Why Goa Property Investment Turns out to be a Big Benefit ?

Why Goa Property Investment Turns out to be a Big Benefit ?

According to the survey, Goa has witnessed 19.5 per cent push in the tourism because it is considered as one of the appealing locations dotted over 100 km from north to south coast along the Arabian Sea. It houses of white sandy beaches, captivating churches, natural reserves with well protected flora & fauna.

Besides this, Goa is now considered as a prime investment hub where high range of tourism has stimulated the number of buildings to resides the holidaymakers and the existing property holders are gleaning great value out of it and in the current yeas many reputed & trusted builders have planned a city inside the project highlighting the new merge of amenities, nature and security inside for a bigger experience, recently, Tata Housing has surprised with its exceptional residential project “Tata Rio De Goa” with the tagline “ Built as Home Managed as a Hotel” with an exceptional concept to cherish the beauty of South Goa.

What matters in Goa?

Tourism matters a lot and because of this, it has pushed many aspects of Goa that includes real estate development, employment, industrial hub (14 new projects worth Rs 717 Cr have been approved to boost the employment), with this more activities have been taking place to spur the overall development in Goa.

Apart from tourism, many startups have taken place here to garner the same experience of Bengaluru & Gurgaon. 

Tourism Paradise

Its coastline, alluring landscape, historical temples, churches, waterfalls, wildlife reserves and more increases the cultural growth and bring high tourism in Goa, more than 3.0 million tourists with 0.5 million foreign tourist and this number escalates every year. 

This has even boosted the numbers of hotel, shopping centre, adventure sports, cruise facilities and many more are added for the top notch tourist who looks for any more things along with this Goa’s natural beauty.

Increase in industrial investments in Goa

Many robust developments in the major sectors have stimulated the overall growth of Goa and majorly, Coke plant, Drug formulation plant, Petroleum products terminal and more have added up employment and as per the survey, many developments in Goa have decreased an unemployment

Goa a lucrative option for a second home

Goa holding the captivating scenery of nature, water and culture, and it is now considering as the second home investment destination.

According to the survey, investors and keen to buy property in Goa because of the roar in tourism the existing properties are fetching immense rental every month and properties like Tata Goa Paradise by Tata Housing which has a concept of hotel cum home has more into limelight, so this creates exciting investment opportunities for the keen investors in Goa who are looking for a second home as an alternative way of earning capital. 

Tata Rio De Goa will be managed by the sterling company “Tripvillas” which is the Asia’s largest vacation rental company that takes care of your home to ensure you monthly rent each time, so now if you are not using your property often, then Tripvilla will manage it to serve you a fret free investment in Tata Rio De Goa, Dabolim.

Apart from the rental concern, Tripvilla will also be taking care of the services that are must to consider like assisting the guest, restaurant reservation and other concierge services to serve dense comfort to each one.

In addition to this, Tata Rio De Goa project is called as “Goahometel” because it is built as a home and managed as a hotel so that without caring about its management, cleanliness and services to you can stay here for a grand experience.

 Altogether, Tata Rio De Goa is replete with an exotic experience to meet unseen lifestyle of Goa.

Jump in NRI Interest- The increase in commercial and residential developments have swayed the non resident Indians for investment to avail 18-22 per cent jump annually.

Major industries involved in Goa’s growth

Food processing, IT hub, pharmaceuticals, entertainment industry, medical tourism, heritage tourism and more have taken place in Goa and from the day they were incepted it has increased the employment which has even enhanced the real estate sector because of the high demand of properties and where top builders have conceptualized its exotic residential projects holding facilities like resort and now they have been converted into hotels to provide tourist a city inside for an unforgettable experience. 

Which are the best areas to consider?

North Goa is considered as a far better area than the South because it is already a developed area with popular resort, beaches, malls, clubs and more, whereas, South is more affordable in terms of investment, but many projects have been planned in South which soon will be delivered and after that, it will spur pricing, so it is better to plan investment in South Goa if you are not in a mood to invest a big amount. Normally, places which are not prominent are easily avoided, but good attention can serve high return over investment (ROI).

In toto, these factors together ensure betterment and growth in Goa city and the keen investors & NRI’s can enjoy a lucrative investment deal in Goa with some exceptional properties bustled with resort features, managed by hotel, so no stress and modern amenities for an unforgettable experience.

Hcorealestates.com has shown a jump in Goa properties that ensures lucrative rental as one can recover 4.58 per cent of the property cost per year. This digit varies from location to location, transport system and demand.