7 Important Tips To Check The Construction Quality Of The House

7 Important Tips To Check The Construction Quality Of The House

Home buying is one of the biggest lifetime financial commitments, and that’s why the construction quality of the building is a very important point to consider. According to the real estate consultants, only less than 25% of homebuyers in our country know how to check the construction quality.

Checking the construction quality of any building is engineering expertise but there are some best ways for common homebuyers to check the construction quality.

Here are a few points to check the general construction quality of your dream home.

 1. Soil type: Strange but very important aspect of quality check of the construction.  Soil is the base of every construction and the type of soil is very important to determine the strength of the building. Some important soil types are not able to support the multi-story towers, it doesn’t matter how strong the construction is. 

2. Structural design: The core structural design of a tower is another important point to consider during quality checks. The shape & composition of walls, beams, columns, and roofs decide the stability and strength of construction. The building design should be in such a way that it assures high safety and strength to the tower.

Structural design

 3. Wall thickness: The wall thickness should match the measurement mentioned in the legal documents of the property. If your home is in the under-construction phase then you can check the walls physically with the help of an experienced professional.

Wall thickness

 4. Plastering quality: While checking the construction quality of a residential property, you must check if there are any gaps on wall plastering. This is one of the features that generally all home seekers tend to ignore. Some residential properties may have cracks in the corners or lower section of the walls which may be covered under a coat of paint. This point is very important if you are purchasing an old residential property.  

5. Fitting & fixtures: This point affects the level of comfort of the inhabitants. So, if you are going to visit a ready-to-move property then don’t forget to check if all fitting & fixtures are functioning smoothly and check the quality of bathroom fittings like taps, flush, washbasin, and drainage pipes. 

Fitting & fixtures

 6. Concrete mix: Concrete mix is one of the decisive factors behind the total life of any construction, as it determines the load-bearing capacity of a building. These days the best quality ready-mix concrete mix is available in the market. 

Concrete mix

A reputed brand like DLF always ensures that they use the best concrete mix for construction and their residential projects like DLF Capital Greens in Delhi are testimony of this fact. Now again DLF Developer is going to launch DLF One Midtown in the same location with the best construction quality at the very best price. 

7. Seepage Test: Spill a full bucket of water in the bathroom and do not wipe. If seepage patches are visible within 1-2 hours, it indicates that joints of the floors are faulty.

Seepage Test

Conclusion:- Residential property construction quality check is one of the important activities to perform before taking your home buying decision. By following these upper mentioned points you can check the quality of any property.