45% More Home Buyers are Looking for Smart Property After RERA

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45% More Home Buyers are Looking for Smart Property After RERA

Real Estate regulatory Act is a prime act that was passed in 2016 by the Indian Parliament and this body is completely planned to protect the interests of home buyers and to tap on other things as well where possession on time, right use of material, capital security, completely transparency (sharing information on project plan, government approval, layouts, possession status and more) and no flimsy promises, so all these aspects get a right control where investors and home buyers can secure their capital and with no fear invest in property.

 What is the Need for RERA?

Basically, in the past, there were objections that there is no transparency in real estate and no clarity due to which real estate investment is a fiasco. So RERA is clearly a hope that improves the quality of projects and now within the rules, all the builders have to behave, so that nothing gets trapped in a wrong situation.

So it is mandatory for each state and union territory to form their own rules and ensure that every builder is following it and if not, then definitely actions have been implemented to act rightly with the situation.

If there is any problem, then RERA sets the groundwork for swift tracking to solve the problem, so the bodies have been made to look after every situation in the best way possible to bring more simplicity and clarity in it.

With all these positively in real estate, it is estimated that about 45 per cent of home buyers are looking for home in 2018 because they know the fact that if they ever trapped in real estate, then there are ways to come out of it nicely without facing much trouble, as earlier they used to face.

So this confidence it all possible because of the presence of RERA where project delivery on time, transparency, best use of material and more things collectively compelling the builders to deliver the project with some responsibility where the home buyers and investors never face any trouble while investing in property.

“Needless to say, because of this it has accelerated the construction process and now the builders are in the process to complete the project on time,” added by the reputed HCO Real Estate owner Manish Bhatia whose excellent work acted as the bridge between builders and customers.

“To attract the buyers builders are coming with attractive discounts, smart payment plans, innovative schemes and more,” added by him.

Even affordable housing is gleaning a lot of attention and to fulfil that need builders are coming with affordable homes to bring ease for the home buyers who are looking for a home where they can invest easily. According to the report, 70 cent of home buyers are looking for properties that fall under affordable range. 

According to the report, Gurgaon, Sohna and Delhi are considered as the best investment locations where home buyers and investors can find top Indian real estate builders offering exciting and smart projects fulfilling all types of needs.

Why is it Important to Invest in New Homes?

The biggest benefit is that you get the trail of modern amenities to use and enjoy the time at home only without going anywhere else and even for your kids there is a decided sports space, eco friendly ambience to stay healthy and more that gives a dream lifestyle to all.  And of course, when you have such leading homes, then there is the highest possibility of earning the high return over investment.