Two Colour Combination For Living Room - Make The Best Choice For Yours

Two Colour Combination For Living Room - Make The Best Choice For Yours

Living rooms unite people from all walks of life. Relax, enjoy comfort, and find love.

A home should be a place of never-ending love and abundance. It should provide a lifetime of memories and good times. As a result, each corner gives you some reason to create memories, and paint is also a vital part of creating a mood. Whether it's soothing or loud, it's the personality of your home. The colors you choose for your living room can be tailored to your taste, no matter what the theme of your home is.
But to make the best two-color combination for the living room, you need first to create the best interior style. Once you've made the style, you can launch them into the colors. So, let’s begin the journey of Interior design styles. 

Interior Design Styles - Prepare your living room in this style 

Do you feel happy when you get ready? Do you like getting compliments? Well, I am sure we all do that. We all love getting compliment to be it is for ourselves or for the home we live in. We always want that people should turn their heads watching the home and that’s a completely different vibe.
Add that vibe by making your home so stylish by adding the interior and color stunning. In a home living room are the first places where everyone enters and the impression they get from here make everything clear that how exactly the rooms will look like. This is why decorating the living room is extremely important. It will show your creativity level that can be experimented with different interior options, color palettes, and patterns. Knowing some of the styles you can choose for the living room.
  • Minimal is better now: Well, you can never go wrong with minimal as simple is always best. Needless to say that we spend maximum time of our day in the living room and making it hosh-posh is not at all an option. More the space, more comfortable and airy the room will be. Avoid making any clutter here with simple paint, minimal décor items making it a serene place.
  • Modern is the future: Running along with time and technology is important to stay updated with things. You can make your living room a futuristic space by making it modern. There are several modern items that you can add like oversized lamps, layers of rugs, classy couches, SS tables, metallic lights, some artistic pattern pillows, and much more. You can also choose a Boho theme for your living room.
  • Industrial Style Living Room: Cool raw look is in demand with the unfinished décor and open spaces. You’ll get the vibe of cool café enjoying some cookies and coffee or the vintage look. The vibe you get in such a decorated home is exceptional with an industrial look. Redbrick walls, wooden work, printed décor items, shaggy rugs, and that totally awe-inspiring look. 
  • Go completely neutral with Scandinavian style: It is an absolute style of minimalism with neutral colors and materials. It is a perfect amalgam of modern and nature making the room spacious and giving enough breathability. Scandinavian style is about focusing on the minimal without compromising on beauty. Subtle shades, natural & enough lighting, simple furniture, monochrome colors, fur throws, pillows, jar of twigs, artwork, and more.
  • Traditional is never out of zone: A popular style of décor that is commonly used and is in trend for decades. It is somewhere following 18th-century trends that include a sofa, coordinating armchairs, tea/coffee tables, bold-heavy curtains, bright lights, the same traditional color schemes, and a lot of conventional style of architecture.
  • Cozy rustic style living room: If you are fond of natural textures then rustic style is the perfect option for your living room. It appears like a rough, aged, and more casual look. You can make it rustic with faux-stone wallpaper, Victorian chairs, Moroccan style tiling pattern, unvarnished woods, modern fireplace, weathered wall, distressed wooden stool, etc. The rustic living room gives the flawless feel with some romance around.
  • Go for the simplest if you want: Well there is no compulsion for you to add complicated things to your room. You can make it fun and creative totally in the way you want. You can color it with your choice; add necessary furniture, inexpensive décor items like rugs, cushions, and more. If you don’t want then there is no necessity of making it an expensive tour, go for simple and cheaper things.
  • An elegant and eclectic living room: Have you ever seen a picture of an eclectic style living room? I bet you will be awestruck by the pictures you will find on internet. So when you will get it in real can you guess how many compliments are you going to get? It is more of a kind of bohemian, elegant, and classy look that has a colorful blend of patterns, colors, and décor items. It is like more artwork with multiple styles under one roof. The creativity of this living room will leave a visual impact on the guests.
  • Fond of traditional yet contemporary! Choose transitional: It is a combination of traditional and modern materials that incorporates styles from different periods. While some prefer lighter looks, others prefer heavy looks, and some prefer both, making it a transitional look. Here neutral colors, contrast tones, textures, suede & leather fabrics, minimum accessories, bold furnishings, mirrors, and glasswork all together can make an amazing room.
  • Make your own beach at home if you love the beach: We all go to some beach spot or location to get relief and comfort from our mundane lives. How about making a beach corner at home only? I can’t even imagine how vibrant the living room will look with beach style! The first and foremost thing to keep in mind when designing a room in beach style is to make it airy enough with wooden and bamboo furniture. Add some stripes wallpaper with some other props making it a complete beach vibe.
  • Make it a farmhouse: Who does not want to live in a farmhouse? Experiencing life in a farmhouse is like living in a paradise with greeneries everywhere, fresh air, fresh food, and everything beautiful around you. You can give your living room the complete vibe of a farmhouse adding a comfortable couch, indoor plants, natural décor items, making it a treat to the eyes. The elegant natural look will add comfort and freshness to your talks.
  • Add the wow element in your home with Asian style: The whole look of the living room looks completely adorable if prepared in Asian style. Maximum elegance with minimal features, this is especially for the ardent fans of simplicity. You can add soft-color furniture, with some mirrors on the opposite wall, vintage-style fans, Buddha statues, wooden cathedral ceiling, oval-back armchairs, natural stone decoration, and more of your choice can be done.
  • Wellbeing shabby yet chic is the new normal: This can be one of the common concepts among the youngsters these days. Shabby hairs and shabby clothes are of course very common among today’s generation then why not make the living room and in fact the whole house in this way only? It is a hot and friendly option that adds uniqueness to the room. Use different shades of cream, pink, purple, & gray, comfy fabrics, distressed furniture, vintage accessories, and more.
Your living room should be warm and convivial that whosoever enters feels the warmth and love. They should feel like coming again and again. So you can choose the interior designs mentioned above making it a place of memories. Now let’s know some of the prolific color combinations, digging it deeper. 

Two colour combination for living room walls - they give a vibrant look 

You can embellish the living room however you wish. Make it dark, make it light, and make it neutral, whatever you like. It should be all striking. That’s it. You can choose whichever you like; here I am sharing my thoughts and choices on the best colors for a living room.
  1. White and black are forever and an outstanding combination for a bold and fiery look. You can go for a chess white & black theme for your room making it look rigorous. Green is evergreen to add that dash of freshness to your room and can be complemented with natural wood tones.
  2. Green is the color of renewal and freshness. Whosoever comes to your home, sit in the living room should get the fresh vibes, and green walls will surely do that for you giving a subtle look. 
  3. Beige is always a go-to neutral color and a popular choice among interior designers. You should choose this color for your living room if you want a minimalistic look. It will surely turn heads.
  4. Grey is one of the colors most in demand. Well, it is quite a modern and elegant color that can be enhanced with some pieces or props of attraction. Grey is my favorite and serene adding sophistication to the room. You can get that contemporary look with tones of grey.
  5. Blue is quite a common and popular choice giving a calm aura. It is a stylish color that can be enhanced with hardwood floors. Hues of blue can add calmness and soothing touch to the living room with its fresh aura. You get an eye-reliving look if you are choosing this color.

Which two colours work well together? Know the outstanding combos. 

Well, our life is full of experiments; I don’t think there is any day in our lives that has passed without experiments. Be it is cooking, clothing, or home décor we love to try new things and go out of the blue. Do you ever get a thought of applying a two-color combination in your living room?
Well, here I am not talking about the main wall of dark gray color and the rest three of lighter tone; here I am talking about absolutely two different colors in a living room. The mix and match you choose will define your taste. Colors speak a lot about you. Two-color combinations can work amazingly well for your living room. Let’s know some of these stunning combinations; I am sure these are going to make your home utterly beautiful. 
Charcoal Gray with Blue Color, Grey & Orange Color, Forest Green and Cream Color, Purple and Pink two colour combination for Living room, White & Teal Color, Red and Purple Color, Grey and White Modern Color, Green with White Color, Beige and Orange Color, Green and Tangerine Color, Green & Grey Color, Brown and White Color and Yellow and Grey two colour combination for living room are some that can be chosen. These are definitely the colors of your choice, but to make them look good you can do the interior design mentioned above.

How to choose the Best colour Combinations for the Living Room?

I have already mentioned numerous color combinations for the living room but finding the perfect out of them is crucial. So, now let’s discuss how to get that best combo.
  • Choose contrasts over similarities: It is the key to achieving the best color combination for the living room. You can choose two completely unrelated colors and make them look very impactful. Then choose the accessories of opposite tone.
  • Monochromes are the new black: You can’t even think of how different shades of a single color can give an amazing look to your living room. You can play with different patterns and furniture in a single room with single color.
  • Well, you can try three color tones as well: The main crux of this article is about a two-color combination but three color tones are also very effective keeping in mind the primary and secondary choices.

Latest colours of market 2022 - They are vivacious and exhilarating 

What’s t he purpose of having a living room in home? According to me it is for the guests that they come and have some leisure time. So don’t you think it should have that welcoming and lovable aura? People should feel like they have entered somewhere and it should give so much warmness that it leave a print in your guests mind. You really need to be careful while planning and executing the colors for your living room with the best possible accessories and furniture. But before that know the 2022 latest colors for living room. 

Calming Coral

Ditch the neutral pale colors, calming coral is leading the market. You feel so much better when you see this color. This calm peachy pastel color can eradicate the whole of your mundane mood and lead you towards rejuvenation. Color is a way to convey your mood, and coral is a calm color that symbolizes optimism and relaxation. Your guests will love the warmth and energy. You just feel like soaking in it with all the comfort and peace.

Vivifying violet

Violet is a total attention seeker! It’s not his fault! It comes in so many shades that it automatically garners the eyeballs. Color speaks of its majesty and mystery, captivating all those around it. It is one of the most popular colors of 2022 and surely will rule in the coming years as well. Violets come in so many shades like true purple, thistle, imperial palace, Pericallis hybrida, American violet, midnight violet, chalk violet, lavender, amarklor violet, violet tulle, meadow violet, French, gonzo, periwinkle mauve, and a great number more to choose from. They will surely turn heads without over-the-top grandiosity.

Pacific Pink

Vintage-inspired hue with romantic character is this color. It is a perfect vibe bringing a sort of difference and smoothness between hot and millennial pink. It is evolved from the glittering pacific beaches adding the modern mood in your living room. I am in total love with this splash of pink. You can even try this color in your cocktail dress. Pacific pink is going to dominate in 2022. Think a little deeper and add a glimmering touch.

Or go bold with Green

Green is just not supreme; it is a very welcoming color representing a new start and growth. You all can notice its importance from a plant. You all know how a new plant looks! Green gives a collective touch of being grounded & calm. I am sure green will be the color of 2022 and for the coming years as well. Green is versatile and timeless and this is the reason why this color is gaining momentum for indoors and outdoors with a touch of lime, mint, etc.

No minimal try monochromes

Have you tried the room of different shades from one color only? Monochromes are in trend and look amazing if you chose the right color. You must be thinking how one color can take over the whole room; well you surely need to try this. They are best for attracting attention, focus, and supporting credibility. The monochrome color scheme promotes emotional feelings inside you soothing your mind and soul thus refreshing your body. You can also beautify your living room with monochrome paintings. These are timeless and will never go out of style. Monochromes are effortlessly trendy.

Color combination for living room: How to decide the right one?

Choose the color that is “Jag Bhaya toh Sab Bhaya” everyone gets jaw-dropped with it. Choose a color that is not just fitting to your eyes and soul, but is fetching attention from all. The living room is the most important space of your home and it should have dominant colors that leave a great impact on everyone. Colors can quickly transform a mundane wall into a conspicuous one. But to make it one that impactful chooses the right color combination.
If you want to choose the right color combination for your living room, go for these no-fail blends.

Contrasts work well not just on clothes but on walls as well.

Contrast colors add an amazing visual weight to the space where you are using it. Choosing contrasts sounds easy but is a whole wheel of color that you need to revolve and see which two or three elegant mixes you can choose. Color contrast can have a powerful effect on your home's interior without even considering furnishings and accessories.

Accent colors! Shouldn’t have a second thought

You should prioritize accent colors when creating a color scheme for your living room or home. It provides a great starting point. The entire ambience and aura of the surrounding area changes with accent colors like sage green, crisp white, beige, tan, burgundy, black, coral, and more. The accent color is merely not just a wall color different from the rest of the focus wall but it has so much in it. Whether in the form of accessories, artwork, or furniture, accent color can be in any form not just paint is required for that. Don’t miss adding that special touch to the room.

Neutral Colour Palette - why are they important?

Neutral such as ivory, taupe, black & white shades or the one without color! Neutrals can add a sense of calm, softness, or drama to a room. A neutral color scheme always does not mean that you have to go for beige color; there are hundreds of variations in this single color that can be picked in the neutral color theme. You can choose the lighter or darker neutral color as well infusing a calm and relaxing vibe.

Multiple colors can do magic - these have a strong influence

When you want to satisfy your mind you must jump to some videos, pictures, or visual content, right? Well, this is because you get to see so many colors attracting your eyes and attention. Isn’t it? This is the same magic that can happen when you choose multiple colors for your living room. The more colors you add to your living room, the more attractive it becomes. The vibrancy of colors showing you have no limits for anything is what a multi-colored room depicts. If you love colors, go for different walls, cushions, accessories, curtains, rugs, etc.

Modern two-color combination for living room - Which one works best? 

Home is just not a place where we live; it is an emotion with which all of us are attached. Each corner is important for us but the importance the living room gets is special. The living room is one of the most favorite spots for family members and guests as well. Everyone first enters and sits over there only as it is the perfect corner of socializing. Making a special space even more special and beautiful is imperative when it is already special. Here colors can play an outstanding role.
Colors speak a mystifying language with your soul. In terms of enhancing your living space, you can do lots of things on different levels. Colors reflect your personality and define your living ways. It inspires your moods, develops your thoughts, and enhances your surroundings. The scheme of the two-color combination helps in enhancing and emphasizing the room.
We'll take a look at some of the eye-catching color combinations that dominate right now and will do well in the coming years.

Be a little playful with yellow and blue

Yellow is the ultimate attention grabber that gives the authoritative look with blue. This combination is outstanding and playful.

Shades of grey with a hint of orange

Grey and orange together make a powerful combination simultaneously giving the modest look to the room. It is an eccentric team.

Striking Navy and teal makes an out of the box combo

Combining the combo with some white sofas and furniture adds a boost to the living room. These two colors give a calm and peaceful effect and with some white, it will surely drop jaws.

Soothing green tones

Green is a forever color and playing a monochrome theme with it can be a bang-on thing. You must have noticed the colors of leaves- different green shades. How enticing do they appear? Pale to light to darker, each color has its own depth. Try this in your living room.

Powder Blue and Chetwode Blue

Blue has a completely different aura; it gives a sense of optimism and calmness. The shades of blue are an eye-reliever and give a feeling of acceptance to the guests entering. You can make a wall with some modern art paintings with these colors.

Tried your pants in burgundy? Pick it wall color too

Burgundy with sundown pink makes a mesmerizing combo. Trust me, you will love this combination. The romantic aura of pink and the intensity of burgundy revive your love and compassion. Try this for your living room and spread love all over.

Fond of neon? Try magenta and green

Admit it or not! Neon brightens up your day and sparks your night. Neon magenta and neon green are a deadly combination to give electrifying vibes to the living room. These colors express themselves loud making the whole atmosphere energetic.

The Blue and white theme is forever my love

A palette of blue and white is enough to make your whole home extremely beautiful and lively. With this combination, you will find freshness, calmness, positivity, minimalism, and a treat for your eyes.

Color combination for living room 2023 - Well they will dominate the world. 

Make one thing sure that you are choosing the colors that will make the room look bigger. The above-mentioned shades will surely make your living room look bigger, brighter, and happier. These are the colors that will be dominating 2022 but when it comes to 2023, the combination of minimal with bold will rule. According to me, sunny shades and some neutral colors will be ruling 2023, let us know what your favorite color combination is.


1. I want to paint my room two colors. What should I do?
Always choose your favorite color first, if it is not suiting then go for white or neutral. Choosing a favorite is an individual matter, but white and neutral are timeless and will complement all other accessories and furniture. 
2. What is the best way to choose contrasting colors?
If you choose contrasting colors, you should take one you love and the other you don't like. By doing this, you will create a great combination. 
3. Two walls can be accented?
Accent walls are only allowed to be on one wall at a time. It wouldn't work if you picked more than one.
4. Is it necessary to paint every room a different color?
If you want, you can style and decorate every room of your house differently. If your home feels in a mess or if it's too hectic or if you just want some peace, perhaps you should consider making each room more cohesive.
5. Is there a color that makes a room look bigger?
When a room is painted with light colors, it appears bigger. Dark walls can make a room feel smaller and more cramped than bright and lovely light walls.
6. How can we make ourselves happy with colors?
Bright, warm colors like yellow, orange, pink, and red are considered happy colors. Peach, light pink and lilac are also pastel colors that can make you feel energized. Lighter and brighter colors make you feel happier and more hopeful.
7. Which two Colour combination is best for living room?
The living room is an important part of the home that has to look mesmerizing. To make it look out of the box, you can choose two color combinations for it. You can go for yellow and blue, Shades of grey with a hint of orange, Striking Navy and teal, Powder Blue and Chetwode Blue, magenta and green, blue and white, etc.
8. What 2 Colours go well together?
Yellow and Blue, Navy and Teal, Black and Orange, Maroon and Peach, Deep Purple and Blue, Navy, and Orange, Sapphire Blue and Blue Gray, etc. look beautiful and eye-catching.
9. Which color is best for living room?
Calming Coral is a beautiful and peaceful color that is dominating the market right now. The calm peachy color that rejuvenates the mood and eradicates the negativity, symbolizes optimism.