Ready To Move Affordable Flats in Gurgaon

Ready To Move Affordable Flats in Gurgaon

The real estate of India is one of the fast-developing and most recognized sectors. Generally, it contains three sub-sectors i.e. Housing, Retail, and Hospitality. The demand for residential properties keeps growing due to the growth in the corporate atmosphere, growing population, and urbanization. 

Affordable housing is a need of the hour for most Indians and that’s why a few years back, Central Government has launched the “Affordable Housing For All By 2022” scheme, in which the goal is to provide the affordable house for everyone. 

According to the different reports & statistics, the demand for affordable housing has experienced a boost of 9% in 2020, which was approx 31% before Covid-19. Out of the total demand for affordable housing in India, approximately 38% was from Delhi-NCR.

Demand for affordable housing units in Delhi NCR

  • Gurgaon 32%
  • Greater Noida 24%
  • Noida 18%
  • Delhi 12%
  • Ghaziabad 8%
  • Faridabad 6%

Supply of affordable housing last year



Total Units

Affordable Housing







Greater Noida
















These days, secure gated communities are the most preferred place to buy a home. Even as the concept of gated communities is not new, luxury residential communities offer you a superior version of community living where all your expectations are fulfilled within peripheries or a few minutes from the community gates. Most of the ready-to-move gated communities in Gurgaon come at a very high price tag, but here you will get to know about some of the best residential communities in Gurgaon from big brands at affordable prices. 

What Is A Secure Gated Living?

Many of you may be familiar with the concept of community living but still, there are first-time homebuyers who have wonders about what community living is and why it is best for their families. 
But don't worry; here we are going to explore this concept.

The gated community means living within secure peripheries with controlled entry & exit points, planned for hundreds of families. These communities are kind of mini-cities that consist of basic amenities & facilities that make them self-sufficient. Some of the basic amenities & facilities are:-

  • Club House
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parks
  • Kids Play Area
  • Daily Needs Store
  • Power Backup
  • Water Supply
  • Security & Safety Features

What are the benefits of living in ready-to-move gated communities in Gurgaon?

Gated communities offer you advantages in many ways. Let’s dive to explore a few of them that impact your living. 

Better Resale Value: 

If you compare the resale value of any standalone property with a unit in a gated community then a unit in a gated community is the sure winner, because of the outstanding amenities they offer while also keeping you a few minutes away from every daily requirement. Not only amenities & features but the brand reputation is one of the biggest reasons behind the better resale value. 

Low Maintenance Cost:

With the passing of time home gets old, we need to regularly maintain it. With increasing material prices, the maintenance cost will also increase. When you need to maintain your home, you have to carry out different activities like renovation, clean-ups, and whitewash & painting. This will cost a huge amount of money if it is a standalone property.   

On the other hand, in a gated community living maintenance costs for apartments are pooled out from RWA, which aids to lower the overall cost and you don’t have to pay in excess. 

Luxury Living Experience:

Luxuries living & peace-of-mind are the biggest concerns for most home seekers today. By keeping in mind these biggest concerns, gated communities are designed in a way that makes you accessible from the civic & social infrastructure. Whether it is commercial developments, retail stores, hospitals, schools & colleges, all facilities are available within a few minutes away.

With its perfect craftsmanship and high elevation, units are made with extreme perfection that reflects your individuality and helps to raise your standard of living.

Work-life Balance:

Work is just a part of life but most working professionals consider their work is life and this thinking takes a huge toll on their personal life. Due to the work pressure, daily hustle & bustle, daily commuting between home to office and traffic jams makes us exhausts and restless which does not give them sufficient time to revive and spend good time with their families.

Keeping in mind this fact, gated communities are planned as one of these main factors. Most of the residential communities in Gurgaon are developed in the location where major employment hubs are just a few minutes away. It helps you to save your traveling time to enjoy with your family and friends and allows you to revivify. 

Central Park Flower Valley Sohna: One of the best townships in the South of Gurgaon with affordable living options.

Why Sohna?

Sohna or you can say South of Gurgaon has emerged as the best region in Gurgaon from a living point of view. A few years back Sohna was a countryside little town in the suburbs of Gurgaon. But thanks to the best living environment, developing core infrastructure, budding business environment, active social life, this region has all important features to give a boost to real estate developments. 

Among them, Central Park Flower Valley is one of the best townships that offer some of the best & affordable options for living like Central Park Cerise Suites and Central Park Flamingo Floors. You may think what makes it so extraordinary compared to other residential options in Sohna. Homes at this residential community offer you not only affordability but value for money. 


In the last few words, now you understand what gated community living is and how it plays an important role in our everyday life. And if you are looking for a luxury home at an affordable price with peaceful surroundings then residential projects in Sohna are the best choice.