Turn Your Balcony into a Brand New Garden

Turn Your Balcony into a Brand New Garden

If you will ask me, I can sit in and around greenery all the time because it gives so much of energy and freshness. A cup of tea and a newspaper I’m all done, but the problem is there is no such place to create and that is due to the scarcity of space that blocks an idea of conceptualizing a mini terrarium garden.

Space is your problem or creativity?

You need to figure out first what you need because if you need such home where you have great space where you can kick out your idea, then no issues because Latest Real Estates Projects are available where you have a full freedom to pick your dream home and start fulfilling your desires only on Hcorealestates because here you will see umpteen of different properties which are so beautiful that it will sway you and others 100 per cent- full security, power/water back up and then all modern treats has its all to deliver.

Or else there is a lack of creativity where you are a novice and have no idea about how to use a space, then you need not to fret because creativity and ideas are ceaseless you just need a way to deal with it.

Here will talk about the new and mother of creations that you can use in your balcony and create your own garden and call your friends and relatives to hang out. Cheap ways to enhance your creatively.

                                                                                  Tricks to blow you fully

Intelligent use of Tin add your punch

You have waste tins cool paint them your way and add your favorite plants into it and see how beautifully it comes out. When you have creativity there is nothing to stop you actually, no need to buy those plush pots because you might spend a lot for it. 

So when with little time and stupid stuff you can form your own pots, then it is good to scrimp. Greenery is also good and if you will give greenery to your home you will live longer and better.

I love to paint, show your worth

Do you have kids? Then definitely you have bottles which are rolling here and there, so the time has arrived to take all of them out and paint them your way, Do you like green, yellow, blue, black and more colors? No problem, take out all the colors have best use on these no use bottles and insert flowers into it and see what charm it adds in your mini garden.

A normal pot will cost you at least Rs 300/- so image you can save Rs 1500/- if you will buy 5 pots, so don’t you think it is better to color your pots and give your beauty and add nature and creativity all together.

Old box, do not throw them use it to sway

If you will ask about the level of creativity, then there is no end, you just need stuff to accentuate your creativity, so if you have an old box and you are planning to throw it out, then you should not do it because you can grow flowers or any other plant into it and place it in some corner.

Beauty needs no ornaments, but when you have to create your baby garden, then you need to use diversified stuff to add surplus beauty and greenery all together. 
No space hanging best trick add in your list 

You need smartness in everything like for everything, so if you have little space, then hanging is the best ploy to use from now. Hang your plants all together where it will make a new blend of all plants together.

It looks beautiful all together as you can plant flowers or any green plant believe me it looks amazing, so today only you have to try this, so that after 4 to 5 days you can see healthy plants. 
It is all about creativity and if you have craving for it, then you can surely create an unimaginable zone for fun with family. You have rooms 1 or 2, but this space has some indelible impact on all and if you don’t have that then you need to pine for it. 

All these are like under budget creativity and it will cost you so less, so with innovation and smartness you can bring up factor into your pretty pretty garden.

Free plants grow on your own

Still are you in shock? It is okay because if anyone will say you will get plants in free of cost, then you will be totally in a shock. So let us know how you can get? Do you have chili, bell pepper, bitter gourd, onion and few more? You can use its seeds and put it in a soil and you can see a magic after 1 or weeks. 

Now say? So you don’t have to buy plants any more have your own garden from the scratch and see you get your own formed space with beautiful seeds that you might throw thinking it is of a no use, so next time if you use any of them, then make sure you add seeds in a pot where after 2 days you see a plant into it.

So have all of them and freshly cut them in front of your eyes because as you know today’s veggies are coated with excessive chemical that is not at all good for you and your family.
So your patio will no longer be humdrum because if you will add such a fusion of tricks, then definitely you will get a brand new balcony that is a head turner for all.

Just be creative because if you have a problem of space then new homes like Godrej Evoke, Tata La Vida, Tata Primanti,  DLF Crest and more can give you a dream space where you can experiment these awe-inspiring tricks.

Hanging another brainy trick

Every time you can’t have space, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot up your creativity you can definitely do it, so with this hanging style of rods and adding your favorite plants into it can work really well.
So next time don’t you never say that you have a space problem, now you have this trick to use, don’t you? So use it now and give a surprise to your family and friends and in return of it you can enjoy compliments.

Be creative because it is not everyone’s job, so being different is also cherishable.

If you really liked these tricks and how to use old things in a new way, then share it with your friends and family and tell them too about tricks that can be used from  throw away materials in a such a way that everyone appreciates.