With Work Out Follow 4 More Tips

With Work Out Follow 4 More Tips

Work out this is something that not only offers you a single benefit, in fact, it improves you overall. Remember you have to take care of your health always.

Quick perks that you get when you start doing work out regularly:-

  • It increases your overall strength.
  • It piques your stamina.
  • It reduces diversified diseases.
  • Keeps you a fresh person.
  • You are an active person and can run any point of time.
  • You are a confident person.
  • You no longer depend on drugs.
  • You live longer and happy.
  • Every time you give best productivity.
  • You are no more a wayward person.
  • Your brain runs faster than before.
  • It takes out your smartness.

I think the list is completely ceaseless, but I feel only work out will not give you everything, you need to watch out more things for a complete result.

Will discuss more 4 important things to keep in mind and then see a new person inside you, but before that I would also like to add, if you are not a gym rat it is completely okay.

I don’t know how far you can believe this, but I personally have retrenched 10 kgs and that was not at all daunting and with this, without going to gym.


Basically, running, right amount of food and yoga, surprisingly, I curtailed like 10 kgs in 15 days, here is my 15 days chart below:-

DAY1- ½ hours running in morning followed by yoga for 1 hour, but with some gap. Food- just boiled eggs, milk or buttermilk and baked veggies.

DAY2- 1 hours running in morning followed by yoga for 1 hour, as well as in evening you can go for walk. Food- different pulses and rice.

DAY3- 1and 1/2 hours running in morning followed by yoga for 1 hour. Food- only salad and fruits.

DAY4- Depending on your stamina, but I started running for 2 hours morning followed by yoga for 1 hour. Food- you can make homemade sandwiches and pasta with some fruits.

DAY5- Repeated the above one, but food- whole food like rice, vegetable, pulses, salad and curd.

DAY6- Repeated the above one, but with this, I increased my yoga timing.

DAY7- Repeated the above one.

Repeat this for other weeks. This is liked tried and tested, so if you will follow them perfectly, then definitely you will find that chance in your body.

The most interesting part was.

My body was so light and I was completely a changed person. Lot more changes I witnessed and all of them were for my development.

Along with this, I have noticed that if you follow these 4 more tips, then definitely, you feel that overall change which is really important.

So I thought, I should talk about these 4 tips and help them who are planning to get their body, mind and soul all in a perfect stage.

Let us start one by one.


You might be doing regular work out, but when you are out with your friends or family you completely forget you are unintentionally grabbing cheese, butter, spice and lots of junk food.

So you have to tap on what you are eating because if you will not see what you are eating your whole work out will be a fiasco.

Your food style accentuates you body and mind, so if you will have quality food, then definitely you will make yourself a perfect person which has good thoughts and impeccable body.

If you have complete confusion about your food style and don’t know what all things you can grab, then follow “GM diet for best result.” It is simple and passes best result on all types of bodies.


No matter how many hours you are sweating, it is all waste if you are not taking proper rest as well as sleep. So ideally you need to take a sleep for 8 hours at least and you can add 1 extra hour if you want.

According to the recent study, it says that if you will not take a proper sleep you will see a symptoms like irritation, wayward behavior, depression, mental disorder, heart related diseases and many more, so to avoid all these jaw dropping diseases you need to take a proper sleep, so that you next day is active and comfortable to lead.

From today, keep your gadgets very away from you and do not watch TV for long hours, it may give you pleasure, but it will sabotage your health.   


We all are inundated with lot of work and our offices are not at all sun filled and this way we are not able to imbibe quality of sun.

It is really a wrong practice if you think sun is not good for health and you are staying away from it, from today start getting sun as it is really good for your body and specially bones.

So, in your break time you can go out walk and imbibe some quality air and sunlight all together to feel active throughout the day.

Unfortunately, old homes are not rightly conceptualized and because of which there is no sun inside your rooms and fortunately builders like DLF, Adani, Tata Housing and EMAAR India is offering homes which are formed with new ideas and their neoteric properties like Emaar Imperial Gardens, Gurgaon, DLF Capital Greens, Delhi, Adani Samsara, Gurgaon, Tata Gurgaon Gateway, Gurgaon and Tata Goa Paradise, Goa comes with new idea and their concept and execution create homes where all the rooms are sun filled and proper ventilation make it really easy for the residents to enjoy sun rays while sitting in room.

So, if your current home is not offering you the must element like sun rays, then you can switch in such high tech homes that are designed and planned for a new way where you have maintain your health easily as it has gym, yoga space, jogging track, swimming pool, green area to create eco friendly ambience.


If you think beauty is everything you are not completely right because above this your behavior matters a lot, so you need to be a happy person.

This will shoot up your level of blood and keep your health completely good.

Start watching funny videos as it will give you a good time and when your mood is good your approach towards other is also impeccable.

Staying happy comes as a really big benefit where it increases your blood flow, bring glow on your face, keep you red and beautiful, keep heart diseases at bay, no mental pressure is there and all in all, it gives green signal to your health which is a good thing to enjoy.

Right now if you will Google it the benefits of laugher you will find ceaseless benefits and all of them are real and examined on human beings.

I always say, if you have doubt experience yourself and you will get the right answer.

So lastly, I will sum up by saying that your health is important and if you start taking care meticulously from now you will live longer and see that better health.

Keep doing your work out and just add 4 more tips to make your overall health better.