Manage Your Life in 24 Hours

Manage Your Life in 24 Hours

If you think you have 25 hours, then it is your biggest fallacy because all of us are having same hours and that is 24 hours and now the responsibility is to manage these hours so well that in the end we can say we used your time in the best and lucrative way.

Believe me these 24 hours are not less, it is just that we are not using it in an apposite way.

So here will talk about how you can manage your time well and weed out smart things.

1. Plan Your Day

Believe me nothing is better than a planning, if you will plan your whole day you will see you have extra hours left for your activities as well.

Well achieved people say that at the start of the day you decide what three things you have to achieve it gives you the motivation to run for it.

Do not be a lethargic person because otherwise, you will waste your whole day and that means to destroy your 24 hours.

Whether you are working or studying you need to curtail your time, for example, if you have 2 hours to fetch something you should try to get it done in one hour or maximum ½ hour, this way you will have extra time to think about your leftover hours.

Being productive, precise, active and more are the best traits to imbibe.

You must be talking to your family or friends about that person has achieved this or invented that, I know it is a daunting task, but it is achievable when you know how to manage your life in those 24 hours.

Start asking questions from yourself and try to get all the answers and if you are not able to, then find it why?

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.” — John A. Shedd, it has just a big and deep meaning, so if you will around yourself with those easy things you will never get to know about your strengths and power.

And this is possible only when you have spare time to think about it, and it comes when you plan your whole day.

2. Use Extra Time in the Best Way

You will use that extra time when you will save that extra time, so for this, you need to follow the first rule and that is plan your day.

You start doing this and you will see that you have saved a lot of extra time.

You have to decide whether you want to be a commoner or you want to raise that level up. Only your zeal will push you to work smartly and get extra time to act smartly.

You must have heard this, “A penny saved a penny earned,” so likewise, even if you will save 10 mins in one hour you will save a good time in 24 hours.

There is no mantra for this, but yes, if you feel you are involved with your phone too much, then keep it away, if you gossip a lot stop, if you think you take too much of time in bathroom avoid this and many more areas are there where you can act smartly.

So from now you will never say “I don’t have extra time.”

3. Think About Your Future in the Given Time

As you know, we all have that set time and that is 24 hours and in this given time we all have to think about our future, so that it is lucrative for us.

Now, when you know about how to plan your day and how to save those extra times, now you can mull over about your future and what all steps will give you profit ahead.

So earning not end up your duty, with this you need to think about how you can manage your money, so that you can use it tomorrow.

 There are many ways to use capital, but one perfectly tested way is investment in the property, if you know about the latest property that is crammed with all modern features your investment will serve you 100 per cent secured return over investment.

So get that spare time, think about in which property you can invest your capital, so that you can provide a strong alibi to your family and they also feel secure.

Now everything is online, so it is no more a daunting task to find an appropriate property where you can trust builder, location and property.

So, think about your tomorrow to bring happiness.

4. Keep Your Gadget Away

Now everyone is just so connected with phones and they have no other life to think about. Yes, this technology has changed our mindset, but there are disadvantages as well and as soon as we understand it, it is beneficial for us.

We all are addicted to social networking sites and practically we learn zero out of it. I know it is also important for some entertainment, but you need to see how much time you are devoting in it.

So again, you need to plan your day. If it is really important you can see it, but if you think, it is just a waste, then you need to filter your time.

If you are like so addicted, then it is better to keep your phone away.

I have no shame in saying that there are people who are on phone all the time making videos and uploading it on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. They are little weird and then it is difficult for them to come out from it. So if you are not that much addicted, then you can keep your phone away and instead of this, if you will read newspaper or novel you will see you are more relaxed and fresh now.

5. Talk to People Holding Valuable Ideas

I remember it when we all were kids; we used to hear from our parents make good friends who can give you some vision and perfection in life. How true it is you will realize it later.

When you talk to people who hold some different mindset you also learn something better that you can use it in your life.

Smart people always talk about ideas.

If you think you are not in a stage to really come up with those creative ideas, then you need such sharp people in your life.

Do not find them intentionally because once you will change your approach and keep yourself away from gossip and fiasco ideas, you will find them very easily.

From today if you will start following these 5 valuable ideas you will manage your 24 hours and your life too.

You need to change first, and then you can change the world. There will be a time, when you will say 24 hours also too much to achieve anything.

If you find it lucrative for you, then share it with your friends as well and help them too.