What Is HRERA? A Must-Know Guide for Home Buyers

What Is HRERA? A Must-Know Guide for Home Buyers

There isn’t a dearth of doubt in the fact that Haryana is the most rapidly developing state in the country.

The urban population is increasing at a good rate and the city is coming up with numerous urban estates and state-of-the-art townships. This land is presenting mesmerizing opportunities to entrepreneurs, developers, and buyers, investors, facilitating organic and systematic real estate. Maintaining a transparent and harmonious relationship between the developers and buyers is important.

RERA Haryana or HRERA began in July 2017 with the launch of a portal in 2018 to help citizen’s access information and services more easily. We will discuss HRERA in this blog post, what its provisions are for homebuyers, and what steps you should be aware of to take advantage of them.

What exactly HRERA means for homebuyers? 

RERA in Haryana is divided into two independent jurisdictions, Gurugram (Gurgaon) and Panchkula. HRERA Haryana is important for homebuyers for what reason?

  1. It is important to know that the RERA Haryana Act here provides that if a developer crosses the delivery guidelines, you will get a penalty interest rate from the builder if you are an existing homeowner. However, this penalty rate may vary from state to state.
  2. It also ensures that developers deposit 70% of the collected amount for new homebuyers to make sure the money won't be diverted from the existing project to another. 
  3. A property dealer is not allowed to charge more than 1% as commission to a buyer or seller under HRERA. 
  4. Homebuyers are left in a bind when realtors fail to deliver projects and disappear, putting them at risk of losing their homes. 

In order to provide additional strength for homebuyers, the act also requires developers to only sell their projects once all clearance requirements have been met. According to the Haryana RERA, disputes between builders and buyers regarding the RERA-registered projects must be resolved within 120 days of their occurrence.

Similarly, the RERA Haryana Act aids developers in promoting projects within Panchkula and Gurugram by promoting the registered projects. As part of the registration process on the RERA Haryana website, developers and builders are typically required to provide the following information and documents:

  • Authority under which the project is enrolled
  • Name of the project
  • Copy of the license and the schedule of land
  • Renewal letters in relation to the license validation
  • Ownership proof of the licensed area
  • Any agreements and documents at the time of license granted with the Directorate of Town & Country Planning (DTCP)
  • Demarcation plans, approved zoning plans, layout plans
  • Cashflow statements
  • Personal proof including Aadhar, Pan card, etc, of the developers 
  • Commercial information of the company

Searching For Registered Projects on the Haryana RERA Website! Here are important points to check. 

You can search the Haryana RERA website for RERA-approved projects if you are a prospective homebuyer. Follow the steps below to verify Haryana projects' RERA registrations:
Using HRERA's website to search for registered projects 

  • Searching For Registered Projects on the Haryana RERA Website 
  • Go to the homepage of RERA Panchkula or RERA Gurugram at https://haryanarera.gov.in/
  • Click on the ‘Project Registration’ button 
  • Hit the ‘Search Projects’ tab
  • You will be redirected to the ‘Search Project’ page
  • Enter the required project authority, the number of the project you want to view, and the project year
  • Checking Registered Agents Under RERA Act Haryana

As part of the Haryana RERA, you can access a list of registered real estate agents on the website, protecting your rights. During the registration for the Haryana RERA agent, you can see not only the details of the agent's district, their certificate of registration, but you can also view the Haryana RERA agent registration fees. 

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Facing a dispute or issue! Register a complaint on the HRERA Website

The HRERA authorities in Haryana as well as the RERA appellate tribunal may be approached for several reasons. However, if you want to lodge a complaint against an agent, builder, or a project, you should refer to the norms and follow these steps:

  • Click on 'Complaint Registration' on the website of your project authority (Gurugram or Panchkula).
  • Follow the steps on the screen to complete the 'Complaint Registration Form'
  • Following submission of the form, you will be issued an online complaint number that will be used to communicate with you in the future.
  • Use a demand draft to pay the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Gurugram/Panchkula the required complaints fee of INR 1000 per the complaint, and an additional INR 10 per annexure. The payment can be made online as well. 
  • Your registration form (Performa-B) should be printed and five (5) copies made 
  • Make five (5) copies of the Detailed Complaint form using the prescribed format by the regulation, and attach them with the photocopies of the registration form.
  • Attach a copy of a certificate stating that a self-signed copy of the complaint has been sent to the respondent along with the complaint documents.
  • Obtain three (3) copies of all the documents, including the complaint registration form, the annex, the detailed typed complaint, the self-declaration & signed certificate, and the copy of the demand draft or online payment, at the office of the Authority.
  • By entering your complaint details on the official website, you can monitor the status of your complaint regularly. 

Are there any explicit reasons for the buyers to purchase HRERA projects?

If you don't want any additional headaches, I mean hassles or disputes then buying properties from RERA Haryana is highly recommended. If in case there is any dispute then the complaint can be filed against the builder and get a quick solution. 

Also, you will stay updated with the updates from the builders quarterly. The HRERA Gurugram and HRERA Panchkula regulatory authorities ensure that buyers are adequately compensated in case of delays in a project. 

FAQs on Haryana RERA

Where can I file a complaint in Haryana RERA?
The Haryana RERA portal has a section for complaint registration. Follow the steps to register your complaint successfully. Currently, Rs 1,000 is charged per complaint. Adding an annexure costs an additional Rs 10. Demand drafts can be issued to Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority for payment.

HRERA - what does it mean?
Haryana's real estate authority is HRERA or the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority. In October 2018, the website was launched. The organization was established on July 28, 2017.

Is there any ongoing project under the protection of HRERA?
SS Linden Floors is a high-end project that has been recently launched by the leading Real estate builder SS Group. 

How to check if a Haryana project is RERA-registered?
The official website has a search function under the project registration section called 'search for projects' where you can locate RERA-registered projects. A registered project will have a RERA ID. To confirm that a project has been registered with a state authority, you must find the RERA ID.