Top Security System for Your Home in 2021

Top Security System for Your Home in 2021
These days, families in big metropolitans are no longer feel safe within their homes as robbers have begun using modern technology to break. Continuously we find newspapers filled with headlines of burglary and murder. With the rising concern of security, the smart security system has become very important for every home. 
To be able to hope to stop such crimes from occurring at your house, you should consider installing a smart security system that is designed for the unexpected and makes you ready to face ever the worst condition. There are different types of home security systems you can choose from, but it all depends on what are your specific requirements. 
CCTV (Closes Circuit Television) is one of the popular security gadgets. These days, every small general store has CCTVs installed inside & outside to capture pickpockets & shop-lifters; also you can see them in many houses. CCTVs are the best to keep an eye on everything happening within the range. It becomes trouble-free to inspect any crime that by now occurred and identification of the person who has been involved in the offense by watching the video recording. 
CCTV cameras can be categorized according to their shape, mode of connectivity & transmission, and video quality. To make you understand which CCTV camera is suitable for your need, below we have explained the different kinds of CCTVs available in the market. 
According to Shape
Dome CCTV – These CCTV cameras are named for their round dome-like encasing. Dome cameras are capable of capturing a larger area of surveillance. Domes are less detectable to trespassers but it’s more difficult to install them. 
Bullet CCTV – As the name defined these cameras have outward projection like a gun’s barrel and are ideal for long-distance viewing. These cameras are easier to install and you can move the focus to whatever area you want, even after installing.
Connectivity option
Wired security camera – as you can understand by the name, these cameras require a wired connection for both power & transmission of footage. This option considers most reliable for the permanent locations and coverage of the large area. On the other hand, due to the lot wiring, the installation is very much difficult.
Wireless security camera – here recorded footage is transmitted wirelessly from the camera to the recorder using Wi-Fi networks. The fixing of wireless security cameras is very easy and has good portability.
Video Quality Option
HD CCTV – These cameras are capable of capturing footage in HD (up to 1080p resolution). You get a clear & high-quality video for easy identifications of movements & faces.
SD CCTV – These cameras are capable of capturing standard definition which presents low-quality footage, so would not easily recognize the faces & movement. 
Mode of Video Transmission
Analog– the captured images or recording is sent to the Digital Video Recorder through a coaxial cable. The Digital Video Recorder alters these signals from analog to digital and compresses them before storing.
Digital – These cameras record the images & footage digitally and directly transmit them to the Network Video Recorder, stores the recording in the hard drive. 
Storage Option
Hard Disk – the captured video footage is stored in the DVR/NVR which has hard drives with storing capacity of terabytes. So, it’s the best way to keep the video footage of a 24/7 recording security camera system.
SD Card – many security cameras available with SD card storage where main video footage captured is when there are any motions detected.
Cloud Storage – on the other hand, many security cameras are also available with cloud storage features where you can keep all your recordings on the cloud storage and access them wherever you want. 
One of the best security features these days, you can also make your main door smart by installing video door phones & smart doorbells. By using these two gadgets you will know who is standing outside your main door before you open it. You can also communicate with them without opening the main door and open if necessary. By installing smart door features, you can rest assured that your family will be secure even from unexpected threats.
Video Door Phone
As we mentioned in the upper paragraph, through the video door phone you can see who is standing outside in front of your main door. You can communicate with them through speaker & mic without open the door. 
Smart Doorbell
This is another best & smart option for the main gate, without opening your gate for strangers you can communicate (Video & Audio) with them from anywhere in the world through WIFI connectivity. 
Home security sensors are mainly designed to help you detect any intrusion and notify you instantly. There are different types of home security sensors are available in the market you can choose any of them or all of them according to your specific requirement. Here we are mentioning few popular sensors which are used to identify and alert in case of any intrusion.
Motion Sensor
This sensor easily & instantly detects changes in temperature by infrared energy and notifies you if any intrusion occurs. The minute the motion sensor detects any presence within your home or area, it may even be able to send you a notification on your Smartphone.
Door and Window Sensor
This sensor is available in two parts, one part should be fit on the door & window and the other on the frame. The sensor uses magnetic fields to identify movement between the door/window and the frame. When the door/window detaches from the frame, the sensor sends a signal to the main panel and the panel will inform you of unusual activity within your residence.
Glass-breaking Sensor
If an intruder tries to break the glass to enter, these sensors take note of the impact, noise, and pitch of glass breaking and activate the alarm. This sensor can cover the security of windows within an 8-meter radius.
This system is made up of a combination of different sensors which will activate an alarm when it notices a movement it was particularly designed for. Some of the basic alarm systems that you can install in your home to protect you and your family from any intrusion:
Wired / Wireless home alarm systems
This alarm system uses low-voltage electricity that runs between two points all over the home’s entry points and breaches the circuit will send the signal to the control, and the alarm is activated. 
Outdoor / Indoor Siren
This security system may be installed within, outside, or both places so that when the alarm is activated the loud siren will be heard by neighbors as well who can send immediate help.
Burglar Alarm 
An arrangement of different sensors and security cameras make up the burglar alarm system which senses an unauthorized entry into your residence. When the alarm is activated, a notification is sent to you, so that instant action can be taken.
Last Few Words
Before you buy your dream home in a hurry, it is very essential that you check all the security measures inside the community and within your home. If you are looking for smart luxury apartment in Delhi NCR, then you must visit Tata Eureka Park in Noida Sector 150