ceilings can look appealing

Is there any better comfort than lying on the bed, looking at the beautiful false ceiling, and getting beautiful thoughts? False ceilings are very important for room appearance and if the design is crafted with a pop then it is the cherry on the top. The beautiful shapes blended with wood or colors make the ceiling eye-catching.

  • You can enhance each corner of the ceiling

If you want a sustainable and cost-saving décor option then you can make a single side of the ceiling attractive, or go for the zigzag pattern- this will save your money and will also make the room look different. It will turn out to be a statement piece integrated with different items as well.

  • Pelmet design stripes are commonly seen

These are the designs starting from walls running to ceilings giving an interesting look to the room. You can choose different colors for this design adding an interesting set to the whole room. You can enhance it by adding ceiling lights giving a royal touch.

Latest pop design for bedroom - You have endless options to choose from….

  • Customized POP Ceiling Design

Thanks, we are living in the world of customization where everything can be customized according to one’s needs. POP can add a simple yet presentable look to the ceiling. Do whatever you like to, but make sure you don’t overdo anything that looks gross. Simple is better.

  • Central Pop Design

You can completely avoid the design on the entire ceiling and can just choose the central design around the fan or chandelier. You can make it small or large as you find convenient and better according to your choice. Practical yet simple design to choose from.

  • Design with POP

Varieties of concepts with Pop can be tried. Don’t worry if you think that pop will look simple and dull then no, there are so many designs and features you can try with POP with the different sets of colors, patterns, lights, and more.

  • Make Space for Extra Lightening

Lightning is always thumbs up and has extra space in home décor. It is one of the most important elements of home décor that can make the whole area look striking. Even with the lightest pop and more lights you can make the room look eye-catching.

  • Textured POP Design

Simple, easy, and creative is the textured pop design that can add a fun element to your bedroom. This can also be applied to the accent wall with the ceiling enhancing the appearance.

  • Decorative and heavy Plaster

You make no mistake in choosing pop for your room as the mature and elegant look it can give cannot be obtained with anything else. You can try so many things from it. It is easy to use and looks appealing.


Planning a home considers so many things. Every corner is planned in a way that lasts longer and looks flawless. From the entrance to bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and balconies every corner should look attention-grabbing, and here false ceilings of course play a very important role. There are so many options that can be chosen to make beautiful ceilings but pop is a consistent one that is surviving for so long. You are making the smartest choice when it comes to pop interior décor.  Feel free to experiment with it, surely be a successful one. I hope the above-mentioned points can help you choose the design, pattern, and style you want for your bedroom. I think you are impressed with what was mentioned above.


Q.1 Which POP ceiling design for the bedroom is most popular?

Ans. Even shapes like rectangles, squares, circular, borders are the most popular POP ceiling designs for bedrooms. You can even choose some floral and carved designs.

Q.2 Does adding POP with other materials work well?

Ans. There are so many metals and materials that can go well with POP like glass, copper, bronze, wood, and more giving a lavish look to the design.

Q.3 Which are the best color combinations for bedroom POP ceilings?

Ans. Well, you can always go for your favorite colors but according to me, you can choose pastel colors, beige, and turquoise with the contrast of white. If you are choosing a gold and red combination it will give a subtle look.

Q.4 Is POP a reliable choice for the ceiling?

Ans. When it comes to room decoration then there are certain points to be kept in mind out of which POP is a favorite one. It is cost-effective, easily available, and can be used in different designs giving a subtle or royal, or decent look as per your choice. It is long-lasting and does not harm the wall, but it will show you the sign of aging with the cracks, there it needs repair.

Q.5 Is it tricky to clean POP ceilings?

Ans. Maintenance and cleanliness of Pop ceilings are important to ensure it last longer. If you are not maintaining its cleanliness then by the time the ceiling will lose its shines and will look dirty. You can choose the best to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a brush that will clean all the corners. Avoid wet cloth as it can damage the pop texture.