South of Gurgaon’s Projects to Bring a Sea Change in the Development

South of Gurgaon’s Projects to Bring a Sea Change in the Development

Real estate is a big realm where each one of us is connected or attached because it’s our foremost need and other than this, it works as a platform to double the capital and get delectable asset in hand, or in short it is best of both worlds. The range of properties has increased because of the many attached factors and one of them is the urge for the spaces that can bring sea change as well as give enough benefit out of it.

Out of nowhere there are places which have turned its outlook and they are more in demand just because of the influx of properties and infrastructures that have shown the right balance of modern lifestyle, work, comfort, development and  growth. And investors or buyers who have invested many years before are now actually playing in profits. The immense development and quality work in different cities not only benefit the existing infrastructures but it also offers captivating opportunity to invest capital in a property that embraces enough quality to blow.

Okay, now rental business is also much in demand because investors are truly fetching incredible monthly rentals as the economy is in its optimistic stage. So both the options are available either make a personal use or use it as a tool to multiply the capital and appendage to the existing one.

Now out of many places Sohna which is publicly known as “south of Gurgaon” is in limelight as it has become the hottest and affordable destination for mammoth of investors and buyers who are not able to make lucrative investment because of the sky touching prices.

The places which are already jam-packed and having limited space to deliver with out of the box prices are been eradicated by the investors or home buyers because now they are looking for space that is budgetable and  in the planned city which provides easy access to commercial, business, entertainment hub and makes life far better.

Back to the South of Gurgaon, this place is literally imbibing lot of benefits and in fact, few reputed Indian real estate builders such as ILD Group, CHD Developer, Gold Souk, Supertech Ltd, Central Park, Raheja developer, etc. have collectivity taken a challenge to showcase the top-notch projects in the same area to curtail the distance of investment and make real estate investment attainable for all.

Now let’s discuss on the travelling benefits of South Gurgaon:-

  • Presence of Aravalli hills that gives a jaw-dropping view and keep nature in touch
  • Superb connectivity from IGI Airport and Golf Course road ( one of the prime roads with lush benefits)
  • Situated near 1,483 Kms long Delhi Mumbai industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Kundli Palwal Manesar Expressway
  • Easy way to Delhi, Faridabad, Manesar and Jaipur
  • Gush of social infrastructures scattered all over to give easy and feasible living
  • Direct and easy access to Gurgaon’s prime MNC’s, IT, BPOs, big four audit firms- Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC
  • Enjoys come-at-ble  way to leading  highways and road connectors NH-8, Gurgaon, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Sohna road, Gurgaon Golf Course Extension Road and Golf Course Road
  • More projects are in the pipeline to increase the presence of South Gurgaon and provides well planned realm to stay with.

Sohna is now the fresh face of India which is holding its cream to put the best infrastructures and form a lucrative realm where all can come together and move towards betterment.

Now the projects that have formed phenomenal impression and terrific investment option for the right use of capital and to fetch best of its best home space that truly pumps with modern amenities, best service, high security, bountiful greenery and best infrastructures.


This development is developed to form exclusive living space with options like 2 & 3 BHK apartments (1080-3123 sq ft) along with penthouses where owners are gratis to pick their own planned space and have golden property in hand which not only simply serves asset but it offers space that is very smartly replenish with modern features, planning car parking, best of its best services to make it far easier than before, excellent view of Aravalli hills keep the zeal throughout.

Also the complete construction is beautiful done after all; infrastructure is by L&T, construction by Arabtec makers of Burj-Khalifa. So as far as property is concerned, it is top and A-one and delivers the space that offers uncompromised surroundings and where the space is used perfectly to give right blend of natural light, air and privacy all together.

What’s the catch? There is no extra charges for PLC, club membership, escalation and increase super area, this kind of facility is property came for the first time and also it is the best appealing way to get investors and home seekers.

One thing is for sure that visitors and guest will be surprised when they will be at Maheshwara. So all in all, this project is exclusive and better than many existing projects because it is not less than those well crafter homes.

Also very important, this project is a part of the biggest and planned township Raheja Aranya which makes it a precinct of plots, villas, apartments, office, retail space, school and hospitals, so, now one can imagine the level of comfort and luxury in the project

ILD GSR Drive South Gurgaon, SECTOR 36

ILD GSR Drive project which is a blend of 2 & 3 BHK (985-1335 sq ft) apartments spread over 25 acres of land to form a right atmosphere for living a healthy life crammed with comfort and luxury both throughout the time. And most importantly, creates a world inside which is replenished with every feature to maintain the zeal for life.

This project is having the feasible payment plan (30:30:40) which not only give a call of relief but also holds the attention in a much fair way.  This project basically offers that same modern surroundings which those expensive projects are offer, but the catch is that they are affordable and comfortable while buying.

Whatever you expect in your dream home ILD builder has fitted every possible thing to make the life far better to explore and enjoy. A 60 feet wide water feature with bountiful greenery all over re-creates the mini nature to have freshness all the time.

This project is inspired by Hyde-park London and Central park New York, so it has every bit of it to make it above the bar and make it happening enough.
Such kind of payment plan are not introduced in South of Gurgaon before so it compels more and give enough satisfaction while investors or buyers are purchasing their units.


Both the projects are A-one in its own zone and advisable to consider for best use of capital and most important thing to heed to is that there are many properties available within the premises and far but they are out of budget anyways and are offering same frame of benefits, so in that case properties like this become a new hope to fetch prime space in the form of property.

It is a suggestion that if you feel any project is feasible for you or is within the frame of your mind, then it’s better to consider it ASAP because earlier there were properties within the premises which were pretty in demand because of their alluring features, so it’s a simple logic once the demand of the project is high the price also goes up along with it and at the end it is you who has to swallow the loss, so the point is that, the mentioned properties prices may shoot up once the demand for them grows in the market, so don’t pay any extra money for the project. Be immediate in your decision to avail benefits in property which generally are hard to dig out.

Also South of Gurgaon holds really strong potential when it comes to real estate because of the growing factors that only allows to grow capital but also curtail the gap of investment which many are not able to do it because of their out of the box budget.