Why Ready To Move Projects are Best Options for Home Seekers

 Why Ready To Move Projects are Best Options for Home Seekers

Decision of buying a home can be very easy, but lots of choices gives us dilemma condition. When you are ready to buy a home, it is very important to make sure whether to go for a ready-to-move or an under-construction one. Now with some facts & calculations we are describing Ready To Move in Projects.


As we know that – factors like size of the units, types of property and location are common then ready to move home costs extra.  But some smart home-seekers don't want wait to inhabit and so can save rent.  On the other hand under construction units cost less, but these days it is not possible for mostly everyone to buy home without the home loan, in that condition buyers have to pay interest on the loan with rent for the accommodation you currently living.

Take two residential properties (under construction & ready to move in) at same location and same configuration but with the different of 25% in price. The yearly outflow, taking 80% home value as loan, will be just about the equal in the first three years if deposit amounts are the equal.


According to real estate experts – one must buy the dream home as soon as possible in life to save rent and benefit from tax deductions. But, in under construction property claiming tax deductions is not straightforward.

This is how the relevant tax laws work – under Section 80C of the Income Tax (IT) the principal paid is deducted from income up to Rs 1 lakh. Under Section 24(b) of the IT Act – with the purchasing of first home – home buyers are eligible for deduction up to Rs 1.5 lacs in the interest of home loan. For the second home, the complete interest payment can be abstracted from the profit that is earned from it. These compensations are acceptable only for ready to move in properties. Other property does not meet the criteria for the Rs 1 lakh.


At the time of selling a residential property (which is in under construction stage) in a gated community by builder, 12.36% service tax is charged on a section of the price. But if the carpet area is up to 60 sq. meters there is no such levy applicable.

For the properties with the price Upto 1 Crore or not more than 2,000 sq. ft in area service tax is applicable on the 25% of the price. So, the applicable rate is 3.09%. For luxury properties, the service tax is liable on 30% of the value, which means the effective rate is 3.71%. Only, ready to move in properties can save you from these taxes.


DLF Park Place

"A luxury development on 15 acres of land with 13 towers", a symbol of higher-living. Luxury and premium apartments located in Sector 54 Gurgaon with every facilities & services within walking distance away. Excellent design, peaceful & advantageous location; neat & elegant layouts in a selection of 2/3/4 BHK apartments bedroom residences.

An inspiring practice, a refreshing work of art, or a smashing competition - Park Place is a perfect example of luxury construction with a creative touch. Focus on health with a freshness of mind that describes you. And many other features available at Rs. 2.98 Crore Onwards.

DLF The Belaire

A luxury residential project at Sector 54 Gurgaon in DLF 5 community that sharply hit a perfect balance of green surrounding & luxury. Really, The Belaire is only home of your dreams.

An open development of 4 BHK luxury homes, it will fit completely into your requirements, at the same time its stylish features assure you a life of tranquility, happiness and satisfaction.  In addition, the 'advantageous' location nearby Golf Course Road makes sure you are close to your place of work, and your investment is sure to nurture with day by day with the starting price of Rs. 4 Crore.

Ireo Grand Arch

It is a really grand development with every comfort combined to take the outline of your dream home. These expensively relaxed and heart pampering 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments is completely nestled at sector 58 Gurgaon, one of the peaceful sectors.

This residential project giving you the independence and the comfort to live life on your own way. Complete with all the modern lifestyle services like fully club house, snooker room, a restaurant and a roof top restaurants etc. Located at the junction of Golf Course Road with a surrounding that is heavenly tucked away and yet readily accessible from different parts.

Vatika Emilia Floors

Vatika Emilia Floors at Sector 82 & 83 Gurgaon which reflect the stylishness and beauty of an time when life was freedom and every day a holiday. Wide acres of lush greens landscapes and vast expanses. This residential project offering you a luxury home in perhaps the quietest surroundings that money can buy. Offering low rise independent floors, beautifully crafted to satisfy your every need, your tastes and your budget.

In few words big reason why home seekers these day prefer ready to move in homes are these types of homes which allows the buyers to move in instantaneously, organize and change things according to personal needs & requirements and income tax advantages etc.