5 Tips to Make Your Blog Viral

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Viral

Everything is moving online because it is friendly, easy and come-at-able. So you have no option left, if you want to survive online you have to be smart and know about every do’s and don’ts.

But, if you are not aware of everything it is okay because one person can’t have all the knowledge.

But you can work on it, right?

So don’t waste time and invest it in a best way, so that you get lucrative result out of it.

Today everything is online and for that website is part and parcel and along with this, blog is a king where it will aware about your work, give you some position in Google, increase your PA DA and a good traffic to business.

So you can’t compromise on your blog, here will learn 5 tips so that you can make your blog viral.

Before I start.

I want to ask you, why readers will share your content or will stay there? You need to figure it out.  

Until and unless, it is not having reasons to bring change, new study, a lesson, a tip or an interesting fact no nobody will read it, then your whole content will be a fiasco.

1. Write Best Title to Sway

See, title has to be perfect and if title is not working well, then your whole content will be of no use. Headline is like a window, if it is not perfect and is not swaying your readers, then you need to change your heading.

What types of heading is actually best to use? So title that is having number like Durga puja 5 new ideas for home,  top 10 best food to eat, 5 must things to try, 5 online shopping portal, 5 innovations to use in your home and more, so titles with number give its reader an idea about how many points are there in that topic.

If you are not giving number to your title, then you have to make it 100 per cent compelling like- You need to ask these questions today and 100% content 100% conversion

Advice- if you make any title get it checked from other person if like 5 of them liked it, then that means you can use it and if not, then you need to create another one meticulously.

2. Use Exciting Images

I will not say it is just about images, but yes, you need to focus on all your images that you are using because otherwise, there will be no power in your content.

I m not saying it is just about images, content is also very important.

So do not just download and use images, try to bring freshness into it and some text, so that people find appropriate images, if they are investing time and reading your content.

If your content is having attractive images then it will definitely give you good bounce rate and you know what it means when you have good bounce rate.

You can’t work on both the things, so hire a designer who can offer you interesting images justifying to what content you are providing.

Do not use too many images, but whatever you are using it should make good sense.

3. Respect Length of Your Content

If the content is just for limited words, it don’t give you that strong impression on your readers, because they are not just looking out for words, in fact, they are looking for a blog that can give them good advice and practically they can use it in their daily life.

For example, if I talk about “5 tips to make your blog viral” and my tips are not impelling enough then what is the use of writing it and also, to explain everything you have to express it more and this will take more words.

So, ideal if you will write for at least 1000 words, it will be really good and even from Google’s point of view, it is really appreciating.

Note: if I m saying a blog needs to be of at least 1000 words, it doesn’t mean that you can add anything into it that is not even making sense.

So research the topic first, use good data, apply it into a good way to get good readers and bounce rate.  So try not to write blogs containing only like 300 words because from there you don’t be able to churn out bounce rate, readers, result for which you are actually writing for.

One nice and intelligent trick, you can use short short paragraphs, bullets and one liner lines, so that it can bring length to your content. But yes, do not bore your readers, try to hold their attention.

If you can hold your readers, then you are just perfect to use blogging concept and imbibe wide traffic.

Important advice below:-

You can add words that are interesting as it tweaks the reader style, also use idioms and quotes; by the way readers love to read such idioms & quotes and if you are giving them you are on a right side.

4. Increase the Number of Blog posting

Have you done lot of postings? Good, but that is not enough.

If you have your own website and you need to at least post 10 good and informative blogs in a month, why?

  1. If you have strong readers and they come on your site and they dint find new content, then that is also a drawback, right? So if they will find good topics to read, then definitely they will be eager to know, what next are you writing? This given number that is 10 in a month is not like a fixed number if you increase it, then definitely, it will give you felicitous benefit in the upcoming time.
  2. Google crawling is importance, if you will feed Google it will come on your site and this way you will get mega benefit. If you will not get food everyday you will feel very low, so food is important. Likewise, content is important.

If you need like 10 contents in a month you need a good content strategist who can bring you diversified topics with 100 per cent true information.

According to the recent report, from SEO point of view if you are posting good and wide numbers of contents in a month it will serve good traffic, then those who are feeding less blogs.

5. No Long Para, Bold Important part

Your writing is important, but your way of writing makes a big difference. If you will make big big para, then, it will become little boring for readers, so try to cut your para and give like 3 -4 lines in one para, not more than that.

Other than this, you can use bullet and numbers in your content to stand out your content beautifully.

Sometimes, there are readers who just read bullets and if you will not give them, then they will egress, then there is not point.

Bold all your important words that you want to accentuate; otherwise, your readers might skip those words.

If you will ask, out of them which are the most important point to keep in mind, then I will say all of them are very important and you need to fetch every point and use it from today.

Furthermore, after few months you will witness good result, but remember, it will not give you quick benefit, but yes it will give you in the upcoming time.  Follow them and then no tweaks are required.

If you liked these new tips that will give you lucrative result, then you can share it to others as well and particularly to those who are novice and looking for a good start, but having no idea. So you can share with them and help them in their growing stage of making business where how a good content can give them mega traffic.